Mario Golf: Superstar Slam
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii

Nintendo DS

Neptune Z

Release Date(s)
AUS December 3, 2016

Golf Games

Single Player

Genre(s) PG
Mario Golf: Superstar Slam is the newest golf game. It features a new special swing called Superstar Swing. This is the only golf game that features new characters.


The game also features types. Here are the types:

  • All-Around - Has balanced stats and the good characters to use.
  • Technique - Has good technique, but less speed and power.
  • Powerful - Has good power, but less speed and technique.
  • Speedy - Has good speed, but less power and technique.
  • Tricky - Very tricky to use.
Name Type Superstar Swing How to Unlock
Mario All-Around Fire Swing Unlocked
Luigi All-Around Ghost Tornado Unlocked
Donkey Kong  Powerful Barrel Swing Unlocked
Diddy Kong Speedy Rocket Power Unlocked
Wario Powerful Garlic Power Unlocked
Waluigi Technique Frenzy Swing Unlocked
Peach Technique Heart Swing Unlocked
Daisy Technique Flower Garden Unlocked
Baby Mario Tricky Baby Goo-Goo Beat Baby Mario in Character Match #1
Baby Luigi Tricky Baby Gaa-Gaa Beat Baby Luigi in Character Match #2
Koopa Troopa Tricky Green Shell Power Beat Koopa Troopa in Character Match #3
Paratroopa Tricky Red Shell Power Beat Paratroopa in Character Match #4
Bowser Powerful Bowser Fire Beat Bowser in Character Match #5
Bowser Jr. Speedy Paint Jr. Beat Bowser Jr. in Character Match #6
Yoshi All-Around Egg Swing Beat Yoshi in Character Match #7
Birdo Tricky Bow Swing Beat Birdo in Character Match #8
Toad Speedy Mushroom Power Beat Toad in Character Match #9
Toadette Tricky Toadette Swing Beat Toadette in Character Match #10
Petey Piranha & King Boo Tricky (Both) Piranha Chomp (Petey Piranha) & Boo Lightning (King Boo) Beat Petey Piranha in Character Match #11 and King Boo in Character Match #12