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This is the list of all Mario Kart: Character Mania Retro Tracks and their changes. Many tracks have been visually and virtually upgraded, as well as music changes and easter eggs.

Shell Cup

Wii Toad's Factory

A gliding pad has been added at the jump before the conveyor belts. The first two platforms are absent because of this. It is also possible to drive underwater to avoid the boxes although it is a longer route. The anti-gravity implemented in this course is at the end. Players can choose to go to the sides other than going into the mud although the mud route is faster if executed properly. Other than the visual upgrade, the picture of Toad is now animated.

DS Figure-8 Circuit

Other than graphical improvements, the couse itself got revamped so much it looks more like a Nitro course than a Retro course. For starters, it looks more like a raceway than a circuit because of all the spectator tents. As with Airship Fortress and Shroom Ridge, the course has been considerably widened and is longer.

N64 Mario Raceway

The changes are nearly the same as in Figure-8 Circuit, but there is an anti-gravity section where the mushroom is, and the pipe is now a glider ramp at the end.

Wii U Water Park

The whole course is now Anti-gravity and the carousel does not do the Big Boo's Carousel music from Super Mario 64.

Banana Cup

Wii U Mario Kart Stadium

There is only a slight music change, making the atmosphere of the course a little more upbeat.

DS Airship Fortress

The airship itself has a Super Mario Galaxy 2 appearance, and now launches Banzai Bills toward the players, similar to Spiny Shells. The whole course has been widened. The tower itself has more of a derelict appearance and the Rocky Wrenches were doubled.

3DS Wario Shipyard

The only change is that the whole course is underwater and is anti-gravity.

GBA Sunset Wilds

Graphics have been improved greatly. The course now has little bumps in the road, which players can trick off of. Also, the start line is now on a steep hill that leads to a plateau. The course still has the sunset feature (hence the name) and the tents will still have Shy Guys pop out if you hit them, slowing down your kart and losing coins.

Blooper Cup

DS Shroom Ridge

An Anti-gravity section was added from the end of the tunnel to the start line. Also, it resembles more of a highway, with exit signs, one in particular says: "EXIT 4: SHELL CUP HIGHWAY 1/2 MI," similar to how N64 Toad's Turnpike had the trucks that said Shell Cup on them. Also, the vehicles are the same as in the original track, and the course is considerably wider now.

GCN Wario Colosseum

Just like Wario Stadium, the course is wider to make the course quicker and to also resemble Wario's fatty blubber. Many anti-gravity sections are used in this course. The course is completed in the normal three laps.

SNES Choco Island 1

Other than the course being 3D, the course now has been updated heavily. The course now sits on a mountain slope, with the whole course being anti-gravity and the start line at a slope.

3DS Toad Circuit

On the overpass, there is a sign talking about "Waluigi City! Take Exit 5 off of Luigi's Turnpike!". Also, the shortcuts were removed as well.

Leaf Cup

Wii U Shy Guy Falls

Other than the whole course being anti-gravity, the first waterfall now has a cannon that takes you to the top.

SNES Vanilla Lake 1

Since this track is one of the shortest tracks, this track has four laps compared to the standard three. You can now fall in the water, with a three second delay to get out.

GCN Mushroom City

The smooth U-turn is now a small anti-gravity section. Besides the Birdo billboard returning, new billboards featuring building/city themed tracks such as Waluigi City, Daisy Mall, Mount Mario, Throwback Fortress, Wii U Super Bell Subway, etc. can be seen. Mushroom Cars and Wiggler Buses, seen in Double Dash!!, return as well as the Bob-omb Cars and the Wii U-style buses from N64 Toad's Turnpike. Also, the start line is now an exit sign which says:
GCN mushroom city start line

GBA Rainbow Road

This course has taken a huge change. The course is now set in a floating Bowser's Castle right above a city that is currently drenched with rain. The rainbow tiles are more realistic. The course now does the glistening sound when drifting, which started with the GCN rendition. The course has toned down a lot in difficulty a lot due to the course being wider and enclosed. The course seems like a Bowser's Castle and a Rainbow Road joined together. The Super Thwomps found in the DLC SNES Rainbow Road and the new Rainbow Road appear in this course.

Lightning Cup

3DS Bowser's Castle

Other than anti-gravity sections, the course is basically the same as in Mario Kart 7.

Wii U Super Bell Subway

There is now a small tunnel across the subway tracks, but similar to N64 Kalimari Desert, the train tracks cannot be crossed when the subway train crosses, which now resembles a New York subway train.

Wii Moonview Highway

Many parts of Wii Moonview Highway have been changed. One of them is the shortcuts near the cliffs. These areas can only be entered once in an anti-gravity strip and cannot exit until the end of the area. The routes including the boost pad on the right is now sideways. The sharp curve after that has now been changed into an anti-gravity section sloping inwards therefore making it harder to fall off the course. The bridge has now been sloped in an arc and an alternate path can be taken be dropping underneath the bridge to the left. This road takes the racer to the top of the toll gates which deliver a gliding pad. The normal route after the bridge has two lanes: the far left and the far right that takes the racers on a skywa that is narrower than the main route. The aerial view of the original shows this route although the access point cannot be seen. The alternate route can now take the racers back to the main route or the top of the tunnel which acts as an anti-gravity section. The racers on top of the tunnel joins the main route underneath by jumping off a boost pad. The course then ends. The cars have been changed like the ones in the remake of N64 Toad's Turnpike and if the setting is in the day, the boost pads on the road are removed.

GCN Rainbow Road

The entire track is now anti-gravity. The course looks like it's original counterpart, except the course is now over several cities and landmarks, which Timmaster Labs has confirmed the cities are GCN Mushroom City and Waluigi City, as well as landmarks in the background such as Daisy Mall, Wii Toad's Factory, 3DS Rock Rock Mountain (the smaller peak), Mount Mario (the taller peak), and Wii U Shy Guy Falls. If one is on the boost pad up, they can see part of SNES Rainbow Road next to its GBA rendition. On the replay function, on the boost pad up, one can see the new Rainbow Road orbiting over the megalopolis.

Pokemon x Mario Kart: Character Mania DLC Pack 1

N64 Toad's Turnpike

The turnpike now has exits, but other than that, the course is the same from its Mario Kart 8 rendition.

F-Zero Big Hand

The course is divided into three sections because of it's great length. This is also the third F-Zero track (first two were Mute City and Big Blue) to make it into the Mario Kart series. Also, there are signs about the Blue Falcon.

GCN Mushroom Bridge

Grapically improved since its DS remake, this course saw all of its shortcuts come back, including the one over the rails of the bridge. Just like GCN Mushroom City, the Mushroom Cars and Wiggler Buses returned for a second chance.

Wii U Mount Wario

On the slaloms, you now get a small speed boost if you go through three of them in a row. There is now a helicopter at the finish line that serves as a finish line, taking all 16 racers up to the beginning during the results.

N64 Rainbow Road

The course now has an option to switch to a longer three-lap mode instead of a three-section track. The train is now an obstacle and there are more glider ramps than before.

The Legend Of Zelda x Character Mania DLC Pack 2

Wii U Hyrule Circuit

On the anti-gravity section, if you hit all three spinners, now a short cutscene will play with the ramp going up, followed by the pathway opened sound.

ACD Rainbow Coaster

Other than graphics improvements, the track itself is heavily revamped. It now looks more like an F-Zero retro track or a Nitro track than a Retro track. The track itself has many improvements, such as the course becoming a giant rollercoaster itself, with the teleporter midstage replaced by a sharp 90 degree turn.

GCN Dino Dino Jungle

Graphics got upgraded. At the first bridge, there is now a second bridge with Item Boxes that will always give a Fire Flower.

Wii U Cloudtop Cruise

Other than improvements on graphics and music, there is now more airships in the sky.

WarioWare x Character Mania DLC Pack 3

GCN Waluigi Stadium

Wii Grumble Volcano

SNES Rainbow Road

Wii Wario's Gold Mine

Wii U Ice Ice Outpost

N64 Banshee Boardwalk

Kirby x Character Mania DLC Pack 4

Wii Moo Moo Meadows

SNES Mario Circuit 1

GCN Baby Park

GBA Shy Guy Beach

DS Yoshi Circuit

N64 Luigi Raceway

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