Mario Kart: Aquatic Speedway is a spin-off of the Mario Kart series. The game plays fairly similarly to the Mario Kart series, except that the characters race on top of water. Most of the items from regular Mario Kart have been replaced, and some of the replacements have different effects. Also, the individual characters now give stat boosts of 3 points to whatever car they are racing in.



Image Name Weight Special Item
155px-Mario Jump NSMBU Mario Medium Super Cape
260px-Luigi MP9 Luigi Medium Poltergust
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach Medium Heart Shield
150px-Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi Medium Yoshi Egg
130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land Toad Light Super Mushroom
MP7 Toadette Toadette Light Mini Mushroom
KoopaTroopaMKWAnimatedSelect Koopa Troopa Light Super Shell
SMG BowserJr Bowser Jr. Light Graffiti Paintbrush
444px-FortuneStBowser Bowser Heavy Fire Blast
220px-Wario MPIT Wario Heavy Dragon Suit
150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez Waluigi Heavy Big Bob-Omb
DonkeyKongSSB4 Donkey Kong Heavy DK Bongos


Regular Items

Image Name Places Obtained In Effect
CheepCheepNSMBU Cheep Cheep 1st-4th Cheep Cheeps behave similarly to the Green Shells of the Mario Kart series, as when thrown, they just swim around the racetrack and changes direction when it bumps into a wall.
DeepCheepNSMBU Deep Cheep 2nd-6th Deep Cheeps are the Red Shells of this game, they home in on the closest opponent.
200px-SpinyCheepNSMBU Spiny Cheep Cheep 5th-11th This item behaves like a Spiny Blue Shell, it goes to the 1st place character and blows them up.
Unagi Deep Cheep 6th-10th Unagis will eat any opponent who comes near the player for the short time. Also, the person who used it gets a slight speed boost at the end.
WhirlPool Whirlpool 8th-12th Creates a whirlpool in front of the 1st place opponent, which remains until the person who uses it passes the whirlpool. Whoever used it doesn't get effected by it.


Mushroom Cup- Palm Ocean, Forestside River, Luigi Circuit, Cave Creek

Flower Cup-Mario Circuit, Sweet Sweet Land, Deep Canyon, Rush Dam

Star Cup-Semifrozen Lake, Cityside Bay, Lake Delfino, Lavafall Volcano

Special Cup- Oasis Trail, Blooper Ocean, Bowser's Castle, Rainbow River

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