Mario Heroes Wii U is a game for Wii U (sure). Maked for Nintendo, Fantendo, Hudson, Rareware & Copyright. The game remember Sonic Heroes. But this time Mario, our favorite plumber, goes with your pals, destroy Mr. L Machine are the teams

Team Mario

Image Name Type Description
ToadMKW Toad Speed Because your size, he is able to run faster and dash easily, but your control are a little bit hard
MarioMKW Mario Flight Because your cape, he can fly very well, but is a little lower, he have a great control
WarioMKW Wario Power He is naturally a maniac punch glove, so i'm needn't to say something about him

Team Ghost

Image Name Type Description
LuigiMKW Luigi Speed He is a Speedy Spooked man, but he will need to join in the Boos team
Boo-CSS2-MSS Boo Flight He will join to a old foe, but after all, Mr. L are worse
BooMKW Big Boo Power His bigger size have a new function, attack bad enemies

Team Wild

Image Name Type Description
Yoshi Head Yoshi Speed Yoshi! Yoshi! The Yoshi speed goes be grand dashes, with the Flutter Jump, can shake the legs
DiddyKongMKW Diddy Flight With your rocket barrel Diddy Kong can reach the stars, the sky, or the Infinite. Good Luck, Diddy
DonkeyKongMKW DK Power The Bongo Beast are here with all power in most that adventure

More Coming Soon...

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