Mario Golf: Island Tour is an upcoming 2014 title for the Wii U. The release date has not yet been determined.


Mario Golf: Island Tour is the first Mario Golf game to have a world map. This world Mao shows multiple islands on the ocean. Each island has five golf courses. Islands are either grassy, sandy, snowy, filled with lava, are underwater, set in somewhere unique (like in an amusement park) or are in space. Some islands are regular golf, but the defining feature of Mario Golf: Island Tour is mini golf. Mini golf games are chaotic and happen in a different way each time you play. Chain Chomps can block your shots, wafer windmills can stop the ball, Boos can be tricking you into thinking that they are the shot hole, and lots more.

Playable Characters

There are 15 different playable characters this time around:








Bowser Jr.




Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

and Baby Daisy.

Each character has their own set of stats, judging them on the power of their shot, the accuracy of their shot and the curve of their shot. The baby characters tend to have the worst power, while heavy characters, like Bowser or Wario, tend to have the best power.

Online and Miiverse Capabilities

Mario Golf: Island Tour is the first Mario Golf game to have other players play with you in real time. If you do well against the other player, you will be placed on the leaderboards. Try to go for the best score and score high on the leaderboards!

There are challenges that Toad will ask you to complete. Challenges include, "Get a Hole in One!", "Complete this Course!", or "Complete this Island!". If you successfully complete a challenge, a Miiverse stamp will be awarded to you in your honor. Each stamp is associated with golf, whether it will be a golf ball, a golf club or a Mario character appearing as he does in the multiple Mario Golf games, either holding a golf club or ball.

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