This is a brand new golf game for Wii U.


Mario Golf

  • Single Player:

-Stroke Play

-Match Play (2)

-Match Play (4)

-Mushroom Play (also known as Mushroomy Golf)

-Speed Golf

-Point Play

-One-On, One-Putt 

  • Challanges:

-Castle Club Courses

-Mario Worlf Courses

-Past Game Courses/DLC Courses

  • Multiplayer:

-Local Multiplayer

-Friend List

-Online Multiplayer: Worldwide Match

-Online Multiplayer: Community Match

  • Tournaments:

-Mario Tour

-World Tour

-Private Tournaments

Castle Club

Castle Club is back with a lot of more challanges and championships. Here you enter in various championships for get the crown. You also have the opportunity of participate in challanges and other championships in Mario World Courses and various other World Tours. This is a Golf RPG adventure mode where you can train and test your skills as a golfer, use your Mii and get the first place!

Brand-New Mode Coming Soon

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