Mario Hoops Superstars, known as Mario Slam Basketball All-Stars in Europe and Australlia and Mario Basketball 3DS in Japan is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS title in the Super Mario series, it is the sequel to Mario Hoops 3 on 3 released on the Nintendo DS. It will have many new features, including Online Multiplayer and a new Channel where players can look at their scores and the leaderboard of the week and the Superstar of the Day, also they can download characters and courts here which will add to the variety already in the game.

Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Mid-Summer 2012;

July 30th 2012 (Europe and America) August 1st 201N (Japan) August 9th (Australlia)

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Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Sports
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

However, the game features none of the previous Final Fantasy characters, meaning that there is more space for other characters in the Mario series, such as Toad, Koopa Troopa and Baby Mario. The game will be released in Mid-Summer time 2012 for all regions (July 30 in Europe and America, August 1 for Japan and August 9th for Australlia);


The gameplay of the game is somewhat very similar to its predecessor. Players can choose from many characters including some new and stages from places and areas in the Mario series. The player will choose a team of 3, which will play against another team of 3 characters that can be chosen or randomly picked. The teams can be identified by the color ring underneath them.

When the game begins, both teams will start on their side of court until a Lakitu drops the basketball and the game starts, players will get to their opponent's basket and try to score as many points as possible, also collecting coins by dribbling on item boxes located on the floor (which will be used for adding to the points when scoring) then when a goal is scored, the players will be sent back to their side and the other team who didn't score will start off with the ball, once time runs out, you will play more games (depending on your settings for the match) and when all games are played, the team with the most points will win. After the match the winning team will get 50 coins which can be used in the shop to buy characters, courts and basketballs. Chance Shots will return from Mario Tennis Open but as Chance Shoots.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon



There are 36 playable characters that appear in Mario Hoops Superstars, 12 default, 18 unlockable and 6 downloadable on the Mario Hoops Superstars Channel. Every character has a type which provides them advantages and disadvantages on court and they also have a unique Special Shot which is special to the character and relates to them;


  • All-Around: These characters have equal stats in all four catergories
  • Technique: These characters have good shoots and throws
  • Power: These characters have good stealing skills
  • Speed: These characters have good speed on court
  • Defence: These characters have good defensive skills
  • Tricky: These characters have good tricking skills


Icon Name Type Theme Baller Name Special Move
MarioMHS Mario All-Around World 1-1 Jumpman Fireball Shot
LuigiMHS Luigi All-Around Luigi's Mansion Ghostbuster Green Tornado Shot
PeachMHS Peach Technique Photoshoot 3-Point Royalty Heart Shot
YoshiMHS Yoshi Speed Energetic Broadway Piranha Playa Hater Rainbow Dunk
WarioMHS Wario Power Polka Money Maker Money Dunk
ToadMHS Toad(New) Speed Techno Fun gai! 'Shroom Dunk
DaisyMHS Daisy Technique

Hippy Music

Flower Gal Flower Shot
WaluigiMHS Waluigi Defence Bluegrass Cheat, Con n' Steal Waluiwhirlpool Dunk
BowserMHS Bowser Power Heavy Metal Koopa King Bomber Dunk
DonkeyKongMHS Donkey Kong Power Bongo Drums Dunky Monkey Konga Dunk
DiddyKongMHS Diddy Kong Speed Hindustani Classical Diddy Dynamo Jet Shot
BowserJr.MHS Bowser Jr. Tricky Punk Junior Rookie Graffiti Shot

Unlockable Characters

Icon Name Type Theme Baller Name Special Move
KoopaMHS Koopa(New) All-Around Street Dance Turtle Troopa Aqua Shell Shot
ParatroopaMHS Paratroopa Tricky Fast Hallelujah Sky High Shell Spin Dunk
ShyGuyMHS Shy Guy(New) Technique Piano Spotlight Hater Electric Dunk
BirdoMHS Birdo All-Around Ballet Shopping Shooter Heartbroken Egg Shot
BabyMarioMHS Baby Mario(New) Speed Piano Cry Baby Mallet Shot
BabyLuigiMHS Baby Luigi(New) Speed Flamenco Scaredy Rat Chain Chomp Dunk
PeteyPiranhaMHS Petey Piranha(New) Power Calypso Piranha Monster Sludge Shot
KingBooMHS King Boo(New) Tricky Piano (Horror themed) Basketball Haunter Phantom Dunk
BooMHS Boo Tricky Spooky Merigoround Chills n' Thrills Thriller Shot
DryBonesMHS Dry Bones(New) Defence Rap Dry Dunker Bone Shot
DryBowserMHS Dry Bowser(New) Defence Happy Halloween Dry Dead Monster Blue Inferno Dunk
WigglerMHS Wiggler(New) Defence Hip-Hop Crazy Catterpillar Angry Dunk
FunkyKongMHS Funky Kong(New) Power Surfin' in the U.S.A Funky Monkey Surf's Up Dunk
DixieKongMHS Dixie Kong Technique Disco Gone Bananas... Banana Boomerang Shot
HammerBro.MHS Hammer Bro.(New) All-Around Rock Elite Thrower Hammer Dunk
PiantaMHS Pianta(New) Defence Tropical Melon Masher Fruiti Tutti Shot
RosalinaMHS Rosalina(New) Tricky Galaxy Pop Galaxy Girl Cosmic Comet Dunk
LumaMHS Luma(New) Technique Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Rock themed) Lucky Star Star Bit Shot

Unlocking Criteria

Name Criteria
Koopa Complete the Shell Tourney
Paratroopa Bought in Shop
Shy Guy Complete the Thunder Tourney
Birdo Complete the Mushroom Tourney
Baby Mario Complete the 1-Up Mushroom Tourney
Baby Luigi Complete Level 3 of "Shoot and Sort"
Petey Piranha Complete Level 3 of "Piranha Pass"
King Boo QR Code (Boo must be unlocked)
Boo Bought in Shop
Dry Bones Complete the Fire Flower Tourney
Dry Bowser Complete the Special Tourney
Wiggler Complete the Tanooki Leaf Tourney
Funky Kong QR Code (Dixie Kong must be unlocked)
Dixie Kong Complete the Banana Tourney
Hammer Bro. Complete Level 3 of "Bob-Omb Blast"
Pianta Bought in Shop
Rosalina Complete the Ice Flower Tourney
Luma Complete the Star Tourney

Downloadable Characters

Icon Name Type Theme Baller Name Special Move
LakituMHS Lakitu All-Around Cloud Nine Spiny Dunk
KamekMHS Kamek Technique Magical Mage Spell Shot
BoomBoomMHS Boom Boom Power Boom Boom Battle Spin or Smash? Smash Shot
ToadetteMHS Toadette Speed I'm Walking on the Sunshine I'm walkin' on the Mushrooms! 'Shrooms in Bloom Shot
MontyMoleMHS Monty Mole Defence Dirt Digger Digging Dunk
BabyPeachMHS Baby Peach Tricky Cute n' Royal Trampoline

Reznor Defence and speed mario world battle theme super dino fireball

Pom-Pom power Pom-Poms theme cutie koopa super jump

Kritter all-around jungle theme ruffian reptile big club

Bamm-Bamm speed Bamm-Bamm battle tough stuff slam time

Kopter koopa all-round sky theme flying crew propeller