Mario 070529c

Mario Finale in use

Mario Finale is the name of Mario's Final Smash in the game Super Smash Bros. Adventure. Although it was debuted in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario will use it in Super Smash Bros. Adventure. Mario must first collect enough Mushroom Token's to fill up the Smash Gauge. Once done, he will prepare to use his attack. He charges up, and then lets loose the attack, sending Fire blasting across the area. This will destroy all enemies it hits, but will only damage Bosses. Luigi has a similar move called Luigi Finale. Not much else in known at this point.

Super Smash Bros. Deathmatch

Mario uses the Mario Finale in the game Super Smash Bros. Deathmatch. The move remains completely unchanged except instead of KOing oppanants, the move burns oppanants severly resulting in a possible death, and loss of the match as a whole.

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