Mario Kart: Delta is a Mario Kart game, originally by Hybrid Co., but taken over by Fantasy Factory. The game especially focusses on new gameplay elements and new modes. The game is for Nintendo's Wii U and set to appear right after the Wii U launch in it's launch window.

Gameplay Edit

Mario Kart: Delta gives a twist to the series' usual gameplay.

Coins are more important than ever before. Before starting a Grand Prix, players get 80 coins. If the player falls into a gap, he/she will lose 5 coins. If the player got hit by an item, the opponents who used the item will steal 3 coins. Coins can also be received after winning a race; the 1st place gets 10 coins added, 2nd place gets 8 coins added, 3rd place gets 6 coins added, 4th place gets 4 coins added, 5th place gets 3 coins added, 6th place gets 2 coins added, 7th place gets 1 coin added and last place gets none. The player that has the most coins after 4 races, wins the cup. If a player doesn't have any coins at all, he/she will be elemenated.

Classic elements from past installments also return. Players can still use items by grabbing a Item Box. Racing for 1st place is less important, however, due to the new system. In VS Mode, players can select how many coins players get before starting. Gliders from Mario Kart 7 do reappear, but are less commonly used. However, kart customization and underwater racing do not reappear.

Confirmed Characters Edit

In this game, characters are seperated into 5 different weight classes again. Those are:

  • Feather: The character has good handling and good off-road stats, but its speed is low.
  • Light: The character is between Feather and Medium.
  • Medium: The character performs well in everything, but isn't great in anything.
  • Cruiser: The character is between Medium and Heavy.
  • Heavy: The player has high speed, but isn't good in handling, control and has bad off-road stats.

Each character also has its personal kart that can be used by anybody.

Starter ParticipantsEdit

Characters that are available from the start.

Artwork Character Standard Kart

Mario Medium

Coin Chaser

Luigi Medium

Poltergeist Racer

Peach Light

Yoshi Medium

Winged Egg

Toad Feather

Speedy 'Shroom

Donkey Kong Heavy

Banana Buggy

Bowser Heavy

Koopa Clown Kart

Wario Cruiser

Wario Bike

Koopa Feather

Baby Mario Feather Hammer Buggy

Unlockable Participants Edit

Characters that have to be unlocked, all in different ways.

Artwork Character Standard Kart

Birdo Medium

Birdo Bow

Diddy Kong Light

The Elvis

Waluigi Medium

Daisy Light

King Boo Cruiser
Rosalina Medium Cosmic Coach
Kamek Light
Lakitu Feather
Boom Boom Heavy Mini Airship
Shadow Mario Medium
Baby Peach Feather Royal Crown
Blooper Feather
Dry Bones Feather
Luma Feather
Lakitu Feather Super Cloud
Wiggler Cruiser Wiggler Train
Dino Piranha Heavy
Colonel Pluck Cruiser
Kirby Light Warp Star
Mii Varies Super Kart


Image Item Effect
Banana/Triple Bananas Can be dropped onto the course to make players slip.
Green Shell/Triple Green Shells Can be thrown to let players loose control. It goes in a straight line.
Red Shell/Triple Red Shells Can be thrown to let players loose control. It goes automatically to the player in front of the user.
Mushroom/Triple Mushrooms Use it to speed up for a few seconds.
Fake Item Box Looks like a real Item Box, but if hit, the player will loose control.
Super Star Makes the player incincible for a short amount of time.
Bullet Bill Transforms the kart into a Bullet Bill, that goes really fast. It steers automatically and damages players if hit.
Fire Flower The player is able to shoot fireballs. A player looses control of hit.
POW Block Causes a small earthquake that will make players loose control.
Oil Tub Can be thrown on the course to let players slip.
Golden Mushroom Players can speed up multiple times.
Gold Block Creates coins for a short amount of time that will be added to the player's coin total. The faster he/she drives, the more coins it'll create.
Amp After dropped ont the course, it will move in random directions, damaging players if hit.
F.L.U.D.D. Squirts water over the course to make players slide about.
Snag Bag If used, the player is able to steal an item from another player for a short amount of time by bumping into him/her. After an item is received, it stops.


Mushroom CupEdit

Course Description Staff Ghost Character/Time/Kart
Toad Park A sweet and sedate drive through a small park in the Mushroom Kingdom. Stick to the path so the cars don't get you! But avoid trees and the flower beds. It also involves a quick drive to the museum for a shortcut to the square.



Standard Kart S

Yoshi's Picture Book

A sweet, colourful path themed around Yoshi's picture book. Pop up enemies also appear.



Egg Roller

Isle Delfino A short drive along the coast of Isle Delfino, after starting in the streets.

Shadow Mario


Custom Kart

Peach Dome Enter Peach Dome from the outside, snake down the steps onto the pitch and exit through the other side, go around and repeat.

Peach 2:19.053

Custom Kart

Flower Cup Edit

Course Description Staff Ghost Character/Time/Kart
World 1-1 The first Super Mario 3D Land level is now a racetrack with more coins, shortcuts, enemies, ramps and jumps.

Boom Boom


Custom Kart

New WarioWare Industries A money factory, which leads into Mona's Pizza, Waluigi Fairground, and Captain Syrup's shipyard.



Custom Kart

Soda Streams A murky underwater course with Cheep-Cheeps, Sidestepper, Unagi and Blooper.



Custom Kart

Cool Cool Mountain A large mountain covered in snow. Race to the top of it and then go back, but watch out for the snowballs!



Custom Kart

Star Cup Edit

Course Description Staff Ghost Character/Time/Kart
Crown Circuit A grand royal circuit shaped like a crown. Many Goombas act like obstacles.



Custom Kart

King Boo Krypt A fiery unwelcoming madhouse, well a cave actually! Ends with a Gritzy Dry Bones Loop.

King Boo


Piranha Prowler

Luigi Circuit

Challenging twists and turns with a hungry for action audience, and obstacle Chain Chomps, Goombas and Piranha Plants.



Standard Kart M

DK Park A retro original Donkey Kong style course above a hill with twists and turns, ladders and incoming barrels.

Donkey Kong


Custom Kart

Special CupEdit

Course Description Staff Ghost Character/Time/Kart
Kamek Corkscrew It starts as a drive through a hilly road in the Mushroom Kingdom, but a Magikoopa appears and turns the scene into a gloomy spinning corkscrew.



Rosalina's Comet Observatory

Drive around Rosalina's Comet Observatory and visit Good Egg Galaxy and Honeyhive Galaxy. The course counts one, big lap.



Bowser Castle Drive through Bowser's Castle and Lava Land while avoiding Bowser's minions.
Rainbow Road

Retro Edit

There are 16 retro tracks in the 4 same cups as the previous installments of the franchise.

Shell Cup Edit

  • Wii Moo Moo Meadows
  • 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
  • SNES Ghost Valley 1
  • GBA Bowser Castle 4

Banana Cup Edit

  • SNES Donut Plains 3
  • 3DS Music Park
  • GBA Lakeside Park
  • Wii Luigi Circuit

Leaf Cup Edit

  • GCN Mushroom City
  • 3DS DK Jungle
  • Wii Grumble Volcano
  • DS Mario Circuit

Lightning Cup Edit

  • Wii Daisy Circuit
  • 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
  • DS Bowser's Castle
  • N64 Royal Raceway

Battle Edit

There are 8 courses in total. Bob-omb Blast, Balloon Battle and Coin Runners can be played here with the same settings changes from previous editions.

Courses Edit

  • Yoshi Island
  • Bowser Jr.'s Airship - Ala to Bowser Jr.'s Airshop from Super Mario Galaxy with enemies from that game.
  • Beach Bowl - A course around the Beach Bowl Galaxy.
  • Starship Mario

Retro Edit

  • GBA Battle Course 4
  • DS Tart Top
  • Wii Block Plaza
  • 3DS Honey Bee House

Slalom Mode Edit

Course down a track, going through coloured gates, a new twist on Time Trial mode. There are some version specifics as well as the 32 courses.

Karts Edit


Mission Mode Edit

There are 6 Levels with 6 Missions and a boss.

No. Name Description Character Course Reward
1-1 Let's-a Go Complete a lap of Mario Circuit in 0:45 seconds whilst avoiding the Goombas. Mario Mario Circuit 5 coins
1-2 Gate Clear Complete the 8 gates through Toad Park. Choose Toad Park 5 coins.

Trivia Edit

  • Before Mission Mode was brought back, King Bob-omb and Petey Piranha were playable characters.
    • Dr. Mario and Mona were also planned characters, but cut for unknown reasons.
  • Diddy Kong's bike The Elvis comprised from a peanut at the back and banana at the front is a reference to Elvis Presley's favourite sandwich of the two.