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Mario Hoops Ultra
キノコ王国のバスケットボール (Mushroom Kingdom Basketball in 3D)
North American boxart
Developer(s) Alpha Generations, Inc.
Square Enix
Next Level Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Inc.
Platform(s) SP1DR
Genre(s) Sports
Release Date(s)
Dimentiuary 32 2013 (Japan) May 2, 2013 (USA) Mariary 39 2013 (Europe) July 2
Media Included SP1DR Optical Disc

Mario Hoops Ultra (known in PAL Regions as Super Mario Basketball or it's Japanese name Mushroom Kingdom Basketball) is a video game for the SP1DR video game system. The game is a sequel to the Nintendo DS video game Mario Hoops 3-on-3, and, like the prequel, will be developed by both Nintendo and Square Enix. Unlike the prequel, the game includes no references to the Final Fantasy series (aside from the minor appearance of Culex).


  • Tournament - Tournament Mode is a tournament way of playing that has 6 teams of 5 competing against each other for a chance to win either the Mushroom, Flower, Star or Special cup.
  • Exhibition - Exhibition Mode is the multiplayer mode and the quickest mode. Players create their teams (and the computers', if any) and play a game.
  • Options

Playable Characters

There are, unlike the prequel, five characters on the court at a time, as the game plays similar to the games Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged. The game also includes special shots called Flower Shots, which can be used only on the opposing team's half of the court. Each character also has a "Baller Name" and are placed in one of four categories.

Default Characters

There are ten default characters, all of them are seen in the beginning video and appear in the Awards Ceremony, if not competing.

Unlockable Characters

There are fifteen unlockable characters none of them are seen in the beginning video and do not appear in the Awards Ceremony.

[[Image:{{{image}}}|100px|The Golfer]]
[[Image:{{{image}}}|100px|The Turtle]]


Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Lightning Cup Bowser Cup
Mario Stadium Peachy Castle Hollijolli Village King Boo's Castle
Flower Fields Toad Sewers Nimbus Land Dimension Dream
Brick Buildings Wuhu Court Star Road Bowser's Castle
Daisy Desert Luigi Circuit Waluigi Factory Rainbow Court
  • Mario Stadium - Mario Stadium is the classic 'no gimmick' arena. The area looks like a regular High-School basketball court.
  • Flower Fields - Flower Fields is a flowery court in the middle of a field. The ground is curved, as it is on a hill. Crazee Dayzee appear as obstacles here, and Lakithunder throws thunderbolts sometimes.
  • Brick Buildings - Brick Buildings resembles a hidden park basketball court in a downtown urban area. The buildings have graffiti on it (and looks to be done by two nefarious plumbers). Rocky Wrenches appear in potholes here and throw wrenches.
  • Daisy Desert - Daisy Desert is a Sarasaland-based area with many pyramids. Many Nokobons (Bomb Koopas) appear here.
  • Peachy Castle - Peachy Castle is a sweet course located outside of Peach's giant Castle.
  • Toad Sewers - Toad Sewers is a court that takes place in the sewers of Toad Town. It seems to take place in a water tank that has been drained.
  • Wuhu Court - Wuhu Court takes place on Wuhu Island, where the basketball game takes place in Wii Sports Resort.
  • Luigi Circuit - Luigi Circuit takes place on the racecourse Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart Wii. It takes place at the base of the Luigi statue and occasionally has Shy Guys drive through the court (indicated by a "!" sign).
  • Hollijolli Village - Hollijolli Village is a Christmasy court in the middle of Hollijolli Village. Mr. Blizzards appear in the background (along with Toads) and throw snowballs at the players.
  • Nimbus Land - Nimbus Land takes place on a cloudy land called Nimbus Land. The court is very easy to jump on.
  • Star Road -
  • Waluigi Factory -
  • King Boo's Castle -
  • Dimension Dream -
  • Bowser's Castle -
  • Rainbow Court -



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