Mario Forever 2
MF 2 Box
Developer(s) Metal Locked
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Release date Not Yet Released
Genre Adventure, Thriller
Mode(s) Single Player
Rating(s) E
Platform(s) DS
Media N/A

Based before the events of Mario Forever.


The Pillar

12 years before Mario Forever There was a giant pillar in the sky: "The Pillar of Creation" and within it, Metal Sonic waiting to be awakened, then suddenly a bright green flaming meteor crashed into the machine bringing it to life, feeling like it should remain anonymous, it creates an intensely bright white aura around itself concealing it's identity


11 years later in the Mushroom Kingdom Mario meets Metalix for the first time as an ally and informs him of the secret of Immortality, the Chaos Emeralds, he already has the green one, he needs the others, so he sends Mario to find them

I am Immortal

12 years later Mario returns with the prizes he was set to collect, so Metalix takes him to the past in order to find the Master Emerald the true secret to eternal life, but moments after Mario is sent Metalix uses the Emeralds to transcend into Super Metalix and then joins him, a strange affect of returning to the past has turned Mario rather "Retro" Mario wonders why Metalix is unaffected, only because he is from an alternate dimension (Mobius), they reach the Master Emerald and absorb it's power, Mario's red hat and shirt turn gold and his blue overalls turn silver he obtains a white cape and his eyes turn a sapphire blue, Mario: I am Immortal!

Super Cape Mario

Mario and Metalix use their new powers to disrupt Bowser's Castle by both using Chaos Blast, Meanwhile at the Master Emerald Immortus breaks free from it and takes his mirror form and sets off to capture Luigi

Mecha Madness

Mecha Sonic, who will soon be captured by Mr. M, has ambushed Mario so Metalix kicks him over his head and Immortus appears so Metalix can get away, Metalix enters Immortus's Mirror and uses Chaos Control to get away leaving Mario and Luigi to face down Mecha Sonic but Luigi is suddenly hurled through space and arrives at Bowser's Castle trapped inside Immortus's Mirror, Meanwhile Mecha Sonic is also hurled through space, but into Mr. M's Project Labs defeated


Inside Immortus's Mirror Metalix activates the "Trick Super Cape" Mario has, Mario's immortality is no more he falls back to the ground normal, then Metalix appears and erases his memory then Luigi's and Mecha Sonic's.

Mario Forever

Mario Realising Bowser has kidnapped Luigi, he goes to rescue him, but Bowser hasn't, Mario has fallen for Immortus's trap, Meanwhile in the same lab Chrome will soon be, Metalix hides the Emeralds there for Chrome and then goes back to his ship awaiting Mario's Arrival. To Be Continued...