Mario Kart: Dash! is the next installment in the Mario Kart Series. It is also very odd that it is the second Mario Kart game for the 3DS.


There are a total of characters in the game. Each Character has their own alternate costume. Each character also has their own special kart. For returning characters, they have Retro Karts.

Middle Weight

Mario- Dr. Mario Kart: Wild Wing (Wii)

Luigi- Mr. L Kart: Poltergust 4000 (DS)

Yoshi- Whatever color your 3DS menu is Kart: Egg 1 (DS)

Peach- Nurse Peach Kart: Heart Coach (GCN)

Daisy (unlockable)- Classic Daisy (N64) Kart: Power Flower (DS)

Birdo (unlockable)- Classic Birdo (SMB2) Kart: Turbo Birdo (GCN)

Diddy Kong (unlockable)- Dixie Kong w/ voice change Kart: Wildlife (DS)

Fawful (unlockable)- Dark Fawful Kart: Fast Fury

The Chimp (unlockable)- Whatever color your 3DS menu is Kart: Galaxy Gaiser

Light Weight

Baby Mario- Baby Dr. Mario Kart: Mini Beast (Wii)

Baby Luigi- Baby Mr. L Kart: Rattle Buggy (GCN)

Toad- Toad Brigade Boss (SMG) Kart: Mushmellow (DS)

Toadette- Toad color swap Kart: Toadette Kart (GCN)

Koopa Troopa- Para Troopa Kart: Koopa Dasher (GCN)

Dry Bones (unlockable)- Red Dry Bones Kart: Dry Bomber (DS)

Shy Guy (unlockable)- Whatever color your 3DS menu is Kart: Standard Kart S (DS)

Bowser Jr. (unlockable)- Shadow Mario Kart: Bullet Blaster (GCN)

Toadsworth (unlockable)- Young Toadsworth (M&L PiT) Kart: Toadworth Racer

Baby Peach (unlockable)- Baby Nurse Peach Kart: Cheep Charger (Wii)

Heavy Weight

Wario- Wario Ware Inc. Attire Kart: Wario Chopper (Wii)

Waluigi- Biker Waluigi Kart: Waluigi Racer (GCN)

Bowser- Dry Bowser Kart: Hurricane (DS)

Donkey Kong- Funky Kong Kart: DK Jumbo (GCN)

Rosalina- Cosmic Guide Kart:

King Boo (unlockable)- King Boo (SMS) Kart: Boo Pipes (GCN)

King K. Rool (unlockable)- Pirate Costume Kart: Galleon Glider

Lubba (unlockable)- Whatever your 3DS menu color is Kart: Starship

Petey Piranha (unlockable)- Dino Pirahana (SMG) Kart: Piranha Pipes


R.O.B. (unlockable)- Whatever color your 3DS menu is Kart:

Mii (unlockable)- Custume Character Kart: Kustume Kart

Captain Falcon (unlockable)- Black Shadow Kart: Blue Falcon

Retro Courses

There are two new types of Cups in retro courses section. Castle Collection Cup which the player goes through Bowser's Castle Courses and The Planet Cup, which you go through Rainbow Road Courses.

Shell Cup

GCN Wario Colluseum

DS Luigi's Mansion

Wii Koopa Cape

N64 Royal Raceway

Banna Cup

DS Tick Tock Clock

Wii Mushroom Gorge

GCN Daisy Cruiser

GBA Cheep Cheep Beach

Leaf Cup

GBA Boo Lake

Wii Moonview Highway

DS Waluigi Pinball

GCN Dry Dry Desert

Lightning Cup

N64 Koopa Troopa Beach

Wii Mario Circuit

GBA Riverside Park

DS Yoshi Valley

Castle Collection Cup

GBA Bowser's Castle 3

Wii Bowser's Castle

DS Bowser's Castle

GCN Bowser's Castle

N64 Bowser's Castle

Planet Cup

GBA Rainbow Road

GCN Rainbow Road

Wii Rainbow Road

DS Rainbow Road

N64 Rainbow Road

SNES Rainbow Road

Battle Stages

N64 Double Deck

GBA Battle Course 2

GCN Luigi's Mansion

DS Palm Shore

Wii Thomp Desert

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