This page shows a list of the soundtrack in the game, Mario Golf: Grand Tour.

# Track Title Plays at...
01 Welcome to the Grand Tour! Title Screen
02 Menu Main Menu
03 Ring Attack! Ring Shot Mode
04 The Gimmick Slot Club Slots Mode
05 Golf's Gold Treasure! Coin Golf Mode
06 Be the fastest! Speed Golf Mode
07 The more the merrier! Skins Match Mode
08 Find the hole Maze Golf Mode
09 Mini Golf Time! Mini Golf Mode
10 Shy Guy Wastelands Shy Guy Wastelands course.
11 Goomba Forest Goomba Forest course.
12 Crystallized Cove Crystallized Cove course.
13 Daisy's Vacational Cruiser Daisy's Vacational Cruiser course.
14 Peach Falls Peach Falls course.
15 Yoshi Park Yoshi Park course.
16 Wario's Gold Castle Wario's Gold Castle course.
17 Deep Sand Desert Deep Sand Desert course.
18 Bowser's Magma City Bowser's Magma City course.
19 Shining Star Galaxy Shining Star Galaxy course.
20 Tick Tock Clock Tick Tock Clock course.
21 Rainbow Cruiser Rainbow Cruiser course.
22 8-Bit Valley 8-Bit Valley course.
23 Cheep Cheep Falls The Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour course, Cheep Cheep Falls.
24 Blooper Bay The Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour course, Blooper Bay.
25 Peach's Castle Grounds The Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour course, Peach's Castle Grounds.
26 Good Egg Galaxy Good Egg Galaxy course.
27 Sky Station Galaxy Sky Station Galaxy course.
28 Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy course.
29 Airship Armada Fields Airship Armada Fields course.
30 Bowser's Lava Lair Bowser's Lava Lair course.
31 Bowser Jr.'s Playroom Bowser Jr.'s Playroom
32 Greenhorn Ruins Greenhorn Ruins course.
33 Shakedown Schooner Shakedown Schooner
34 Mount Beanpole Mount Beanpole course.
35 Beat Block Land Beat Block Land
36 Sunshine Seaside Sunshine Seaside


  • Credit to Nintendo/Camelot for most of the themes used.
  • Credit to TroyAnthony from YouTube for the Rainbow Cruiser theme.
  • Credit to Del Bel from YouTube for the 8-Bit Valley theme.
  • Credit to powderredwop from YouTube for the Super Mario Galaxy theme.
  • Credit to SBlectric Music from YouTube for the Airship Armada Fields theme.

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