Mario Kart: Double Dash 2.0!!
Developer(s) JA Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3ds
Genre(s) Racing
 Mario Kart Double Dash 2.0!! is a racing game on Nintendo 3DS and the follow-up to Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Gliders and Underwater driving returns.



  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi
  • Baby Peach and Baby Daisy
  • Koopa Troopa and Parakoopa
  • Mario and Luigi
  • Peach and Daisy
  • Yoshi and Birdo
  • Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
  • Wario and Waluigi
  • Bowser and Bowser Jr.
  • Rosalina and Luma


  • Toad and Toadette
  • Goomba and Paragoomba
  • Kamek and Kamella

Unlocking Criteria

Toad and Toadette Win the 100cc Mushroom Cup
Goomba and ParaGoomba Win the 100cc Star Cup
Kamek and Kamella Win the 100cc Special Cup 

Unlockable Characters from other games

This is a list of Unlockable drivers from other games

  • Link and Princess Zelda (Appearances from Twilight Princess)
  • Pikachu and Piplup

Unlocking Criteria

Link and Princess Zelda Win the Mirror Mushroom Cup

Pikachu and Piplup

Win the Mirror Flower Cup


This is a list of karts each team owns. Each kart can however be used for other teams.

  • Mario and Luigi- B Dasher
  • Peach and Daisy- Royal Ribbon
  • Baby Mario and Baby Luigi- Cheep Charger
  • Baby Peach and Baby Daisy- Baby Booster
  • Yoshi and Birdo- Egg 1
  • Bowser and Bowser Jr.- Koopa Clown
  • Wario and Waluigi- Cargo Kart
  • Rosalina and Luma- Galaxy Rider
  • Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong- Banana Racer
  • Toad and Toadette- Mushroom Kart
  • Goomba and Paragoomba- Standard Kart
  • Kamek and Kamella- Magikarpet
  • Link and Princess Zelda- Tri-Kart
  • Pikachu and Piplup- Pokedriver


Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup

Mushroom View

Kamek's Libary

Princess Peach's Castle

Goomba Circuit

Rosalina's Circuit

Gateway to the Starry Skies

Mountain Driveway

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