Mario Kart: Dream Racer
Mario Kart Dream Racer
The Game's Box Art
Developer(s) Silly Fun Productions
Platform(s) 3DS logo

Wiiu logo

Release Date(s)
Release Date 1 May 30th, 2017

Release Date 2 June 3, 2017

Release Date 3 June 6, 2017

Release Date 4 June 7, 2017

Age Rating(s)
E rating 3 rating
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart Title
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Wii U Disc

Mario Kart: Dream Racer is the 9th mainstream installment of the Mario Kart series. It is also the first Mario Kart installment to be released on two systems. The new gimmick in this installment is traveling to the dream world, where anything can happen. 


The gameplay is very similar to Mario Kart 8's. The game has Kart, Bike and the brand new Segway customization, along with being able to customize your wheels and glider. Special Items, tricks, 12 players per race, the behind look, and the ability to choose between automatic and manual karts return as well. 

But the brand new gimmick is being able to travel to the Dream World, which is accessed via a dream portal. In the Dream World, you will be in first person view and anything can happen within this dimension. For example, you could be falling and driving at the same time, the Dream World also changes depending on the course.

Game Modes

Grand Prix - Race against 11 other CPU's in an attempt to finish 1st in a total of 5 race tracks. There are different engine classes: 50cc (Slow), 100cc (Average), 150cc (Fast), and Mirror (Flipped Courses). 

Time Trials - Race for the fastest record on a course. You can also race against your previous records or race against staff records.

VS Race - Race opponents using your own custom rules. There is a few new things added here, the ability to choose which items you want and which items you don't want, the ability to customize your own teams, and being able to have up to four teams.

Battle - Battle opponents on arenas. Custom rules are present here as well. There is no longer a timer for the battle mode. There are different modes of battle-

  1. Balloon Battle - Each player has 3 balloons, you will attempt to pop eachother's balloons by throwing items at eachother. Last one standing wins.
  2. Coin Runners - Each player competes for the most amount of coins. You can make a player lose coins by hitting them with an item.
  3. Hide & Shriek - Each player tries to hide from a Boo. If the Boo spots you, you lose. You can give the Boo a hint as to where other players are by throwing an item at a player.
  4. Bob-omb Blast - Players will use Bob-ombs in order to get 3 stars (or more depending on how many players there are) and win.