Mario Faggio 64 is a mod for Mario Kart 64. It is essentially the same as the original game, but instead of driving karts, all the characters ride the Faggio scooters from the popular Grand Theft Auto series of open world action games.


As previously stated, the characters now ride Faggios in this game. Due to Faggio is a bike, it is much harder than the original and there is a chance that the racer may crash and fall off the bike when colliding with obstacles, items and other racers at high speed. If you fall, Lakitu will restore your character into the proper position to race back onto the track. Other than that, the overall gameplay, music, items, courses, and sound effects remained the same as original

Changes to the original

Despite the gameplay remain unchanged aside from the new driving mechanics, there are several small changes as well

  • The engine class fixed to just 150cc, making the Faggio looks faster than its GTA appearance
  • The Rainbow Road has only 1 lap, split into 3 checkpoints.
  • Wario Stadium has more ramps for jumping
  • Getting hit by a Blue Shell will result in your character crash and thrown onto the road, just like GTA. In addition, the character will take time to recover from injury and may not drive properly for several seconds after the crash. Yoshi is the fastest to recover, while Bowser take longer.
  • The driving mechanics also take some inspiration from ExciteBike, another Nintendo game on the NES
  • For Grand Prix, now there's health system for your character, which decreases everytime you collide, crash, hit by an item or going off course. When Health runs out, the race will be called off and you'll be considered lost the race, with the 5th-8th Finish music plays

Health system

As mentioned above, the most prominent change to this mod is the health system to display the physical condition of the character during races. The health start at 10 HP (hit points)

Racers will lose health under these conditions:

  • Colliding with other racer, but doesn't crash (-0.5 hp)
  • Same as above, but crashes or fall off the Faggio (-1 hp)
  • Crashing into an obstacle or hazard, such as the cars on Toad's Turnpike or the Chain Chomps on Rainbow Road, among others. (-1.5 to 5 hp depending to the crash)
  • Falling off the course (-1.5 hp)
  • Get hit by an Item (-1.5 hp to 3 hp depending on the item)

In the other hand, Health can be replenished by the following:

  • Driving over an Item Box (+0.5 hp)
  • Drifting and performing mini-turbos (+1 hp)
  • Attacking an opponent with a Shell, whether it's Green, Red, or Blue (+2 hp)
  • Bumping an opponent into crashing to a hazard or obstacle (+2 hp).
  • Using a boost from a Gold Mushroom (+3 hp)
  • Eating a random food after finishing a cup; the meal is offered after the trophy ceremony, which can be purchased for 10 GP Points (fully replenished)

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