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Mario Kart: Full Throttle
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NeXt
Genre(s) Racing
Age Rating(s)
Max. amount of players 4

Mario Kart: Full Throttle is a racing game released for the Nintendo NeXt; though this alters the Mario Kart formula slightly, the core formula gets injected with a speed boost to add more chaos to the game.


Though character choice does factor into the preferred stats of a race, each character has their own traits, alternate kart, and Full Throttle Move to boot.

Tier 1 (Starting Characters)

Character Alternate Kart Weight Full Throttle Move
Mario - Mario Party 10-1-
B-Dasher Middleweight
Dr. Mario

Mario becomes Dr. Mario; doubles base Acceleration and gains Megavitamin attacks (acts as an infinite-use Fire Flower, until form wears off).
Poltergust 6-5000 Middleweight
Spectral Assault

Luigi unleashes 5 greenies that attack 5 random players, who lose control of their character for a brief period of time.
Wario Bike Heavyweight

Wario activates the Garlic reserves in his fuel tank, giving him double speed for a brief period of time. as well as covering the racetrack behind him in a garlic-scented smokescreen due to exhaust.
Gold Mantis Heavyweight

Waluigi cracks open an item box, receiving an item that is normally available to only drivers in the tail end of the race.
Donkey Kong-1
Donkey Kong
Rambi Rider Heavyweight
Bongo Beats

DK breaks out his bongos, which he then releases a solo that knocks over drivers, obstacles and hazards in the road; also doubles acceleration.
598px-Bowser - Super Mario Galaxy
Tyrant Heavyweight

Tier 2 (After 50cc)

Tier 3 (After 100cc)

Tier 4 (After 150cc)

Tier 5 (After Mirror Mode)


Main Tracks

Mushroom Cup

Fire Flower Cup

Spiny Cup

Hammer Cup

Star Cup

Special Cup

Retro Tracks

Shell Cup

Ice Flower Cup

Banana Cup

Leaf Cup

Boomerang Cup

Lightning Cup


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