Mario Kart: Checkered Flag is a new Mario Kart game for the Wii U. It involves many new characters, new tracks, and new items. Underwater driving, bikes and gliders return, but not coins or wheels to customize your kart.





Image Name Description
Mushroom The Mushroom grants a small speed boost to whoever uses it. Comes in triples and quintuples.
Golden Mushroom NSMB2
Golden Mushroom The Golden Mushroom gives you infinite speed boosts for a short time.
480px-1-Up Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
1-Up Mushroom The 1-Up Mushroom speeds you up and doesn't stop until you are 1 place ahead.
Green Shell NSMBU
Green Shell A basic projectile that knocks over any karts it hits. Comes in triples and quintuples.
Red Shell NSMBU
Red Shell The Red Shell is a homing shell that spins opponents out. Comes in triples.
Blue Shell
Blue Shell A basic shell that freezes anyone it hits, immobilizing them. Comes in triples.
Cyan Shell A combination of the Red and Blue Shells. Comes in triples.
Spiny Shell Cup Icon - Mario Kart 8 Wii U
Spiny Shell The Spiny Shell flies to the person in 1st place and blows them up.
Banana Peel
Banana Peel The banana peel stays on the ground and trips anyone in its path. Comes in triples and quintuples.
Bob-omb The Bob-omb is thrown, and explodes where it is thrown.
Blooper The Blooper sprays ink on the drivers ahead of you, blotting their vision.
Chain chomp
Chain Chomp A Chain Chomp tugs on your kart, pulling it forward really quickly. Afterwards, it runs wild through the track.
Bullet Bill Art SMWU
Bullet Bill The Bullet Bill is different than in this game. This time, it sends 3 homing Bullet Bills to explode over the 3 racers in front of you.
Lime Yoshi Egg
Yoshi Egg The Yoshi Egg rolls towards a player and explodes in a shower of items, good or bad, when it hits.
Fire Flower The Fire Flower allows you to throw fireballs at players.
Ice Flower The Ice Flower allows you to throw ice balls at other players, which freeze them in place.
180px-Super Leaf Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Super Leaf The super leaf gives your kart a tail, which can whack enemies.
Super Bell The Super Bell gives your kart claws, allowing you to scratch enemies ahead of you and steal their items.
File:Super Star.jpg
Star The Star makes you speed up while invincible.
200px-MKwii Thunderbolt
Lightning The Lightning shrinks everyone ahead of you, making them slower.
Piranha plant NSMBRPG
Piranha Plant A Piranha Plant gets placed on a track. It eats up one person, killing them and getting Lakitu to fish them out of his mouth. After that, it goes into the ground.



New Tracks

Mushroom Cup

Mario Circuit

Mario Circuit starts with a basic grassy section followed by a short jump. Then, you go into Peach's Castle. You go towards a corridor, and up a spiral staircase into the second hallway. You go through Peach's bedroom, into a gliding section with floating islands. After that, thare are a few bouncy mushroom jumps, and then you go back to the finish line. 

Blazing Fields

Blazing Fields starts in the Fire Flowers' natural habitat. A very basic stage, with very little landmarks, so it is hard to describe. Hazards include Firebars and Fire Flowers playing catch with a fireball. 

Garnet Cave

Garnet Cave starts as a beach-like track, where you go through a hole through the wall into a cave made of garnet soon after the starting line. Shy Guy miners act as hazards in this part. You then go up through a ramp into the beach, and then you go through a river all the way back to the finish line.

Wario Carnival

You start on the ground, with carnival games as walls. Some of the signs include "Wario's Burning Dogs" and "Waluigi's Cheater Test". Then, you go through an empty line for a roller coaster, and hop on it. There is a fence, but it has a bunch of hills and anti-gravity. Once you exit the ride, you go through a room where Wario statues try tohit you with hammers. Once that's over, you cross the finish line.

Flower Cup

Luigi Circuit

Luigi Circuit is a track that takes place in the rain, much like GBA Luigi Circuit. After you cross the starting line, you will go into a section littered with puddles that act like the leaf piles in Maple Treeway. After the puddles, you drive into a pipe system where you drive underwater, followed by a drilling section out of the water into the main circuit again. There, you cross the finish line into Lap 2.

Delfino Market

This track takes place in a supermarket. You start in the parking lot, where you enter through an escalator into the produce section. The produce section has fruits and vegetables with eyes, as an homage to most power-ups. After that, you go through the meat section with signs such as "Ground Goomba" and "Monty Steak". You then go through a walk-in freezer to get to the dessert section and glide out of the store. There, you go to the finish line and repeat.

Mushroom Valley

Basically a remake of Mushroom Gorge based loosely on the Mario Kart Wii Custom Track Mushroom Peaks. After the starting line, you go on 1 mushroom, and then onto a jump with 3. You then go into a section where you must use giant yellow mushrooms with a huge bounce to reach higher and higher mushrooms, and then glide down to the track using a giant blue mushroom. After that, you drive into a cave, where there is a giant magnified mushroom you jump on repeatedly while making a turn and then you drill out of the cave. You cross the finish line after this.

DK Wildfire

DK Forest takes place in a burning forest. It starts with you racing on the forest floor, which is full of flames. You then get launched into the canopy, where you ride on dead-leafed trees. You then go on an anti-gravity section with a burnt wood log, into a gliding section down to earth and into the finish line. 

Star Cup

King Cabin

King Cabin is in a house where you drive through a giant house. You start on the front porch, where you drive into the house. You go thruogh the living room and then into the dining room, where a family of Shy Guys are having dinner. Next, you go into the kitchen and under the refrigerator, into a hole where you go up a ramp into a bedroom. You cross into a bathroom, into another bedroom, and then glide into the backyard. After that, you go into the front yard through a gate, onto the front porch, and then to the next lap!

Daisy Garden

Daisy Garden takes place in a garden full of giant flowers. You start in a giant flower that looks like Daisy's signature emblem, and go through a bridge into a tulip. You go to one tulip, and then another, and you continue for 5 tulips. Then you bounce downwards onto bouncy flowers onto the ground. On the ground, Piranha Plants are scattered around. You then go on a bridge that does an anti-gravity loop into the flower you started in.

Chasm Canyon

Chasm Canyon starts in a canyon, where you can fall off on your left. It then goes into a cave filled with holes on the track where your kart can fall in. You then glide out of the cave into the canyon, where you go into a river underwater. The river ends and a ramp begins, spiraling up a mountain. After that, you go across a bridge to the finish line.

Relocation Lab

Relocation Lab takes place in a science lab. You start on a bridge over a vat of acid you could fall in. You then progress on to a teleporter that teleports you into a corridor with robots firing at you. You then make a turn into another room, where you get teleported into a satellite outer space. In the satellite, you do 1 lap around in a circle before returning to your original room.

Special Cup

Pixel Park

Pixel Park takes place in a pixelated Mario level. It is 3D, but still pixelated, much like Minecraft. You start on the ground, where you avoid Goombas. You then onto a question block and ride a beanstalk onto a brick wall where you can fall off. You then go onto an anti-gravity section on the bricks, where you turn around and go back to the finish line.

Slippy Slide

Slippy Slide takes place in a frozen water park. You start on a wooden platform. Next, you dive into a swimming pool, where you then go up an icy waterslide. If you don't hit the dash panels, however, you will fall back to the swimming pool. You then go down a frozen tube slide, and land on an icy area where you must avoid the deep snow. You then go onto a bridge to the finish line.

Bowser's Castle

You start outside the castle, where you enter the castle through a Bill Blaster. Bullet Bills come out the sides and try to knock you backwards. You then go onto a bridge filled with lave, where you go onto the wall of the castle to avoid the lava. Next, you go into a room where you must avoid Thwomps and Bob-ombs dropping from the ceiling. Afterwards, you go through a giant jump with a golden bouncy mushroom over lava. After that, you go on Bowser's balcony, where there are guns that fire Green and Blue Shells. Then, you go into a door outside towards the finish line.

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road starts off with a barrel roll. After that, you go on a sharp turn and then downhill. The next thing you know, you glide onto a bouncy cloud over the sun. The clouds continue for quite some thim, and drop you off on a rocky passageway on the sun. Next, you go onto a ramp back on Rainbow Road, and glide onto Mars, where you must avoid Shroobs firing at you. You then get on a comet that moves back and forth to Rainbow Road again. You then cross the finish line with 1 lapremaining (It is so long that there are only 2 laps).

Retro Tracks

There is now a retro cup for each game before Checkered Flag, and there are 5 courses in each cup. You unlock every retro cup by winning a certain new cup on either 100cc or 150cc.

Shell Cup (SNES)

  • Donut Plains 1
  • Ghost Valley 2
  • Koopa Beach 1
  • Choco Island 2
  • Vanilla Lake 2

Unlocked by completing the Mushroom Cup on 100cc.

Banana Cup (N64)

  • Koopa Troopa Beach
  • Toad's Turnpike
  • Frappe Snowland
  • Choco Mountain
  • Yoshi Valley

Unlocked by completing the Mushroom Cup on 150cc.

Lightning Cup (GBA)

  • Cheese Land
  • Shy Guy Beach
  • Boo Lake
  • Sky Garden
  • Ribbon Road

Unlocked by completing the Flower Cup on 100cc.

Fireball Cup (GCN)

  • Baby Park
  • Mushroom Bridge
  • Daisy Cruiser
  • Sherbet Land
  • Wario Colosseum

Unlocked by completing the Flower Cup on 150cc.

Blooper Cup (DS)

  • Yoshi Falls
  • Delfino Square
  • Waluigi Pinball
  • Tick-Tock Clock
  • Wario Stadium

Unlocked by completing the Star Cup on 100cc.

POW Cup (Wii)

  • Mushroom Gorge
  • Coconut Mall
  • Maple Treeway
  • Wario's Gold Mine
  • Bowser's Castle

Unlocked by completing the Star Cup on 150cc.

Leaf Cup (3DS)

  • Mario Circuit
  • Music Park
  • DK Jungle
  • Rosalina's Ice World
  • Rainbow Road

Unlocked by completing the Special Cup on 100cc.

??? Cup (Wii U)


Unlocked by completing the Special Cup on 150cc.