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Mario Kart: Double Drive!! is a racing game developed and published by Nintendo and Nixus for the NX and the ninth installment of the Mario Kart series overall. The game, while retaining many aspects of previous Mario Kart games, continues a feature that was introduced in Double Dash!!: the two-person karts, hence the title of the game. Two characters handle a single kart, where one character steers and the other deals with items, and they can switch positions if necessary. In addition, the game re-introduces Special Items, items that are unique to a pair of characters, a feature which is also returning Mario Kart: Double Drive!!.






This game has 10 starting pairs and 15 unlockable pairs for a total of 25 pairs, or 50 racers. It has been announced that there will be some DLC packs with another 5 pairs.

Name Picture Partner Name Weight Special Ability
Mario Mario+LuigiDoubleDrive The Mario Bros. Medium Great Fire - Mario will release 7 Fireballs forwards or backwards, burning racers and leaving trails of fire for a few seconds.
Luigi Medium Fabulous Lightning - Luigi will release 1 Bid Lightning Ball and it goes after the racer in front of Luigi. After it hits that racer, it goes forwards and hits the next 2 racers.
Peach Peach+DaisyDoubleDrive Royal Racers Medium Peach - Peach will receive a Peach, which is 3 times as fast as a mushroom.
Daisy Medium Daisy - The vehicle is thrown in the air by a giant daisy. This item acts as the cape feather, but the racer floats down slower than the cape feather does.



Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup

Mushroom cup Mario Stadium Ocean Shoreline
Delfino Speedway Yoshi Mountain

Flower Cup

Flower cup Toad Courthouse Daisy Yacht
Bob-omb Bridge Iggy's Golden Colosseum

Star Cup

Star cup Lemmy's Emerald Circus Star Hill
Birdo's Egg Moon Morton's Crimson Tower

Egg Cup

Egg cup Yoshi Airlines Piranha Energy Plant
Goomba City Luigi Raceway

Special Cup

Special cup Ludwig's Fort Cobalt Black Bowser's Castle
The Shadow Palace Rainbow Road

Retro Courses

Shell Cup

Shell cup GCN Yoshi Circut N64 Koopa Troopa Beach
DS Shroom Ridge Wii Toad's Factory

Banana Cup

Banana cup GCN Baby Park N64 Moo Moo Farm
GP Diamond City SNES Choco Island 1

Leaf Cup

Leaf cup GBA Lakeside Park U Mount Wario
3DS Wario Shipyard DS Airship Fortress

Bell Cup

Bell cup U Shy Guy Falls SNES Bowser Castle 2
N64 Bansee Boardwalk Wii Moonview Highway

Lightning Cup

Lightning cup Wii Bowser's Castle GBA Rainbow Road
N64 Bowser's Castle GCN Rainbow Road

DLC Courses

Cloud Cup

TBA Cyprus Tour Sky-High Beanstalk
Starship Mario Comet Observatory

Starcrashers Cup

TBA Down-Town Driftway Pirate Ocean
Acadia Cruise The Shadow Castle

Bob-omb Cup

TBA Dragon Roost Island Wario Ware Speedway
Sunken Shroob Mothership Yoshi's Island

'Stache Cup

TBA Forest Maze Bowser Path
Rougueport Raceway Mushroom Kingdom Mashup

Final Cup

TBA Final Course 1 Final Course 2
Final Course 3 Course Finale

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