Mario Kart: Double Dash!!! U
Developer(s) The Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) The Wii U
Genre(s) The Kart Racing


FEATHER- This weight class features the slowest characters



The Characters Image's The Character 1 The Character 2 The Weight Class The SP Char1 The SP Char2
ThFDFWO0LY Mario Luigi Medium Fire Flower Ice Flower
ThC749IPXF Princess Peach Princess Daisy Feather & Light Heart Heart
ThSDRETL1T Yoshi Birdo Medium
Th2L4HY9ST Wario Waluigi Cruiser
ThM6CWIEBY Bowser Bowser Jr. Heavy & Light
ThC3C6U84C Baby Mario Baby Luigi Feather
Th9TAMWY9N Toad Toadette Feather
The Mecha Koopa The Dry Bones Feather
ThAP3N7R5Y Koopa Troopa Koopa Paratroopa Feather The Giant Shell The Giant Shell


Character 1 Character 2 Weight Class SP Up Char1 SP Up Char2
Th12E1DN0W Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Heavy & Medium The Giant Banana! The Peanut Pop-Gun
Lubba Rosalina Cruiser The Star Light The Star Light
Dry Bowser Dry Bowser Jr. Heavy Matter! Matter!
Professor Elvin Gadd The King Boo Heavy The Poltergust 3000! The Poltergust 3000!
Maria Luise Medium Ice Flower Ice Flower
Chief Chilly King Bob-Omb Heavy Ice Threw Bob-Omb

The Unlock Criteria

The Unlocked Characters The Unlock Criteria
Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong Clear 100CC Star!
Lubba & Rosalina Clear 150CC Mirror Star Cup
Dry Bowser & Dry Bowser Jr. Clear 150CC Special
Professor Elvin Gadd & King Boo Clear Every Single 150CC Mirror!
Maria & Luise Clear 100CC Shell
Chief Chilly & King Bob-Omb Clear 150CC Star!

The Grand Prix

In Grand Prix Mode, the player needs to win the cups against computer-controlled opponents. The difficulty level against CPU racers changes in each of the four engine classes, which are the following:

  • 50CC - Easy. The minimum top speed is low for all karts and CPU racers have a very limited selection of items. Any kart will take the 1st and 2nd place positions.
  • 100CC - Normal. The minimum top speed is fairly average, while CPU drivers have a wider selection of items: they may use Red Shells to shoot it to the player in front of them. Lightweight karts are never in the top positions.
  • 150CC - Hard. The minimum top speed in the karts is high, and CPU drivers have a wider selection of Items, most notably, the Spiny Shell's addition. In this level, CPU drivers can take down players using the items against them. Additionally, all characters race in mixed teams. CPU-controlled heavyweight karts usually take the top positions, with middleweight cars very rarely taking the top positions.
  • Mirror - Very Hard. Similar to 150CC engine class, however all the tracks are mirrored. CPU-controlled heavyweight karts usually take the top positions, with middleweight cars very rarely taking the top positions.

Special Cup is The unlockable cup. It is unlocked when players defeat 100CC Star Cup

The Gamecube Cup The Mushroom Cup The Flower Cup The Star Cup *The Special Cup
Luigi Circuit
DS Luigi's Mansion Chain Chomp Roulette V2 Luigi's Castle V2 Bob-Omb Circuit
GCN DK Mountain
Waluigi Pinball Luigi's Casino The Funky Jungle The Starlight Circuit
GCN Mushroom City
Donkey Kong Circuit Mushroom Town The Windswept Valley Toy Time Galaxy
GCN Rainbow Road Starship Mario Mario Circuit Elvin Gadds Technology Luigi Circuit
GCN Waluigi Stadium Wii Moonview Highway Wii U Twisted Mansion Wii U Toad Harbor V2 King Bob-Omb Circuit

* is unlockable

The Sixth Cup, The All-Cup Tour is the conglomeration of all the cups in the game. It is unlocked after players beat the Special Cup in 150CC. The 16 tracks are played through one after another in random order, with the exceptions of Luigi Circuit always appearing first and the Rainbow Road always appearing last. This cup does not appear in other racing modes.

In GP Mode, two players can join a race, as themselves or in Co-op play. Players can play Grand Prix mode with two players in different karts or in co-op mode for two to four players.

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