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Mario Jetboat Racing (Name may be provisory) is a Mario Kart-like water racing game for the Nintendo Wii. This time, Mario's gang drives Jetboats, as the title already says. This game will use the Wii Balance Board and wll be sold in two ways, with and without it, for people who already have the Balance Board.


(Note: Many controls may change)

As already mentioned, this game will use the Wii Balance Board, introduced in Wii Fit. You may put the balance board horizontaly or vertically in front of the TV, however the game is already set to use it horizontally, for being easier for starters, and you need to change the settings if you want to have it the other way. While using the Balance Board you'll also need to be holding the Wii remote for various commands. You may also play using Nunchuck + Wiimote only, but you won't have a full play.

Balance Board Controls

The balance board controls are pretty simple. While having your foot on both spaces in the Balance Board, turn your body to the right to go to the right. If you put you body weight to the front, it'll move faster, and if you put it to the back, you'll drive backwards. If you use e Balance Board vertically, you'll need to position yourself as if you were in a surfboard and you will need to look to the TV over your shoulders. If you put your weight to your right, you'll go faster, if turn your body to the back, you'll go to the left and so on. With the Wiimote, you must, for example, point at the screen and press A to throw an item you got in a item box Hold B to stop riding and give it a fast click to go slower, if the you want to go to the normal speed, click it again.

Nunchuck + Wiimote

The nunchuck is used to control the jetboat, and the Wiimote, to launch items the same way with the Balance Board.

Characters and Vehicles

More to be revealed!

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