Mario Bayside Sports is a water sports Mario spin-off for the Nintendo Switch. The game was originally developed by Lone Planet Productions for their "Balance Pad" accessory to the console, but was later picked up by Blender Maximum after the project was abandoned.


Mario Bayside Sports can be played in handheld, tabletop, or TV mode. The JoyCons and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers can be used to play. Players may play with or without gyro controls, these controls replaced by use of the left thumbstick when not using them.



  • Surfing: A summertime classic. Keep your balance as you ride the waves and go with the flow. Don't forget to pull some neat stunts as you go along.
  • Wakeboarding: Like surfing, but the board is smaller and you are dragged forward by a motorboat.
  • Jet Ski Racing: 12 characters race against each other in jet ski boats in a competition similar to a Mario Kart game.
  • Diving
    • Classic Diving: Leap off a diving board and perform as many twists and turns as you can before you reach the pool.
    • Synchronized Diving: Try to dive exactly the same way as your partner.
    • Cave Diving: Contestants race through the dark caves of Isle Delfino, but they must also find air bubbles to breathe in so they can avoid drowning. Note: in this event, players lay flat on their abdomen to use the Balance Pad.
  • Octopush: Otherwise known as underwater hockey. Players are split into teams of eight; each team must attempt to slide the puck into the other team's goal.