Mario Golf: Galaxy Open
Publisher(s) LegendaryStar Co.
Platform(s) 3DS and Wii U
Genre(s) Sports
Series Mario Golf
Mario Golf: Galaxy Open is a Mario Golf game made by LegendaryStar Co.. It has a great assortment of characters and cups.


Image Character Description Character Type
Mario This balanced golfer has been around to be a player since 1985. Balanced
Luigi Mario's brother and skilled golfer. He is really good with curving. Curve
Peach The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Her father, Toadsworth, is the owner of the Good Egg Park. Balanced
Toadette A female Toad citizen who usually takes care of the Mushroom Kingdom while Peach is kidnapped, on a adventure, or any other reason. Aim
Toad The normal citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom. He usually is very skilled in curving. Curve
Noki A citizen of Delfino Isle that is very calm and patient. She is very small, but is still able to hold a golf club. Balanced
Burt The Bashful A giant Burt that owns a company called Clear Pipe Transport. He may have no hands, but he is borrowing Eyerok to play golf. Power
Swooper A bat creature that hangs on the ceiling of caves. He has made a golf club out of a stalagmite. Aim
E. Gadd The smartest scientest in the Mushroom Kingdom. He uses a futuristic golf club. Aim
Glenda The assistant to Professer E. Gadd. She studies planets from far away galaxies. Curve
Shroob A alien from a far away galaxy. It serves the Shroob Princess. Balanced
Mii You get to play as a Mii. You can customize them at the Morton Koopa Mall. Varies on Equipment
8-Bit Mario A unlockable character you can get by collecting all the Bit Coins. He is from a time long forgotten. Aim
Mallow A unlockable character you can get by winning the Tall Trunk Cup. He is a friendly Prince of Nimbus Land. Curve


Image Cup Name Description
Good Egg Cup A cup in Good Egg Galaxy. The 18 holes here have meadows and low amounts of sand and water.
Tall Trunk Cup A cup inside the tree in Tall Trunk Galaxy. The 18 holes here introduce anti-gravity areas where your golf balls can be on the walls and ceiling.
Steaming Factory Cup A cup in Steaming Factory Galaxy. There are oil puddles that make your ball slippery and cannons that shoot your golf ball to different planets.
Pyramid Wall Cup A cup on the outside and inside of a pyramid in Pyramid Wall Galaxy. The front 9 holes are outside and the back 9 holes are inside. There is a lot of flowing sand in the anti-gravity sections.
Cake Bake Cup A cup in the Cake Bake Galaxy. The area introduces lava and has cookies that function as Sand.

Terrain Types

Mario Golf: Galaxy Open/Terrain Types


Golf Clubs

Image Equipment Description Attributes Given
Basic Club This is the basic Golf Club. No basic attributes are given. None
Koopa Wand A magical wand from Larry Koopa. The wand strengthens your aim. Aim
Cloudy Club The club Mallow uses. It has a better Aim. Aim

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