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Mario Heroes U is a game based on the game, Sonic Heroes, but with Mario Characters instead. it wii be released between 2013 and 2014.
Mario Heroes U
Developer(s) UML inc
Platform(s) Wii U Games
Genre(s) Platform
Release Date(s)

USA6-6-2013 EU9-10-2013 AUS30-1-2014



Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii U Disc


Mario was walking through Toad Town for a stroll, when he noticed a huge air ship flying nearby firing lasers down at the ground. Bowser's evil laughter was coming from the ship and Mario knew it was time to assemble team Mario.

Meanwhile, three other teams were planning on taking down Bowser as well...


Single Player

Single Player Mode is also the story mode in the game. You must follow the story as you work to defeat Bowser.

Multiplayer Mode

With a friend, you can play various minigames to achieve victory.


Team Mario

Team Peach

Team Yoshi

Team DK

Elite Trio (Unlockable-must complete Single Player Mode)

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