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Mario Hunger Games is a fan based story based on the movie Hunger Games using Mario Characters.

List of Tributes

District 1

Mario - alive

Luigi - alive

District 2

Bowser - alive

Bowser Jr. - alive

District 3

Toad - alive

Toadette - alive

District 4

Wario - alive

Waluigi - deceased

District 5

Peach - deceased

Daisy - alive

District 6

Kamek - alive

Shy Guy - alive

District 7

Yoshi - alive

Birdo - deceased

District 8

Koopa - alive

Paratroopa - deceased

District 9

Baby Mario - deceased

Baby Luigi - deceased

District 10

Hammer Bro - deceased

Baby Yoshi - alive

District 11

Boo - alive

Dry Bones - alive

District 12

Donkey Kong - deceased

Diddy Kong - deceased


The arena is square shaped. The cornucopia is in the centre. There are 5 sections in the arena. 4 almost outer squares and 1 circle for the Cornucopia. The 4 almost whole squares stand for the elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water. They all release a danger at a random time. Many Warp Pipes are around the arena for tributes to go to another place in the arena.

Death Order

Bloodbath Starts

9 tributes are killed in the bloodbath:

24. Waluigi (4)- Killed by Landmine

23. Hammer Bro (10)- Killed by Bowser (11)

22. Diddy Kong (12)- Killed by Donkey Kong (12)

21. Baby Mario (9)- Killed by Donkey Kong (12)

20. Birdo (7)- Killed by Peach (5)

19. Paratroopa (8)- Killed by Mario (1)

18. Peach (5)- Killed by Donkey Kong (12)

17. Baby Luigi (9)- Killed by Bowser Jr. (2)

District 9 Loses

16. Donkey Kong (12)- Killed by Bowser (2)

District 12 Loses

Bloodbath Ends

15. Toadette (3)- Killed by Bowser Jr. (2)

Earthquake in Earth Section

2nd Day

Violent Wind in Air Section

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