This is the Mario Kart Downloader in Mario Kart: Charged Racers.

Downloadable Nitro Cups

Cape Feather NSMBVR Feather Cup ($.10) Goomba Road Good Egg Galaxy Waluigi Cavern Paratroopa Skyway R.O.B. Factory
PoisonShroomOmega Poison Cup ($.50) Diddy's Blimp Metal Castle Wuhu Peak Loop Bowser's Galaxy Reactor Rainbow Sky Generator

Downloadable Retro Cups

Ice Flower Ice Cup ($.30) 3DS Toad Circuit SNES Bowser Castle 2 GBA Yoshi Desert Wii Daisy Circuit GCN Wario Colosseum
Thundercloud Thunder Cup ($1.00) N64 Wario Stadium GCN Sherbet land DS Bowser Castle Wii Dry Dry Ruins 3DS Rainbow Road

Downloadable Kart Parts

Karts Bikes Wheels Gliders

Snowplow Kart ($.20)
Gold Kart ($1.40)

Wii Standard Kart ($.10)
3DS Cact-X ($.60)

Dual-Sporter ($.20)
Gold Bike ($1.80)

Zip Zip ($.70)
DS Zipper ($1.10)

Metal ($.40)
Mud Wheels ($.50)

Slim ($1.10)
Gold Tires ($2.00)

Leaf Glider ($.90)
Double Sail Glider ($1.15)

Flower Glider ($.30)
Swooper ($.70)

Downloadable Characters

Image Name
Toadette mkcr Toadette ($.30)
Funky mkcr Funky Kong ($.30)
Goomba mkcr Goomba ($.40)
Boshi mkcr Boshi ($.50)
Babypeach mkcr Baby Peach ($.70)
Shyguy mkcr Shy Guy ($.90)
Pianta mkcr Pianta ($1.05)
Link mkcr Link ($2.00)

Downloadable Items

Image Description
Ice Shell ($.20) This item is similar to the Green Shell. When players are hit by an Ice Shell, they will freeze into an ice block for a short time.
Black Koopa Shell ($.50) When players are hit by a Black Shell, the shell will explode, throwing players into the air.
RockMushroomSME ($.30) Pro: Turn into a boulder and bowl into opponents with great speed.

Con: Less handling. Be careful, don't hit walls or fall off ledges!

Cape Feather NSMBVR ($.40) Twirl high in the sky to dodge items and go through shortcuts.
Freezie ($.10) When you throw this item, the targeted player will freeze into an ice block for a short time.
Hammer Flower SMEv ($.15) Throw hammers with it for ten seconds or use up ten hammers. Hammers will spin a player out.
Brick Block SMB3DS ($.10) You can throw a Brick Block ahead of you. If anyone hits one, the Brick Block will break, much similar to a crate.
Parashell ($.40) This item flies along the track. If it spots a target player it will fly down to them and throw them into the air. Note that since the wingless Red Shell hits walls, this Para Shell won't hit walls since it flies.
BanzaiBill ($1.00) This is very rare and much faster than the Bullet Bill.
SpringMush ($1.10) This gives you a spring under your kart. You can bounce with it at a certain amount of time.
Lightmushroom ($.80) Using this item makes you glow in the dark, lighting up dark paths, for a certain amount of time.
Ice Flower ($.40) When using the Ice Flower, players can throw iceballs for ten seconds after it's used or when the player uses ten iceballs. When characters are hit by one of the iceballs, they will freeze into an ice block for a short time.

Downloadable Battle Courses

Hidden Sea ($.20)
Supermassive Sky ($.40)
Mutant Volcano ($.60)
GCN Nintendo Gamecube ($.30)
Nintendo DS ($.60)
SNES Battle Course 1 ($.90)
Wii Galaxy Colosseum ($1.20)

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