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Mario Kart: Double Dash 3
Developer(s) Daytime Studio
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii u
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan September 5, 2012
25px-Flag of USA September 18, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe September 24, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia October 6, 2012
1-8 Players (Local and Online)
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Wii U Disk

Mario Kart: Double Dash 3 is the last third installment of the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! series It features new drivers, as well as new items. It was released for Wii U. It is also the last game created by Daytime Studios.


  • Grand Prix
  • Time Trials
  • VS
  • Balloon Battle
  • Coin Runners
  • Missions
  • Boss Battle

Playable Characters

Default Characters

  1. Mario and Luigi (M/M)
  2. Yoshi and Birdo (M/M)
  3. Princess Peach and Princess Daisy (M/M)
  4. Bowser and Bowser Jr. (H/M)
  5. Toad and Toadsworth (L/M)
  6. Donkey Kong and Candy Kong (H/H)
  7. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi (L/L)
  8. Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones (L/M)

Unlockable Characters

  1. Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong (M/M)
  2. Wario and Waluigi (H/M)
  3. Shy Guy and Goomba (L/L)
  4. Baby Peach and Baby Daisy (L/L)
  5. Squawks the Parrot and Cranky Kong (L/M)
  6. Diddy Kong and Tiny Kong (M/M)
  7. Baby Wario and Baby Waluigi (L/L)
  8. Dry Bowser and Koopa Paratroopa (H/L)
  9. Paper Mario and Paper Luigi (L/L)
  10. Paper Peach and Paper Daisy (L/L)
  11. Rosalina and Lubba (M/M)
  12. King K. Rool and Kritter (H/M)
  13. Boo and Blooper (M/M)
  14. Parabones and Dry Bowser Jr. (M/M)
  15. Spear Guy and Fly Guy (L/L)
  16. Pokey and Eyerok (H/H)
  17. Bee and Honey Queen (M/H)
  18. Whomp and Wiggler (H/M)
  19. Bob-omb and King Bob-omb (L/H)
  20. R.O.B. and R.O.B.E.R.T.A. (H/H)
  21. Boshi and Yoshella (M/M)
  22. Bandit and Professor E. Gadd (M/M)
  23. Lakitu and Spike (L/H)
  24. Petey Piranha and King Boo (H/H)
  25. Mecha Bowser and Gooper Blooper (H/H)
  26. Cheep-Cheep and Chain Chomp (L/H)
  27. Magikoopa and Kamella (M/H)
  28. Pianta and Noki (H/M)
  29. Kludge and Klump (H/H)
  30. Toadette and Toad Mary (L/L)
  31. Boom Boom and Pom Pom (M/M)
  32. Pauline and Donkey Kong Jr. (H/H)

Downloadable Characters

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower (M/M)
  2. Funky Kong and Lanky Kong (H/M)
  3. Young Cricket and Master Mantis (H/L)
  4. Metal Mario and Metal Luigi (H/H)
  5. Tiki Goon and Tiki Tong (M/H)
  6. Hammer Bro. and Sledge Bro. (M/H)
  7. Yoshette and Goshi (M/M)
  8. Dribble and Spitz (H/L)
  9. 9-Volt and 18-Volt (L/H)
  10. Orbulon and Captain Syrup (M/M)


L = Light, M = Medium, H = Heavy


New Courses

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Spiny Cup~ Special Cup~
Luigi Circuit Bob-omb Factory Temple Topple Koopa Paratroopa Desert Petey Palace
Fish Food Thunder Beach Shy Guy Jungle Sumo Bro's Glacier Bowser Jr. Fortress
Whomp Station Lava Spire Rocky Mansion Rolling Stones Bowser's Castle
Bad Bros. Bills on Ice Boom Boom Airship Magma Way Rainbow Road

Retro Courses

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Bob-omb Cup~ Lightning Cup~
GBA Sunset Wilds Wii Daisy Circuit GCN Sherbet Land 3DS Wario Galleon GBA Boo Lake
GCN Peach Beach 3DS Music Park DS Shroom Ridge DS Airship Fortress SNES Mario Circuit 2
3DS Daisy Hills GBA Cheep Cheep Island Wii Grumble Volcano Wii Koopa Cape GCN DK Mountains
N64 Toad's Turnpike N64 Yoshi Valley 3DS Piranha Plant Slide N64 Choco Mountain 3DS Rainbow Road


~ from the Unlockable Cups

Battle Courses

New Retro
Airships in Action N64 Big Donut
Cloud Drift GBA Battle Course 2
Comet Observatory GCN Tilt-a-Kart
Jungle Japes DS Palm Shore
Mangoruby Run Wii Chain Chomp Wheel
Cosmic Dome 3DS Sherbet Rink


Kart Character Weight How to Unlock Kart
Red Fire Mario Medium Default
Green Fire Luigi Medium Win 50cc Mushroom Cup
Turbo Yoshi Yoshi Medium Default
Turbo Birdo Birdo Medium Win 50cc Flower Cup
Heart Coach Princess Peach Medium Default
Blossom Coach Princess Daisy Medium Win 50cc Star Cup
Koopa King Bowser Heavy Default
Koopa Clown Bowser Jr. Medium Win 50cc Spiny Cup
Toad Kart Toad Light Default
Toadsworth Kart Toadsworth Medium Win 50cc Special Cup
DK Jumbo DK Heavy Default
Candy Car Candy Kong Heavy Win 50cc Shell Cup
Goo Goo Buggy Baby Mario Light Default
Rattle Buggy Baby Luigi Light Win 50cc Banana Cup
Koopa Dasher Koopa Light Default
Turbo Bones Dry Bones Medium Win 50cc Leaf Cup
Dixie Train Dixie Kong Medium Unlock Dixie Kong & Kiddy Kong
Barrel Sled Kiddy Kong Medium Win 50cc Bob-omb Cup
Brute Wario Heavy Unlock Wario & Waluigi
Waluigi Racer Waluigi Medium Win 50cc Lightning Cup
Shy Kart Shy Guy Light Unlock Shy Guy & Goomba
Goomba Dasher Goomba Light Win 100cc Mushroom Cup
Heart Buggy Baby Peach Light Unlock Baby Peach & Baby Daisy
Blossom Buggy Baby Daisy Light Win 100cc Flower Cup
Turbo Squawks Squawks the Parrot Light Unlock Squawks the Parrot & Cranky Kong
Cranky Chair Cranky Kong Medium Win 100cc Star Cup
Barrel Train Diddy Kong Medium Unlock Diddy Kong & Tiny Kong
Growlster Tiny Kong Medium Win 100cc Spiny Cup
Yellow Buggy Baby Wario Light Unlock Baby Wario & Baby Waluigi
Purple Buggy Baby Waluigi Light Win 100cc Special Cup
Dry Koopa King Dry Bowser Heavy Unlock Dry Bowser & Koopa Paratroopa
Parawings Koopa Paratroopa Light Win 100cc Shell Cup
Red Book Car Paper Mario Light Unlock Paper Mario & Paper Luigi
Green Book Car Paper Luigi Light Win 100cc Banana Cup
Pink Book Car Paper Peach Light Unlock Paper Peach & Paper Daisy
Orange Book Car Paper Daisy Light Win 100cc Leaf Cup
Star Coach Rosalina Medium Unlock Rosalina & Lubba
Lubba Coach Lubba Medium Win 100cc Bob-omb Cup
Turbo K. Rool King K. Rool Heavy Unlock King K. Rool & Kritter
Turbo Kritter Kritter Medium Win 100cc Lightning Cup
Boo Kart Boo Medium Unlock Boo & Blooper
Turbo Blooper Blooper Medium Win 120cc Mushroom Cup
Dry Parawings Parabones Medium Unlock Parabones & Dry Bowser Jr.
Dry Koopa Clown Dry Bowser Jr. Medium Win 120cc Flower Cup
Spear Kart Spear Guy Light Unlock Spear Guy & Fly Guy
Fly Kart Fly Guy Light Win 120cc Star Cup
Pokey-Head Rider Pokey Heavy Unlock Pokey & Eyerok
Eyerok Eye Eyerok Heavy Win 120cc Spiny Cup
Bubble Z Bee Medium Unlock Bee & Honey Queen
Bumble V Honey Queen Heavy Win 120cc Special Cup
Big Whimp Whomp Heavy Unlock Whomp & Wiggler
Big Flower Wiggler Medium Win 120cc Shell Cup
Bob-omb Charger Bob-omb Light Unlock Bob-omb & King Bob-omb
King Bob-omb Head King Bob-omb Heavy Win 120cc Banana Cup
ROB BLS R.O.B. Heavy Unlock R.O.B. & R.O.B.E.R.T.A.
ROB LGS R.O.B.E.R.T.A. Heavy Win 120cc Leaf Cup
Turbo Boshi Boshi Medium Unlock Boshi & Yoshella
Turbo Yoshella Yoshella Medium Win 120cc Bob-omb Cup
Bandit Kart Bandit Medium Unlock Bandit & Professor E. Gadd
Poultergust 4000 Professor E. Gadd Medium Win 120cc Lightning Cup
Cloud 9 Lakitu Light Unlock Lakitu & Spike
Spike Dasher Spike Heavy Win 200cc Mushroom Cup
Petey Pipes Petey Piranha Heavy Unlock Petey Piranha & King Boo
Boo Pipes King Boo Heavy Win 200cc Flower Cup
Mecha Koopa King Mecha Bowser Heavy Unlock Mecha Bowser & Gooper Blooper
Turbo Gooper Gooper Blooper Heavy Win 200cc Star Cup
Cheep Charger Cheep-Cheep Light Unlock Cheep-Cheep & Chain Chomp
Chain Chomp Car Chain Chomp Heavy Win 200cc Spiny Cup
Magikruiser Magikoopa Medium Unlock Magikoopa & Kamella
Pink Wand Kamella Heavy Win 200cc Special Cup
Watermelon Pianta Heavy Unlock Pianta & Noki
Blue Shell Car Noki Medium Win 200cc Shell Cup
Skull Car Kludge Heavy Unlock Kludge & Klump
Minecart Klump Heavy Win 200cc Banana Cup
Toadette Kart Toadette Light Unlock Toadette & Toad Mary
Mary Kart Toad Mary Light Win 200cc Leaf Cup
Boom Airship Boom Boom Medium Unlock Boom Boom & Pom Pom
Pink Airship Pom Pom Medium Win 200cc Bob-omb Cup
Pauline Coach Pauline Heavy Unlock Pauline & DKJr.
DKJr. Jumbo DKJr. Heavy Win 200cc Lightning Cup
Turbo Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Medium Download Sonic the Hedgehog & Mile "Tails" Prower
Turbo Tails Miles "Tails" Prower Medium Win Mirror Mushroom Cup
Funky Dragster Funky Kong Heavy Download Funky Kong & Lanky Kong
Lanky Kart Lanky Kong Medium Win Mirror Flower Cup
Pot Rider Young Cricket Heavy Download Young Cricket & Master Mantis
Onion Rider Master Mantis Light Win Mirror Star Cup
Metal Mario Pipes Metal Mario Heavy Download Metal Mario & Metal Luigi
Metal Luigi Pipes Metal Luigi Heavy Win Mirror Spiny Cup
Tiki Tripper Tiki Goon Medium Download Tiki Goon & Tiki Tong
Tiki Tong Head Tiki Tong Heavy Win Mirror Special Cup
Hammer Movel Hammer Bro. Medium Download Hammer Bro. & Sledge Bro.
Sledge Movel Sledge Bro. Heavy Win Mirror Shell Cup
Turbo Yoshette Yoshette Medium Download Yoshette & Goshi
Turbo Goshi Goshi Medium Win Mirror Banana Cup
Dog Rider Dribble Heavy Download Dribble & Spitz
Cat Rider Spitz Light Win Mirror Leaf Cup
Volt Car 9-Volt Light Download 9-Volt & 18-Volt
Radio Car 18-Volt Heavy Win Mirror Bob-omb Cup
Spaceship Orbulon Medium Download Orbulon & Captain Syrup
Galleon Rider Captain Syrup Medium Win Mirror Lightning Cup
Parade Kart None Varies Win all Cups


Standard Items

Special Items

Returning Special Items

New Special Items

Unlocking Criterion

  • Dixie Kong & Kiddy Kong: Win 150cc Mushroom Cup
  • Wario & Waluigi: Win 150cc Flower Cup
  • Shy Guy & Goomba: Win 150cc Star Cup
  • Baby Peach & Baby Daisy: Win 150cc Special Cup
  • Squawks the Parrot & Cranky Kong: Win 150cc Shell Cup
  • Diddy Kong & Tiny Kong: Win 150cc Banana Cup
  • Baby Wario & Baby Waluigi: Win 150cc Leaf Cup
  • Dry Bowser & Koopa Paratroopa: Win 150cc Spiny Cup
  • Paper Mario & Paper Luigi: Win 150cc Bob-omb Cup
  • Paper Peach & Paper Daisy: Win 150cc Lightning Cup
  • Rosalina & Lubba: Win All-Cups Tour on 50cc
  • King K. Rool & Kritter: Win All-Cups Tour on 100cc
  • Boo & Blooper: Win All-Cups Tour on 120cc
  • Parabones & Dry Bowser Jr.: Win All-Cups Tour on 150cc
  • Spear Guy & Fly Guy: Win All-Cups Tour on 200cc
  • Pokey & Eyerok: Win All-Cups Tour on Mirror Mode
  • Bee & Honey Queen: Win All-Cups Tour on Backward
  • Whomp & Wiggler: Receive at least 1 star rank for all 50cc Cups
  • Bob-omb & King Bob-omb: Receive at least 1 star rank for all 100cc Cups
  • R.O.B. & R.O.B.E.R.T.A: Receive at least 1 star rank for all 150cc Cups
  • Boshi & Yoshella: Receive at least 1 star rank for all 120cc Cups
  • Bandit & Professor E. Gadd: Receive at least 1 star rank for all 200cc Cups
  • Lakitu & Spike: Receive at least 1 star rank for all Mirror Mode Cups
  • Petey Piranha & King Boo: Receive at least 1 star rank for all Backward Cups
  • Mecha Bowser & Gooper Blooper: Win Backward Mushroom Cup
  • Cheep-Cheep & Chain Chomp: Win Backward Flower Cup
  • Magikoopa & Kamella: Win Backward Star and Spiny Cup
  • Pianta & Noki: Win Backward Special and Shell Cup
  • Kludge & Klump: Win Backward Banana Cup
  • Toadette & Toad Mary: Win Backward Leaf Cup
  • Boom Boom & Pom Pom: Win Backward Bob-omb Cup
  • Pauline & DKJr.: Win Backward Lightning Cup
  • Sonic the Hedgehog & Miles "Tails" Prower: 50 points
  • Funky Kong & Lanky Kong: 100 points
  • Young Cricket & Master Mantis: 150 points
  • Metal Mario & Metal Luigi: 200 points
  • Tiki Goon & Tiki Tong: 250 points
  • Hammer Bro. & Sledge Bro.: 300 points
  • Yoshette & Goshi: 350 points
  • Dribble & Spitz: 400 points
  • 9-Volt & 18-Volt: 450 points
  • Orbulon & Captain Syrup: 500 points
  • Spiny Cup: 3rd is Better in Mushroom, Flower and Star Cup
  • Special Cup: 3rd is Better in Spiny Cup
  • Bob-omb Cup: 3rd is Better in Shell, Banana and Leaf Cup
  • Lightning Cup: 3rd is Better in Leaf Cup
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