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It was another day in the mushroom kingdom and mario got a letter. It said: Dear Mario, Today is Rosilina's Birthday! Could you help me set up and decorate at the castle? Yours truly, Princess Peach.; Willingly, Mario goes ahead and does it. Thats when P1 takes controll and learns how to do moves. Then when you reach the castle Princess Peach needs you to get a cake and a present. Then after you do that it will be night and Rosalina's Ship will appear and then Bowser snatches Rosalina away  which means  he has the GrandDad Star which has the power of the whole galaxy or even universe! He goes off in his Airship with Bowser Jr in it with his Clown Car Robot. Then ALL of the koopalings Airships appear and attack. Mario manages to get a grip on the Airship but when the Airships Got to space mario falls off. Mario Wakes up in a Spaceship That looks like his face (NO RESEMBLENCE TO STARSHIP MARIO). The person driving it is the full grown version of baby luma Then The Journey BEGINS!











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