Profile Pic Name Bio Division Bio
MKMario Mario Medium With all-around stats, Mario is ready to win the races
MKLuigi Luigi Medium Luigi shares stats with his brother but he's not to be ashamed of
MKPeach Peach Tricky Peach has good acceleration and handling fot a middleweight but lacks speed and weight
MKToad Toad Feather Toad is a very light character with slow speed and low weight but with improved acceleration and handling
MKYoshi Yoshi Tricky Yoshi comes back to play racing with good acceleration and handling. He's also pretey heavy
MKBaby Mario Baby Mario Feather
MKBaby Peach Baby Peach Lightweight Speed +3
Weight +6
Acceleration +3
Handling +3
Goomba Mario Kart All Star Circuit Goomba Lightweight Speed +3
Off-Road +5
MKKoopa Koopa Troopa Lightweight Handling +3
Mini-Turbo +6
MKDonkey Kong Donkey Kong Heavyweight Weight +3
Acceleration +2
Handling +2
Shy Guy Shy Guy Middleweight Acceleration +5
Mini-Turbo +3
MKBowser Bowser Heavyweight Speed +2
Weight +5
Drift +3
MKWario Wario Heavyweight Weight +3
Off-Road +3
Mini-Turbo +6
MKWaluigi Waluigi Heavyweight Acceleration +6
Drift +5
Off-Road +3
Lubba Lubba Heavyweight Acceleration +2
Handling +3
Mini-Turbo +6


Profile Pic Name Bio Division Bonuses
MKBaby Luigi Baby Luigi Lightweight Speed +5
Weight +8
MKBaby Daisy Baby Daisy Lightweight Speed +5
Mini-Turbo +3
MKToadette Toadette Lightweight Speed +3
Off-Road +6
Bowser Jr. Lightweight
MKDry Bones Dry Bones Lightweight Acceleration +3
Drift +3
Mini-Turbo +6
MKDaisy Daisy Middleweight Speed +4
Handling +2
Mini-Turbo +3
MKBirdo Birdo Middleweight Weight +3
Off-Road +3
Mini-Turbo +5
Monty Mole Laktui Middleweight Acceleration +3
Drift +6
Off-Road +3
MKDiddy Kong Diddy Kong Middleweight Acceleration +3
Drift +3
Mini-Turbo +5
Koopa Kid Metal Mario Middleweight Speed +5
Off-Road +3
Petey Piranha Petey Piranha Heavyweight Handling +5
Off-Road +3
Tiny Kong Wiggler Heavyweight Speed +6
Off-Road +4
MKDry Bowser Dry Bowser Heavyweight Off-Road +6
Mini-Turbo +6
MKRosalina Rosalina Heavyweight Speed +3
Handling +3
Mini-Turbo +3
Major Burrows Honey Queen Heavyweight Speed +6
Handling +2
Off-Road +6

Story Mode

These characters are non-playable and only appear in the story mode.

Profile Pic Name Bio Division Difficulty


A total of 32 courses are in this game. 16 new tracks and 16 retro tracks also 4 new battle cousres and 4 retro battle coures. The Special Cup and the Lighting Cup are unlockable while the rest are already unlocked. Nintro Tracks

Mushroom Cup Laps Flower Cup Laps Star Cup Laps Special Cup Laps
Wario Raceway 5 Peach's Castle 3 Mario Raceway 3 Deflino Mall 1
Cheep-Cheep Cape 3 Blooper Hills 3 Shy Guy Town 1 DK Lake 2
Toad Junction 3 Sunset Desert 1 Koopa Mountain 2 Bowser's Castle 2
Yoshi's Island 1 Luigi's Mansion 3 Neo Metal City 2 Rainbow Road 1

Retro Tracks

Shell Cup Laps Banana Cup Laps Leaf Cup Laps Lighting Cup Laps
DS Figure-8 Circuit 3 3DS Music Park 3 Wii DK Summit 2 N64 Yoshi Valley 2
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar 3 GBA Cheese Land 4 DS Wario Stadium 2 Wii Dry Dry Ruins 3
Wii Moo Moo Meadows 5 DS Shroom Ridge 3 SNES Mario Circuit 4 3 3DS Neo Bowser City 3
GCN Dry Dry Desert 3 Wii Toad Factory 3 3DS Rock Rock Mounatin 3 DS Bowser's Castle 2
New Battle Courses

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