Mario Hoops Advanced
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
July 2012
Genre(s) Sports
Mario Hoops Advanced is a new game for the Nintendo 3DS and the sequel to Mario Hoops 3-on-3. It features new characters, stages, new options and an all-new online mode. The game is inspired by Mario Tennis Open and scheduled to appear in July 2012.


Mario Hoops Advanced will include 35 characters, 15 starters and 20 unlockables. Also, it is confirmed special alternates will be available after scanning a QR-code, just like in Mario Tennis Open. The characters are seperated into 5 classes:

  • All Around:These characters have balanced stats in all 4 categories.
  • Technique:These characters are good at aiming, but are a little weak.
  • Power:These characters are very strong, but also very slow.
  • Speed:These characters are very fast, but also very weak.
  • Tricky:These characters are full of tricky moves.


These characters will be available from the start.

Image Name Type Special Shot Baller Name
MH3D- Mario Mario All-Around Coin Jump Shot The Jumpman
MH3D- Luigi Luigi All-Around Poltergust Dunk Green Wonder
MH3D- Peach Peach Technique Heart Shot Distress Princess
MH3D- DK Donkey Kong Power Konga Dunk Dunky Monkey
MH3D- Yoshi Yoshi Speed Rainbow Dash Hungry Dino
MH3D- Daisy Daisy Technique Flower Shot Flower Girl
MH3D- Wario Wario Power Wario-Man Dunk Fat-Man
MH3D- Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Speed Banana Shot Monkey Man
MH3D- Boo Boo Tricky Thriller Dunk The Thriller
MH3D- Bowser Jr Bowser Jr. Tricky Paint Brush Shot Masked Man
MH3D- Toad Toad Speed Mushroom Shot Mushroom Man
MH3D- Baby Mario Baby Mario Speed Super Cape Shot Cryer in Advance
MH3D- Birdo Birdo Power Heart Egg Shot Dangerous Dino
MH3D- Waluigi Waluigi Technique Triple Dunk WaluWeirdo
MH3D- Mii Mii Varies Super Shot It's a Mii


These characters have to be unlocked, all in different ways.

Image Name Type Special Shot Baller Name
MH3D- Paratroopa Paratroopa Technique Wing Shot The Winger
MH3D- Fly Guy Fly Guy All-Around Thunder Dunk Fly High
MH3D- Rosalina Rosalina Tricky Cosmic Dash Cosmic Girl
MH3D- Bowser Bowser Power Lava Shot Heat Head
MH3D- Luma Luma Technique Star Bit Shot Twinkle, Twinkle
MH3D- Dixie Kong Dixie Kong Speed Cannon Shot Pinky Kong
MH3D- Magikoopa Magikoopa Tricky Spell Shot The Magican
MH3D- Hammer Bro Hammer Bro. Power Hammer Dunk Hammer Dasher
MH3D- Dry Bowser Dry Bowser All-Around Bone Shot Death Dragon
MH3D- Monty Mole Monty Mole All-Around Dig Dunk Deep Digger
MH3D- Baby Peach Baby Peach Tricky Crown Dash Little Royalty
MH3D- Wiggler Wiggler Technique Caterpillar Dunk Mad Caterpillar
MH3D- Pianta Pianta Power Throw Dunk Holidaymaker
MH3D- Baby DK Baby DK Speed Peel Shot Strong 'n Cute
MH3D- Petey Piranha Petey Piranha Tricky Sludge Shot Sludge Spitter
MH3D- Ninja Ninja All-Around Leaf Shot Mr. Invincible
MH3D- White Mage White Mage Technique Holy Shot The Light
MH3D- Black Mage Black Mage Tricky Meteor Shot Abacadabra Kid
MH3D- Moogle Moogle Tricky Moogle Dance Dunk Game & Watch Me
MH3D- Cactuar Cactuar Speed 1000 Needles Shot Stick and Sting


Alternates return in a new way in the Mario Hoops series. Like in Mario Tennis Open, they have to be unlocked by scanning QR codes. However, these alternates are counting as different characters, as they have different stats, special shots and sometimes even different voices. Alternates can't be choosen when the original character already has been choosen, and vice versa.

The Mario Hunt

Like in Mario Tennis Open, a hunt is set out all over the internet, but this time featuring some of Mario's Power-Ups. All have different stats and can't be choosen at the same time.

Image Name Type Special Shot Baller Name
MH3D- Fire Mario Fire Mario Technique Fire Flower Dunk Fire Man
MH3D- Tanooki Mario Tanooki Mario Tricky Tail Shot Star Fox
MH3D- Cloud Mario Cloud Mario Technique Cloud Shot Head in the Clouds
MH3D- Bee Mario Bee Mario All-Around Honey Shot Buzzer B.
MH3D- Propeller Mario Propeller Mario Speed Propeller Dunk Propeller Man
MH3D- Boomerang Mario Boomerang Mario Power Boomerang Shot Blue Sheller
MH3D- Metal Mario Metal Mario Power Metal Dunk Heavy Metal


Mushroom Cup

  • Mario Stadium
  • Mushroom Valley
  • Toad Town
  • Peach's Gardens

Flower Cup

  • Diddy Dunes
  • Sunset Wilds
  • Piranha Garden
  • Luigi's Mansion

Star Cup

  • Wario Factory
  • Jr. Main Street
  • Jungle Hijinx
  • Bowser's Castle

Special Cup

  • Good Egg Galaxy
  • Starship Mario
  • Rainbow Road
  • Starship




  • Wario's baller name (Fat-Man) is a pun on the Batman series.
  • Tanooki Mario's baller name (Star Fox) is a reference to the Star Fox series.