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Mario Hockey Wii is a Mario sports Fan Game that belongs to RedBones (tbc). It is rated E (Everyone) and will release in the USA, Canada, and Japan only on January 1, 2010. It is for the Wii only.



This Fan Game uses many controls. It requires the Wii Balance Board and the Wii Remote to play it.

Main Wii Remote Controls:

  • Swing the remote like golf club to hit the puck. However, if you swing too hard, it will possibly send the puck out of

bounds, which is easy for Power-type characters. If you swing and make the hockey stick go above the character's waist, that character gets a penalty.

  • Use the remote to keep your opponents from stealing the puck from you. You must use a strategy to avoid the Speed-type

and Power-types, though.

  • You can use the Wii remote to "catch" the puck when your teammate sends it to you.

Main Wii Balance Board Conrols:

  • Point you feet in the direction you want to ski.
  • Put most of your weight on your heels to make your character stop skiing.


Underline indicates an unlockable character.

More coming soon!

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