Mario Forever 5
MF 5 Box
Developer(s) Metal Locked
Flame Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Flame Games
Release date Not Yet Released
Genre Adventure, Thriller
Mode(s) Single Player
Rating(s) E
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Media N/A

Mario and Clyde infiltrate Immortus' HQ in this power packed adventure!

The Guard

Mario, disguised as Chrome, sets off to his base to get some answers for Clyde, his first challenge is facing the door guard, Metal Knuckles, Mario shoots him down with a plasma blast but does not take the door, instead he takes the roof, with Chrome's hover boots that he stole from Link.

Within the Shadows

Clyde: Mario, how goes the mission? Mario: It's going qui***, Clyde: What? I think we've been cut off, Mario: I think we have lost our comm****, Immortus: Excellent, they have lost all communications, now to return to my tomb to be human again, minion! Keep an eye out on things while I am gone, oh and don't touch the new machine I built.

The Tomb of Immortus

Immortus returns home to the Egyptian-style tombs of the Mushroom Kingdom, to perform the last step of his master plan. Meanwhile Enerjak goes to find the Master Emerald to restore his power.

The Plateau

Mario has discovered a mountain-like structure within the centre of the base, he enters and has a shock greater than the time Bowser turned up at his door on his knees.

The Realization of Clyde

Mario: What are you doing here?! Clyde: It took you long enough to get here, Mario: What are you talking about?! Clyde: I thank you Mario for eliminating the minions so I can get the information, Mario: You, you lied to me! And for a little info!?, Clyde: No, I lied for alot of info, Ha ha ha ha ha ha! With Clyde having betrayed him, Immortus gaining ultimate power and Enerjak not far behind, is this it for hope?

Project: Armageddon

Mario: Hello, what's this, Mario takes a look at the database computer and finds an important looking file, Mario: Project Ar- Oh no, Oh NO! Mario realizes what is really going on and runs as fast as he can to find the only one that can help him...

To be Continued.


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