This page contains lists about the different character's alternate costumes and how to unlock them in Mario Golf: Grand Tour.

Note: Transferable Characters and Downloadable Characters don't have Alternate Costumes. Sprixie Princess is the only exception, as every Sprixie Princess comes as an alternate costume for her along with her in the 3D World Pack.

Starting Characters

Name Alternate Costumes How to unlock?
Mario Fire Mario Icon MGGTFire Mario Buy it with 2500 Coins.
Flying Mario Icon MGGT Flying Mario DLC Galaxy Pack
Dr Mario Icon MGGT Dr. Mario QR Code
Metal Mario Icon MGGT Metal Mario DLC Retro Pack
TanookiMarioIconMK8 Tanooki Mario DLC 3D World Pack
Luigi Ice Luigi Icon MGGT Ice Luigi Buy it with 2500 Coins.
Vanish Luigi Icon MGGT Vanish Luigi QR Code
Silver Luigi Icon MGGT Silver Luigi DLC Retro Pack
Peach Normal Peach Icon MGGT Athletic Peach Buy it with 2500 Coins.
Fire Peach Icon MGGT Fire Peach QR Code
Classic Peach Icon MGGT Classic Peach DLC Nostalgia Pack
Pink Gold Peach Icon MGGT Pink Gold Peach DLC Retro Pack
CatPeachIconMK8 Cat Peach DLC 3D World Pack
Daisy Normal Daisy Icon MGGT Athletic Daisy Buy it with 2500 Coins
Classic Daisy Icon MGGT Classic Daisy DLC Nostalgia Pack
Yoshi Red Yoshi Icon MGGT Red Yoshi Buy it with 2000 Coins.
Blue Yoshi Icon MGGT Blue Yoshi Buy it with 2000 Coins.
Light Blue Yoshi Icon MGGT Light Blue Yoshi QR Code
Yellow Yoshi Icon MGGT Yellow Yoshi QR Code
Pink Yoshi Icon MGGT Pink Yoshi QR Code
Black Yoshi Icon MGGT Black Yoshi DLC Nostalgia Pack
White Yoshi Icon MGGT White Yoshi DLC Nostalgia Pack
Koopa Troopa Koopa Icon MGGT Red Koopa Troopa Buy it with 2050 Coins.
Koopa Icon MGGT Gold Koopa Troopa QR Code
Dark Koopa Icon MGGT Dark Koopa DLC Koopa Pack
Donkey Kong Black DK Icon MGGT Black Donkey Kong Buy it with 3000 Coins.
DK Icon MGGT Boxing Donkey Kong QR Code
Super Kong Icon MGGT Super Kong QR Code
Diddy Kong Blue Diddy Icon MGGT Blue Diddy Kong Buy it with 1400 Coins.
Pink Diddy Icon MGGT Dixie Kong QR Code
Toad Blue Toad Icon MGGT Blue Toad Buy it with 2050
Yellow Toad Icon MGGTYellow Toad Buy it with 2050.
Green Toad Icon MGGTGreen Toad QR Code
Purple Toad Icon MGGT Mailtoad DLC Galaxy Pack
Brown Toad Icon MGGT Brown Toad DLC Retro Pack
Baby Mario Fire Baby Mario Icon MGGT Fire Baby Mario Buy it with 2400
Classic Baby Mario Icon MGGT Classic Baby Mario DLC Nostalgia Pack
Metal Baby Mario Icon MGGT Metal Baby Mario DLC Retro Pack
Shy Guy Blue Shy Guy Icon MGGT Blue Shy Guy Buy with 2100 Coins.
Green Shy Guy Icon MGGT Green Shy Guy Buy with 2100 Coins.
Yellow Shy Guy Icon MGGT Yellow Shy Guy QR Code
Black Shy Guy Icon MGGT Black Shy Guy DLC Nostalgia Pack
White Shy Guy Icon MGGT White Shy Guy DLC Nostalgia Pack
Wiggler Sunshine Wiggler Icon MGGT Sunshine Wiggler QR Code
Flutter Wiggler Icon MGGT Flutter DLC Koopa Pack
Wario Biker Wario Icon MGGT Biker Wario Buy with 4000 Coins.
Wario Man Icon MGGT Wario-Man DLC Wario Land Pack
Metal Wario Icon MGGT Metal Wario DLC Retro Pack
Waluigi Waluigi Icon MGGT Striker Waluigi Buy it with 2800 Coins.
Gentleman Waluigi Icon MGGT Gentleman Waluigi DLC Wario Land Pack
Bowser Jr. Sunshine Bowser Jr Icon MGGT Sunshine Bowser Jr. Buy it with 2450 Coins.
Bowser Classic Bowser Icon MGGT Classic Bowser Buy it with 3500 Coins.
Dark Bowser Icon MGGT Dark Bowser QR Code
Dreamy Bowser Icon MGGT Dreamy Bowser DLC Koopa Pack
MeowserIconMKS Meowser DLC 3D World Pack

Unlockable Characters

Name Alternate Costumes How to unlock?
Birdo Blue Birdo Icon MGGTBlue Birdo Buy it with 2200 Coins.
Orange Birdo Icon MGGTOrange Birdo Buy it with 2200 Coins.
Yellow Birdo Icon MGGTYellow Birdo QR Code
Red Birdo Icon MGGTRed Birdo DLC Nostalgia Pack
Green Birdo Icon MGGTGreen Birdo DLC Nostalgia Pack
Toadette Blue Toadette Icon MGGT Blue Toadette Buy it with 2100 Coins.
Green Toadette Icon MGGT Green Toadette QR Code
Red Toadette Icon MGGT Red Toadette QR Code
Purple Toadette Icon MGGT Purple Toadette DLC 3D World Pack
Baby Peach Fire Baby Peach Icon MGGT Fire Baby Peach QR Code
Pajama Baby Peach Icon MGGT Pajama Baby Peach QR Code
Hammer Bro. Boomerang Bro Icon MGGT Boomerang Bro. Buy it with 2500 Coins.
Gold Hammer Bro Icon MGGT Gold Hammer Bro. QR Code
Fire Bro Icon MGGT Fire Bro. DLC Koopa Pack
Ice Bro Icon MGGT Ice Bro. DLC Koopa Pack
Polari Apricot Polari Icon MGGT Apricot Polari Buy it with 2800 Coins.
Yellow Polari Icon MGGT Yellow Polari Buy it with 2850 Coins.
Blue Polari Icon MGGT Blue Polari Buy it with 2800 Coins.
Red Polari Icon MGGT Red Polari QR Code
Green Polari Icon MGGT Green Polari QR Code
Purple Polari Icon MGGT Purple Polari DLC Galaxy Pack
Dark Polari Icon MGGTDark Polari DLC Galaxy Pack
Rosalina Rosalina Icon MGGT Sport Wear Rosalina Buy it with 3450 Coins.
Fire Rosalina Icon MGGT Fire Rosalina DLC 3D World Pack
Cosmic Spirit Icon MGGT Cosmic Spirit DLC Galaxy Pack
King Boo Regular King Boo Icon MGGT Regular King Boo Buy it with 3000 Coins.
Sunshine King Boo Icon MGGT Sunshine King Boo QR Code
Petey Piranha Purple Petey Piranha Icon MGGT Dino Piranha Buy it with 4000 Coins.
Fiery Petey Piranha Icon MGGT Fiery Dino Piranha DLC Galaxy Pack


  • Both Yoshi and Polari have the most alternate costumes with a total of 7 while Bowser Jr. has the least with only one.
  • Baby Peach was going to have a Pink Gold alternate costume like her adult counterpart, but it was removed for unknown reasons.
  • Cosmic Mario and Dry Bowser were originally going to be alternate costumes but were changed to be Downloadable Characters
  • Some alternate costumes are under simple names, but actually represent other characters, items or forms. (Brown Toad which resembles Toadsworth or Purple Polari which resembles Lubba, for example.)