Mario Kart Double Dash!! 3 Cover Art

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 3 Cover Art.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 3 is the third installment of the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! series. It features new drivers, as well as new items. It was released for Wii and Wii U. It is also the second game created by Fingerface Co.

Default Characters

Mario and Luigi (M/M)

Yoshi and Birdo  (M/M)

Peach and Daisy  (M/M)

Bowser and Bowser Jr.  (H/M)

Wario and Waluigi  (H/M)

Toad and Toadette (L/L)

Donkey Kong and Candy Kong (H/H)

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi (L/L)

Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones (L/L)

Koopa Paratroopa and Baby Daisy (M/L)

Boo and Blooper (L/L)

Mii (Any)

Unlockable Characters

Diddy Kong  and Dixie Kong (H/M)

Dry Bowser and Baby Dry Bowser (H/M)

Paper Mario and Paper Luigi (L/L)

Shy Guy and Goomba (L/L)

Rosalina and Lubba (M/H)

King Boo and Petey Piranha (H/H)

Baby Peach and Baby Rosalina (L/L)

R.O.B. and R.O.B.E.R.T.A. (H/H)

Pauline and Donkey Kong Jr. (H/H)

Returning Special Items

Mario: Red Fireball

Luigi: Green Fireball

Yoshi: Yoshi Egg

Birdo: Birdo Egg

Peach: Heart

Bowser: Bowser Shell

Wario: Bob-Omb

Toad: Golden Mushroom

Donkey Kong: Giant Banana

Baby Luigi: Chain Chomp

Koopa Troopa: Triple Green Shells

New Special Items

Flower (Daisy): Same special effect as the Heart.

Bowser Jr. Shell (Bowser Jr.): Not quite as effective as the Bowser Shell, but works the same way.

Exploding Fake Item Box (Waluigi): When hit the fake item box explodes.

Mega Mushroom (Toadsworth)

Kiss (Candy Kong): Candy Kong blows a kiss that aims for the person infront of her. When they are hit, they spin out as if they had run into a banana.

Red Chain Chomp (Baby Mario): Works the same way as the Chain Chomp, but leaves a trail of fire.

Triple Dry Shells (Dry Bones): Dry Shells replace red shells, so Triple Dry Shells work the same way as Triple Red Shells.

Triple Bananas (Diddy Kong)

Pony Tail (Dixie Kong): Dixie Kong swings her ponytail for 30 seconds, hitting anyone close to her.

Dry Bowser Shell (Dry Bowser): Works the same way as the Bowser Shell, but aims for all drivers in front of it.

Baby Dry Bowser Shell (Baby Dry Bowser): Works the same way as the Dry Bowser Shell, but only hits the driver in front of it.

Paper Red Fire (Paper Mario): Works the same way as Red Fireball.

Paper Green Fire(Paper Luigi): Works the same way as Green Fireball.

Triple Vegetables (Shy Guy): Vegetables work the same way as fake item boxes.

Goomba's Shoe (Goomba): Goomba uses a Goomba's Shoe to jump high for approximately 10 seconds, crushing anyone who he stomps on.

Star Bits (Rosalina): Rosalina throws a number of star bits for a limited amount of time, causing multiple explosions on contact with other racers.

Hungry Luma (Lubba): Lubba uses star bits to feed a hungry Luma, which blasts them of at a gargantuan speed, similar to the bullet bill.

Boo (King Boo)

Goop Puddle (Petey Piranha): Petey spits a ball of goop onto the track, causing anyone who hits it to spin out.

Baby Heart (Baby Peach): Same function as the heart, but only picks up moving items.

Baby Star Bits (Baby Rosalina): Baby Rosalina gets three star bits to throw.

Mini Mario (Pauline): A toy that is put down onto the track, and if a driver hits it, it explodes.

Banana Splatter (Donkey Kong Jr.): Donkey Kong Jr. throws a banana onto the windshield of the nearest racer.

  • R.O.B. and R.O.B.E.R.T.A. have all special items.

Regular Items


Green Shell

Dry Sell (replaces Red Shell)

Fake Item Box

Spiny Shell




POW Block

Thunder Cloud