Weight Class

Mario is Medium weight class, along with his brother Luigi and cousins Maria and Luise.


In the beta version, since the developers watched a lot of SMG4 videos, they decided to put him in the Heavy weight class, but Nintendo, Fantendo Wiki and Timmaster Labs rejected that idea. There was also the possibility of having him as a ghost on the beta course Mario Mall, but that was changed to Daisy Mall due to a conflict with another game.

Staff Ghosts

Track Nane Time
Castle Grounds NVUS-Timmaster 1:59:356
Mario Circuit NVUS-Timmaster 2:13:533
N64 Mario Raceway NVUS-Timmaster 2:07:658
DS Airship Fortress NVUS-Timmaster 2:08:495
SNES Vanilla Lake 1 NVUS-Timmaster 1:53:853
Mario Madness NVUS-Timmaster 3:01:665
SNES Mario Circuit 1 NVUS-Timmaster 0:59:299

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