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The following page shows quotes from the Wii U game Mario Golf: Chance Tour.

Baby Luigi

"Baby Weege Time!!"

"Time to rock 'n Golf! Hehe!"

"Awww, how does daddy says in moments like this? Oh, mama mia..."

"Oh! Nice shot!!!"

"Oh!! Baby Weege's Failed!! Wah!!!!"

"What? Baby Weege not did good? Nooooo!"

"Oh... Hey!"

"Ih- WAH!"

"Oh, Baby Weege did quite good!! Hehe!!!!"

"Ah,ah! Baby Weege doing good! Ah ah!!!"

"Oh, Baby Weege is so good! Hehe!!"

"Baby Weege's a perfect golf player!! Ah ah!!"

"Yeah yeah! Baby Weege win! Ah ah!"

Baby Mario

"Baby Mario, hehehe!"

"Let's a-go, ahah!"

"Mama... Mia."

"Oh, Congratulations on the shot!"

"Oh... no! no! Wahahahah!!!! *cries*"

"Not very amused! Wahahah!!! Baby Mario not amused!"

"Ah, not bad! Baby Mario's a-got it!"

"Ih... POW!!!"

"Oh... wah!!"

"I have-a did it! Baby Mario's a-got a... Birdie!!!"

"Yes! Yes! Baby Mario very happy! Very Very happy!"

"YES! YES! Baby Mario's did it!! DID IT!!! DID IT VERY GOOD!!! VERY VERY VERY VERY... Aw!!"

"Yeah, Baby Mario's the... WINNER!! hehe."

Bowser Jr.

"Yeah! I'm definetly the best!"

"Ok, Let's go! Hehe..."

"Aww... NO!!!"

"Nice shot... or not. Hey it rhymes!"

"Oh... did bad!! WAAAAAAH!!!"

"Not very good! I can do this better! Arrggh!!!"


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