Mario Golfing Stars is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game in the Mario Golf Series. It marks the seventh installment in the series, and to celebrate being the seventh to go with Mario Kart 7, Lucky Seven is brought back as a special point (optional) and will give the same amount of points as a Hole-In-One! The game is set to realese around July 2012 for all countries;





32 Characters appear in Mario Golfing Stars, each sorted into different catergories;


  • All-Around: Characters who preform good in every catergory.
  • Technical: Characters who have good control and can hit the ball to where they want it to go.
  • Power: Characters who have powerful and strong hits, they can hit their golf ball really far.
  • Speed: Characters who can work their way around the hole's round fast.
  • Tricky: Characters who can preform lots of Hole-In-Ones if used correctly.
  • Defence: Characters who are good at keeping the ball away from obstacles and other hazards.
  • Tactical: Characters who are good with stratergies, the can get the ball in the hole fast even if it lands in bunkers.
  • Stamina: Characters who can keep on going through the hole's round without getting tired and their preformance will never decrease or increase.
  • All-Around: They don't have a best stat.
  • Technical: They haven't got much stamina.
  • Power: They aren't very fast at getting around hole rounds.
  • Speed: They lack power.
  • Tricky: They are very hard to control.
  • Defence: They don't have much luck at getting a Hole-In-One
  • Tactical: They don't preform at their best when on own, they prefere to work in a pair.
  • Stamina: They can't control where the ball goes very well.

Default Players

Character Type Favourite Partner Special Move
MarioMKW All-Around Luigi Fireball Shot
LuigiMKW All-Around Mario Poltergust 3000 Suck Control Shot
PeachMKW Technical

Toad/Daisy (once unlocked)

Heart Shot
ToadMKW Tactical Peach/Toadette (once unlocked) 'Shroom Bouncing Shot
Yoshi-MKWii-Icon Speed Baby Mario/Birdo (once unlocked) Rainbow Flutter Shot
BabyMarioMKW Speed Yoshi/Baby Peach (once unlocked) ???
WarioMKW Stamina Waluigi Bob-Omb Shot
WaluigiMKW Defence Wario Waluiwhirlpool Shot
DiddyKongMKW Speed Donkey Kong/Dixie Kong (once unlocked) Jet Pack Jump Shot
DonkeyKongMKW Power Diddy Kong/Funky Kong (once unlocked) Earthquake Shot
BooMKW Tricky Bowser/King Boo (once unlocked) Thriller Shot
BowserMKW Power Boo/Bowser Jr. (once unlocked) Banzai Bill Shot

Unlockable Players

Character Type Favourite Partner Special Hit
DaisyMKW Technical Peach Flower Shot
ToadetteMKWIIMug Tactical Toad ???
BirdoMKW All-Around Yoshi Egg Shot
BabyPeachMKW Tactical Baby Mario 3-Point Royalty Shot
BabyLuigiMKW Defence Baby Mario/Baby Daisy (if unlocked) Scaredy Rat Shot
BabyDaisyMKW Stamina Baby Mario/Baby Luigi (if unlocked) ???
DixieKong1-CSS2-MSS Technical Diddy Kong ???
MK Wii Funky Kong icon Power Donkey Kong Surf's Up Shot
Bowser Jr MK Wii icon Tricky Bowser Graffiti Shot
KingBooMKW Tricky Boo Phantom Shot
MK Wii Dry Bones icon Defence Boo/Dry Bowser (if unlocked) Bone Shot
MK Wii Dry Bowser Defence Boo/Dry Bones (if unlocked) Blue Fire Shot
Petey-MKWii-Icon Power Boo/Shadow Mario (if unlocked) Sludge Shot
Shadow Mario Tricky Bowser/Petey Piranha (if unlocked) ???
KoopaTroopa-MKWii-Icon Speed Yoshi/Shy Guy (if unlocked) Shell Shot
ShyGuyRed-CSS2-MSS Technical Boo/Koopa Troopa (if unlocked) Thunder Shot
HammerBro-MKWii-Icon Stamina Bowser/Magikoopa (if unlocked) Hammer Shot
MagikoopaBlue-CSS2-MSS All-Around Bowser/Hammer Bro. (if unlocked) Magical Shot
RosalinaMKW Stamina Peach/Luma (if unlocked) Star Bit Comet Shot
Luma Tactical Baby Mario/Rosalina (if unlocked) Launch Star Shot

Unlocking Criteria

Character Criteria
Daisy Win the Open Fire Flower Tournament.
Toadette Win the Open Mushroom Tournament.
Birdo Win the Open Birdo Egg Tournament
Baby Peach Win the Open 1-Up Mushroom Tournament.
Baby Luigi Win the Open Lightning Tournament.
Baby Daisy Win the Open Yoshi Egg Tournament.
Dixie Kong Win the Open Banana Tournament.
Funky Kong Win the Open Giant Banana Tournament.
Bowser Jr. Win the Open Bob-Omb Tournament.
King Boo Win the Open Crown Tournament
Dry Bones Win the Open Tanooki Leaf Tournament.
Dry Bowser Win the Open Statue Leaf Tournament
Petey Piranha Win the Open Ice Flower Tournament.
Shadow Mario Win the Open Champions Tournament.
Koopa Troopa Win the Open Green Shell Tournament.
Shy Guy Win the Open Thunder Tournament.
Hammer Bro. Win the Open Red Shell Tournament.
Magikoopa Win the Open Bob-Omb Buddy Tournament.
Rosalina Win the Open Star Tournament.
Luma Win the Open Star Bit Tournament.

Downloadable Players

8 Players were released as Downloadable Content, one of every type;

Character Type Favourite Partner Special Hit
Mona All-Around Jimmy T. (if downloaded) Pizza Frisbee Shot
Koopa Paratroopa Technical Koopa Troopa (if unlocked) Energy Ball Shot
Metal Mario Power Shadow Mario (if unlocked) Metal Shot
NokiBlue-CSS2-MSS Speed Pianta (if downloaded) Bubble Shot
PiantaBlue-CSS2-MSS Defence Noki (if downloaded) Palm Tree Ramp Shot
FlyGuyRed-CSS2-MSS Tricky Shy Guy (if unlocked) Lightning Whirl Shot
Jimmy T. Tactical Mona (if downloaded) Boogie Shot
WigglerCSS Stamina Petey Piranha (if unlocked) Angry Shot


There are 24 courses in Mario Golfing Stars;

Area Course 1 Course 2 Course 3
Mario Stadium World 1-1 Caves Retro Meadow
Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion Garden Luigi's Mansion Living Room Luigi's Mansion Kitchen
Peach's Castle Blossom Tree Pathway Toad Road Peach's Castle
Daisy's Cruiser Daisy Hills Sky Deck 1st Class Deck
Yoshi Park Lakitu's Sky Gardens Piranha Plant Pipeway Yoshi's Theme Park
Toad's Mushroom Gorge Mushroom Plains Mushroom Island 'Shroom Caves

Baby Playroom

Baby Mario's Park Baby Peach's Garden Baby Playroom
Wario's Factory Bullet Bill Blvd. Conveyer Belt Zone Bob-Omb Battlefield
Waluigi's Casino Casino Park Chain-Chomp Roulette Bingo Highway
Diddy Kong Dock Diddy Kong Dock Cheep-Cheep Falls Underwater Zone
DK Jungle DK's Treehouse Jungle Golden Temple
Boo Citadel Graveyard

Manor of Escape

Spiral Staircase
Toadette's Music Room Hip Hop Highway Melody Motorway Toadette's Music Room
Moo Moo Meadows Moo Moo Meadows Baby Daisy's Barn Monty Mole Cave
Bowser Jr. Street Moonview City Bowser Jr. Street Bowser Jr.'s Airship
Dry Dry Desert Dry Dry Desert Koopa Sphinx Zone Pokey Piramids
Koopa Cape Koopa Mountains Koopa Cape Electro Shell Pipe
Shy Guy Carnival Shy Guy Palace Carnival Magic Carpet Zone
Maple Treeway Treetop Terrace Tanooki Leaf Tree Forest Firefly Night Festival
Isle Delfino Bianco Hills Delfino Square Coconut Mall
Gooper Blooper Seas Ricco Harbor Gooper Blooper Seas Octogoomba Ocean
Rosalina's Ice World Rosalina's Ice World Penguin Iceberg Galaxy Glacier
Bowser's Castle Podobo Volcano Koopa Troop Hideout Fort Bowser's Castle
Galaxy Comet Observatory Honeyhive Galaxy Rainbow Road




Open Tournaments

Tournament Area
Mushroom Tournament Toad's Mushroom Gorge
1-Up Mushroom Tournament Toadette's Music Room
Fire Flower Tournament Daisy's Cruiser
Ice Flower Tournament Rosalina's Ice World
Banana Tournament Diddy Kong Dock
Giant Banana Tournament DK Jungle
Green Shell Tournament Koopa Cape
Red Shell Tournament Dry Dry Desert
Yoshi Egg Tournament Yoshi Park
Birdo Egg Tournament Baby Playroom
Bob-Omb Tournament Wario's Factory
Bob-Omb Buddy Tournament Waluigi Casino
Tanooki Leaf Tournament Maple Treeway
Statue Leaf Tournament Mario Stadium
Lightning Tournament Luigi's Mansion
Thunder Tournament Shy Guy Carnival
Star Tournament Bowser Jr. Street
Star Bit Tournament Galaxy
Crown Tournament Boo Citadel
Champions Tournament Bowser's Castle

Champion Tournaments

Tournament Area
Warp Pipe Tournament Moo Moo Meadows
Heart Tournament Peach's Castle
Blooper Tournament Gooper Blooper Seas
F.L.U.D.D Tournament Isle Delfino

Selection Screen

Selection Screen

MarioMKW LuigiMKW PeachMKW DaisyMKW Yoshi-MKWii-Icon
BabyMarioMKW BabyLuigiMKW BabyPeachMKW BabyDaisyMKW BirdoMKW
WarioMKW WaluigiMKW ToadMKW ToadetteMKWIIMug RosalinaMKW
DonkeyKongMKW DiddyKongMKW DixieKong1-CSS2-MSS MK Wii Funky Kong icon
BooMKW KingBooMKW Petey-MKWii-Icon MK Wii Dry Bones icon MK Wii Dry Bowser
WigglerCSS NokiBlue-CSS2-MSS PiantaBlue-CSS2-MSS
KoopaTroopa-MKWii-Icon ShyGuyRed-CSS2-MSS FlyGuyRed-CSS2-MSS HammerBro-MKWii-Icon
MagikoopaBlue-CSS2-MSS Bowser Jr MK Wii icon BowserMKW

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