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Mario Kart: Charged Racers DX
Mario kart cr dx
American Box art
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo AVr
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan October 19, 2013
25px-Flag of USA October 23, 2013
25px-Flag of Europe October 27, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia November 1, 2013
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Action, Racing
Media Included AVr Cartridge

Mario Kart: Charged Racers DX is a racing game for the Nintendo AVr. Mario Kart: Charged Racers DX includes features from its prequel, Mario Kart: Charged Racers, for the Nintendo AV. Some of the features from the prequel don't appear in this game. However, new features will be added, such as the mode called Double Dash.

Modes of Play

  • Single Player and Multiplayer
    • Grand Prix (1 player) In this mode, the player races against eight other CPU players in a quest to finish in first. Like in Mario Kart 7, there are coins on each track, the maximum being 10 coins. There are ten cups to choose from, ranging from the most to the least difficult. Drivers earn points by placing within twelve positions. A driver with the most points at the end of the four races wins the cup.
    • Time Trial (1 player) Drivers race for the fastest time on a selected course. The fastest record is able to be raced again as a ghost. Drivers can also race staff records, or Regional Records/Champions and World Records/Champions (Wi-Fi must be used).
    • VS Race (1 to 4 players, up to 8 online) Drivers can race to their own custom settings, but it is otherwise relatively the same to Grand Prix, other than the fact that drivers can see the other racers' character's names. The driver may choose a Solo Race, where they try to win for themselves, or Team Race, where two teams, red and blue, try to win for the team in order to gather the most points and beat the other.
    • Battle (1 to 4 players, up to 8 online) Drivers team up with each other in a battle for the most points. Items only work against the opposite team, and have no effect on the team that use them. The player can only select the Standard Kart. There are four ways to battle:
      • Balloon Battle: All drivers get three balloons and must use the items to hit the opponents to pop their balloons and get one point for every hit. If drivers lose all of their balloons, one point is deducted and remain out for a while to be brought back to the battle with three balloons once more.
      • Coin Runners: The goal for drivers is to obtain more coins with their team than the other. In the top right corner of the screen, the score shows, which are the coins obtained altogether for each team. If drivers hit opponents, opponents drop their coins. The certain amount of coins dropped depends on the item that hits the player, and the amount of coins that the player has already gathered.
      • Shine Thief: In this mode, there is a Shine Sprite on the arena which can be collected. As soon as a player has collected the Shine Sprite, a timer starts. The team who held on to the Shine Sprite at the end wins. Other players can steal the Shine Sprite, by hitting the player with the Sprite with any item, and then colleting the Sprite themselves. The timer is reset after this, but it starts at a lower level each time. The player must hold on to it for thirty seconds.
      • Bob-omb Blast: In this mode, all items are Bob-ombs, and players can stack up to five Bob-ombs per character on their kart. When another player is hit by a Bob-omb explosion, that player loses a point (if he/she has one) and the other player gains it. The player who reaches three points first wins the match.
    • Double Dash (1 to 4 players) This mode features the ability for two players to ride on a kart: one to drive and one to use items, just like in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, this time, without special items. Double Dash supports all other modes except Time Trials when playing offline.
  • Online Multiplayer
    • Worldwides - Users can join a worldwide competition to race or battle against other users in a group. Up to 8 people can race in one group.
    • WW's Double - Two players can be able to ride on a kart in a WW's Double competition. This mode supports VS and Battle modes.
    • Friends/Opponents - Users can race with friends they registered. They can also race against opponents they've raced against before.
    • Communities - Users can create a community with customized rules, just like in Mario Kart 7. They can now be able to create a community with Double Dash settings.
  • Mario Kart Channel
    • Ghost Race (1 player) A Time Trial race with ghosts made by players around the world with relatively the same skill level to the actual player.
    • Tournament (1 player) Drivers compete in a timed competition with specific goals. Just like in Mario Kart Wii, new tournaments are posted twice a month.



Image Name Image Partner Name
Cr dx mario Mario Cr dx luigi Luigi
Cr dx peach Princess Peach Cr dx daisy Princess Daisy
Cr dx yoshi Yoshi Cr dx birdo Birdo
Cr dx toad Toad Cr dx toadette Toadette
Cr dx baby mario Baby Mario Cr dx baby luigi Baby Luigi
Cr dx donkey kong Donkey Kong Cr dx diddy kong Diddy Kong
Cr dx bowser Bowser Cr dx bowser jr Bowser Jr.
Cr dx wario Wario Cr dx waluigi Waluigi
Cr dx mii Mii N/A N/A


Image Name Partner Name Partner Name How To Unlock
Cr dx koopa Koopa Troopa Cr dx paratroopa Koopa Paratroopa Win 50cc Flower Cup in Grand Prix.
Cr dx rosalina Rosalina Cr dx lubba Lubba Win 50cc Special Cup in Double Dash GP.
Cr dx baby peach Baby Peach Cr dx baby daisy Baby Daisy Win 50cc Banana Cup in Double Dash GP.
Cr dx king boo King Boo Cr dx dry bones Dry Bones Win 50cc Lightning Cup in Grand Prix.
Cr dx shy guy Shy Guy Cr dx snifit Snifit Win 100cc Flower Cup in Double Dash GP.
Cr dx lakitu Lakitu Cr dx wiggler Wiggler Win 100cc Special Cup in Grand Prix.
Cr dx kamek Kamek Cr dx kamella Kamella Win 100cc Banana Cup in Grand Prix.
Cr dx petey Petey Piranha Cr dx dinopiranha Dino Piranha Win 100cc Lightning Cup in Double Dash GP.
Cr dx larry Larry Koopa Cr dx wendy Wendy O. Koopa Win 150cc Flower Cup in Grand Prix.
Cr dx dry bowser Dry Bowser Cr dx dry bowser jr Dry Bowser Jr. Win 150cc Special Cup in Double Dash GP.
Cr dx pacman Pac-Man Cr dx blinky Blinky Win 150cc Banana Cup in Double Dash GP.
Cr dx king bobomb King Bob-omb Cr dx whomp Whomp Win 150cc Lightning Cup in Grand Prix.
Cr dx sonic Sonic Cr dx tails Tails Win Mirror Flower Cup in Double Dash GP.
Cr dx mr l Mr. L Cr dx mr m Mr. M Win Mirror Special Cup in both Grand Prix and Double Dash GP.
Cr dx rob R.O.B. Cr dx mr g&amp;w Mr. Game & Watch Win Mirror Banana Cup in both Grand Prix and Double Dash GP.
Cr dx yoshiro Yoshiro Cr dx yoshara Yoshara Win Mirror Lightning Cup in Grand Prix.
Cr dx honey queen Honey Queen Cr dx bee Bee Receive at least 1 Star Rank for all 50cc Retro Double Dash GP Cups
Cr dx boomboom Boom Boom Cr dx pompom Pom Pom Receive at least 1 Star Rank for all 150cc AVr Grand Prix Cups.
Cr dx funky Funky Kong Cr dx cranky Cranky Kong Unlock 8 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials.
Cr dx link Link Cr dx zelda Princess Zelda Unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials.


Image Description
BananaPeel Anybody who hits a Banana Peel spins out on contact.
TripleBananaPeels This is essentially the same as the banana, but they come in threes. When first activated, the bananas trail players' karts, and can then be dropped or thrown one at a time.
GreenShell When thrown, it goes in a straight line, knocking over any target that gets in its way. It ricochets when it bumps against walls or certain obstacles, eventually breaking after several bumps.
TripleGreenShells Three Green Shells orbit the kart of the driver. These can be used either as an offensive tool or a protective shield against other certain items as incoming Red Shells. The shells could be shot forwards and backwards.
RedShell The Red Shell is a homing projectile which chases after the driver who is before it to knock the kart over. The Red Shell can also be thrown backwards, although it goes in a straight line when shot in that direction. Upon hitting a wall or obstacle, the Red Shell breaks.
TripleRedShells Three Red Shells orbit the kart of the driver. These can be used either as an offensive tool or a protective shield. The shells could be shot forwards, homing another driver, but goes in a straight line when shot backwards.
Fake item box When hitting a Fake Item Box, the player rolls over, which is similar to the effect of a Green Shell.
SuperMushroom By using a Mushroom, users get a temporary boost of speed, allowing them to go through rough terrain at ease. Also, charging into another driver while using the boost results in knocking him or her aside.
TripleMushroomsMKC This is basically the same as a Mushroom, but the player can use it three times.
BlueSpikedShell This wingless Blue Spiny Shell flips any kart that is on its path, until it flies above the leader to explode, popping the driver into the air.
GoldenMushie This regal Mushroom provides unlimited boosts until wearing off once used.
BooNSMBWii Boo makes the player invisible and immune, able to steal an item from another player if possible.
Bob-omb walking The Bob-omb will either wait for a few seconds to explode or sense any driver coming in the vicinity and blow up.
Star A powerful Star that turns any driver invincible for some seconds. The Star will grant the player great speed, immunity against every item and power to bowl over other vehicles when hit.
ThunderboltNoGlow Any driver that uses the rare and powerful Thunderbolt, will cause their opponents to spin out of control, shrink to microscopic size, as well as reducing their speed and lose all of their items.
BulletBillWii Using a Bullet Bill, the player turns into a Bullet Bill, and follows the track automatically. The Bullet Bill is very fast, and boosts the player faster than any other item.
Blooper 3D Land Bloopers obscure the view of players by squirting ink on the screen. This item affects every racer that is currently ahead of the player. If players are affected by a Blooper, they can use a Mushroom or drive onto a Boost Pad to get rid of the obstructive goop.
Mega Mushroom After using a Mega Mushroom, the player becomes bigger and is able to crush other characters throughout the duration. The driver also becomes immune to most other items, except for powerful items such as Bullet Bills or players utilized with Stars that can still knock enlarged characters aside.
PoisonShroomOmega A Poison Mushroom gets thrown onto the track and once anyone touches it, they shrink.
POW After used, a POW Block image appears over the drivers, which compresses itself gradually until it disappears. Then, all the drivers ahead of the player spin around, losing their items as well.
Thundercloud Unlike other items, it activates itself automatically when obtained from an Item Box. The Thunder Cloud forms over drivers' heads. Then, they automatically receive a constant, minor boost of speed. They can also drive off-road without losing speed. However, the Thunder Cloud eventually strikes lightning at drivers, shrinking them. The cloud, however, can be passed onto another racer by bumping into his or her kart before the lightning strikes, giving the opponent the cloud.
FireFlower When using the Fire Flower, players can throw fireballs backward and forward for ten seconds after it's used or when the player uses ten fireballs. When characters are hit by one of the fireballs, they will spin out.
SuperLeaf2 The Super Leaf gives racers a Tanooki tail, so they can spin and whip others with it. When used, the Super Leaf lasts for 10 seconds, or until the player is hit by an item.
Mkdd bowsers shell Bowser's Shell goes in a straight line, just like a normal Green Shell, bumping on walls and obstacles, capable of knocking over random karts, or destroying other items that it collides with.
Black Koopa Shell When players are hit by a Black Shell, the shell will explode, throwing players into the air.
Brick Block SMB3DS You can throw a Brick Block ahead of you. If anyone hits one, the Brick Block will break, much similar to a crate.
Ice Flower When using the Ice Flower, players can throw iceballs for ten seconds after it's used or when the player uses ten iceballs. When characters are hit by one of the iceballs, they will freeze into an ice block for a short time.

Karts, Bikes, and Gliders

Kart Name How to Unlock
Standard Kart -
Offroad Buggy -
Flame Charger -
Jet DasherReceive at least 1 Star Rank for all 100cc AVr Grand Prix Cups
Pipe FrameUnlock 4 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials.
Gold KartObtain at least 10,000 VR, or collect 20,000 coins.
Bike Name How to Unlock
Standard Bike -
Zip Wheeler -
Dirt Bike -
SugarscootReceive at least 1 Star Rank for all 50cc AVr Double Dash GP Cups
Flame RunnerWin 25 WiFi Double Dash GP races.
Gold BikeObtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Grand Prix and Double GP cups of every engine class, or collect 15,000 coins.
Glider Name How to Unlock
Super Glider -
Peach Parasol -
Paraglider -
Flower GliderReceive at least 1 Star Rank for all 50cc Retro Grand Prix Cups
Beast GliderUnlock 24 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials.
Gold GliderMake a minimum of 100 StreetPass connections, or collect 10,000 coins.


Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Mushroom RacewayMario CircuitPipeline SpeedwayWaluigi Coliseum 2
Daisy's FarmPeach VillageShy Guy Island 1Wario Valley
Yoshi BeachDK Snow MountainCloudy SkywayBowser's Castle
Gloomy ManorMushroom CavernBowser Jr's FortressRainbow Road 1
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
Wii Luigi CircuitN64 Toad's TurnpikeDS Tick Tock ClockGCN Mushroom City
3DS Daisy HillsSNES Mario Circuit 4Wii Daisy CircuitSNES Donut Plains 3
GBA Riverside Park3DS Music ParkGBA Bowser Castle 4Wii Grumble Volcano
GCN Dry Dry DesertWii Wario's Gold Mine3DS Maka Wuhu 1N64 Rainbow Road 2

1 - A track is split into 3 sections.
2 - A track has only two laps.


AVr Arenas Retro Arenas
Block VillageSNES Battle Course 1
Delfino ShoreGBA Battle Course 2
Sand StadiumDS Tart Top
Thwomp Swamp3DS Sherbet Rink
Haunted RuinsAV Yoshi Park


Menu screenshots

Track screenshots

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