These are the many terrains you can find on the golf courses throughout Mario Golf: Galaxy Open.

Image Terrain Description
Grass This is the basic terrain. No major differences are here.
Sand This sand slows down speed a bit.
Water If you hit water, you automatically get a boogey added into your score.
Dirt Plain dirt on the floor. Sometimes, Monty Moles dig from underground pop onto the surface to block your golf ball. If a Monty Mole pops up to the surface right below your golf ball, it grabs it and throws it a little further from the hole.
Tree Bark The bark of Tall Trunk Galaxy. The terrain is all rugged and mountainous.
Legend Mat (Bark) This magic mat, when placed on the bark, allows the ball to go up it!
Honey Trail This trail of honey makes your ball's jumps lower and your ball' s speed slower.
Legend Mat (Honey) This honey has the Legend Mat on it, allowing it to stick to walls. It still is the same as the Honey Trail on the floor.
Wigglers Wigglers walking around on a green line. You can putt and land The golf ball on their segments as they move.
Leaves A patch of leaves from a tree. When you land a golf ball on this grass, it scatteres leaves on your face, making you unable to see for the next putt.
Legend Mat (Leaves) The Legend Mat is covered with leaves from a vertically planted tree. It is the same as the Leaves on the ground.