Mario Kart: Double Dash 2!!
Developer(s) Super Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Grand Prix, Verses, Time Trials, Kart Adventure
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Disk

Mario Kart Double Dash 2!! is the 9th game in the Mario Kart series, and the 2nd Double Dash game. It features 2 players allowed to ride together, and a customize your own kart feature from previous games.


Starting Drivers

The game starts out with 10 pairs of playable drivers, they include:

Mario(M) and Luigi(M)

Princess Peach(M) and Princess Daisy(M)

Yoshi(M) and Birdo(M)

Toad(S) and Toadette(S)

Baby Mario(S) and Baby Luigi(S)

Donkey Kong(L) and Diddy Kong(M)

Wario(L) and Waluigi(L)

Bowser(L) and Bowser Jr.(M)

Koopatroopa(S) and Paratroopa(S)

King Boo(L) and Boo(M)

Unlockable Drivers

In addition, there are 10 pairs of unlockable drivers in the game

Baby Peach(S) and Baby Daisy(S)

Shy Guy(S) and Monty Mole(S)

Baby Wario(S) and Baby Waluigi(S)

Hammer Bro.(M) and Kamek(M)

Tiny Kong(M) and Dixie Kong(S)

Dry Bowser(L) and Dry Bones(S)

Rosalina(L) and Luma(S)

Petey Piranha(L) and Piranha Plant(M)

Toadsworth(S) and Professor E. Gadd(M)

Funky Kong(L) and Candy Kong(M)

There are a total of 40 playable drivers in the game (16 small, 15 medium, and 9 large)

  • (S)- Small sized driver; (M)- Medium sized driver; (L)- Large sized driver


Like the previous game, each character has their own unique kart. Most of the karts in the game have to be unlocked. All karts from the previous game are carried over to this one, meaning only new characters have new karts. Each kart's weight class is determined by the character who owns the kart.

Starting Karts

There are 10 starting karts in the game. They are the "head driver" of each pairs kart.

Red Fire- Mario

Heart Coach- Princess Peach

Turbo Yoshi- Yoshi

Toad Kart- Toad

Goo-Goo Buggy- Baby Mario

DK Jumbo- Donkey Kong

Wario Car- Wario

Koopa King- Bowser

Koopa Dasher- Koopatroopa

Boo Pipes- King Boo

Unlockable Karts

There are 31 additional karts in the game, all of which are unlockable.

Green Fire- Luigi

Bloom Coach- Princess Daisy

Turbo Birdo- Birdo

Toadette Kart- Toadette

Rattle Buggy- Baby Luigi

Barrel Train- Diddy Kong

Waluigi Racer- Waluigi

Bullet Blaster- Bowser Jr.

Para-Wing- Paratroopa

Scary Streaker- Boo (A very generic "Boo looking and Boo shaped kart. Similar layout to the Para-Wing)

Binki Buggy- Baby Peach (Same look as Baby Mario or Baby Luigi's kart, but pink with a "P" on the front)

Diaper Buggy- Baby Daisy (Same look as the other baby's karts, except it is yellow with a "D" on the front)


As there was already a Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U, Double Dash will not include retro tracks, and instead, will include double the nitro tracks. (Click on the name of the track for the music)

Mushroom Cup

Flower Cup

Banana Cup

Star Cup

Ice Flower Cup

1 Up Mushroom Cup

Shell Cup

Special Cup