Request27-Mario Eco-Nations

Mario Evo-Nations is an Action-Strategy spin-off game of Super Mario Bros. franchise made by Gear Games. It is available for the Evo-Gem in 2022.


Evo-Nations Impacts

There are multiple impacts that will change the gameplay in order to prevent it from being repetitive and the overuse of a certain strategy or character.


It can be settled in the Battle Settings but not during the whole match. It functions like Team Battle in a battlefield of sixteen players, there can be any combinations like four teams of two leaders each. Computer players have a random chance to follow or ignore its fellow, human or computer players alike, so putting two Rivals together will not make any impacts.

The advantage with well cooperated allience is that the team is able to overcome common problems, but a mishandled teamwork and they are in a more disadvantages than their enemies does. The team also each use their own budget, meaning that a greedy player will be likely to be under attack by well-spent foes, while a recklessly spent player will not be able to upgrade anything and caused its teammates to give it in any case, although bothersome for both human and computer players alike.

It is also possible to betray each other for any possibilities and reasons, including to get a solo victory, out of desperated money needs and if barathed too much by its ally or allies. If a Betrayal had occured but failed, then the traitor will be defeated and out of game.

If a computer player in a team is losing, it will become more and more cooperative. If it doesn't, it will cower and retreat or betray the other losing members to make it losing more quick, but the latter choice is nothing but reckless, useless and self-destructive.

Chaotic Conditions

Chaotic Conditions are a group of a mechanic that change the stage or gameplay, which prevent repetitive gameplay and prevent players from using the same strategy over and over again. At the start of the match, there will be one (by default) and another one will be added when half of the total players had reached and two more when there are only two more left.

The impacts are ranged from weather changes to gameplay changing tricks, such as an Area Boss who wonder around other territory and a Monty Mole who stole any Supports in order to sell them for a price. This also have some impact for Alliances, as either one may take the advantages of disasters against its allies, or better, the Alliances to work together to overcome the troubles.

Chaotic Condition Impacts Frequency
Stronger Support Supports have higher maximum HP, increased Power and Defense. Common
Weaker Support Supports have lower maximum HP, decreased Power and Defense. Uncommon
Rain A constant rain is spread throughout the Evo-Nations, weakening Fire attacks and empowering amphibious and plantlike Characters and Supports. Common
Blizzard A constant snowstorm is spread throughout the Evo-Nations, weakening Nature Attacks and freezing water to make it walkable on. Common
Low Gravity A Anti-Gravity Storm surrounds the Evo-Nations, lowering the gravity for the Characters and Supports and making jumps floatier.
Fog A heavy fog surrounds the Evo-Nations, obscuring sight and empowers the amphibious Supports. Uncommon
Monty Black Market A Monty Mole Shop appears in all of the Evo-Nations, which allows players to buy Supports that he steals from the remaining Evo-Nations for a price. Uncommon
Earthquake A earthquake ravages the Evo-Nations, forming gaps in the grounds of each land-based Evo-Nations, and empowering earthern Supports. Common
Mummipokey's Curse Mummipokey unleashes a curse on the Evo-Nations that removes all Power-Ups from the Evo-Nations, and the only way to regain them is to pay Mummipokey a high amount of Coins. Rare
Mario Karting The advent of the Kart allows the Evo-Nations to race each other in a Mario Kart minigame to earn free Coins as well as other items and Power-Ups. Common
Lawless World Due to a governmental and economic collapse within the Evo-Nations, all Alliances are forced to fight themselves. Uncommon
Shadow Queen's Escape The Shadow Queen is unleashed from the Paper World into the Evo-Nations, unleashing her full force for the losing side as a extremely powerful Area Boss in the last battle. Rare (Only appears when 2 Evo-Nations are Left)
Blooper Race Betting Blooper Race Betting becomes legal, and each Evo-Nation can now bet on Blooper Racers after every battle in order to try to earn money. Uncommon
Noki Carnival The annual Noki Carnival arrives in the Evo-Nations, and not only do the Supports have higher maximum HP, but players can also buy Noki Supports and Festive Cannon items from the Noki Shop that appears in every Evo-Nation. Rare
Meteor Shower Meteors start raining on the Evo-Nations during battle, causing explosions when they land and sometimes also creating Neutral Brolder Supports when the meteors hit the ground. Rare
Dark Star Reborn Uncommon (Only appears when 2 Evo-Nations are Left)
Goldmine Discovery A extra Evo-Nation known as Goldmine without a character appears that has a Bouldergeist Area Boss governing it. The Evo-Nation that defeats Bouldergeist and takes over the nation earns a huge amounts of Coins. Very Rare
Fawful Lottery All the Evo-Nations enter a randomized lottery held by Fawful, and the prizes range from losing 100 Coins as the worst prize to gaining Fawful as a Area Boss as the grand prize. Uncommon
Lakitufo Abduction A group of Lakitufos abduct random Supports and Area Bosses after every battle, swapping them randomly between Evo-Nations to entertain themselves. Uncommon
Coalbit Infestation Coalbit Anthills appear throughout all of the Evo-Nations, and during battle, Neutral Coalbit Supports emerge from the Anthills that attack both sides. Rarely, a Giant Coalbit can emerge from the Anthill as a Area Boss, and defeating it destroys the Anthill. Common
Scorpitori's Awakening Rare
Catch the Coin Coffer! A Coin Coffer starts running through the Evo-Nations and appears randomly in battles as a Neutral Support. Defeating the Coin Coffer earns the person who defeated it a big amount of Coins. Uncommon
Blockstepper Blockade Various Blockstepper Shops appear throughout the Evo-Nations, which sells various explosive Items, as well as Blockade Buildings that can be placed that produce Blockstepper Supports that focus on protecting the Evo-Nation they're in. Uncommon
Ka-Thunk Hoops Various Ka-Thunks appear throughout the Evo-Nations that work as extra Supports. Also, various Ka-Thunk Shops appear as well where the player can play a minigame where they can throw Basketballs through moving Ka-Thunks for Coins. Uncommon
Monty Tunneling Service A Monty Mine Shop appears in every Evo-Nations, which allows the player to pay for Monty Moles to dig tunnels under the Evo-Nations, allowing the player to attack non-adjacent Evo-Nations. Common
Digga-Leg Mining Industries A giant Digga-Leg Area Boss wanders around the Evo-Nations, mining the resources from the underground of each Evo-Nation. If the Evo-Nation it is on at the time successfully protects it from being destroyed by invading forces, the Digga-Leg will give the player a share of the treasure it digs out. Common
Virus Epidemic A frenzy of Viruses attack the Evo-Nations as Neutral Supports, and Evo-Nations that are plagued by Viruses have their Supports have lower HP, decreased Defense, and a vulnerability to Ice Attacks. Uncommon
Monty Workers Strike The Monty Mole shops go on a work strike, creating a extra Evo-Nation known as the Monty Republic, lead by a Major Burrows Area Boss. The player who defeats the extra Evo-Nation gains Major Burrows support in the final battle. Rare (Only appears when 2 Evo-Nations are Left.)
Monty Cataquack Rides A Monty Ride shop appears in all of the Evo-Nations, allowing players to buy from the Monty Moles various Cataquack Mounts for yourself and your Supports. Common
Birdo's Magic Show Uncommon
Massif Bros Mountain Climb Very Rare
Scuttlebug Web Weaving Various Giant Scuttlebug Area Bosses appear throughout the Evo-Nations that leave a trail of webbing that slows down invading forces, while doing nothing to the defending forces. Rare
The Walking Bones A horde of neutral Dry Bones Supports start wreaking havoc across the Evo-Nations, turning whatever Support the horde defeats into another Dry Bones. Rare
Economy Rise The Coins of each Evo-Nation double for every Evo-Nation defeated. Uncommon
Economy Collapse Each Evo-Nation loses a quarter of their Coins whenever a Evo-Nation is defeated. Common
Grand Star Siege A Grand Star strikes one of the Evo-Nations, greatly increasing the HP, Attack, and Defense of the character. If a opponent conquers the Evo-Nation, they gain the Grand Star. Rare
Fuzzy Horde Marathon Instead of a final battle, the 2 Evo-Nations are placed on a race track where they have to outrun a Fuzzy Horde on the way to the finish. The first player to reach the finish or the last person to survive wins the Evo-Nations. Rare (Only appears when 2 Evo-Nations are Left)
Support Uprising All the Supports and Super Supports turn on the Evo-Nations, becoming neutral and attacking both sides during the final battle. Uncommon (Only appears when 2 Evo-Nations are Left)


Story Mode

The Story Mode is a mode where the player need to complete a task for each chapters. There are 32 Chapters, plus the Final Chapter, for each characters, from Mario to Captian Syrup. The Final Chapter can be played as any characters.

The main objectives is to either defend long enough or take on the opposing Evo-Nation, or helping out an allied Evo-Nation to complete their objective. Each have also two secondary objectives, such as finding a large amount of Supports, collecting a high amount of Coins and other things.

There are setted into three difficulty; Easy, Normal and Hard, which is the harder the difficulty is, the more skilled the opponents will be. Some Chapters have more than one opponent but each character's chapter will end to a face-to-face with his or her own rival, such as Mario ended up to face Bowser.

Mario Evo-Nations/Story Mode


Playable Characters

Image Description Attributes
200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

The optimistical and courageous plumber, and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He never seems to be tired of rescuing the Princess Peach and stopping Bowser's evil plans, as well as karting, partying, playing sports among friends and foes. This time, Mario have to put up his true skills in order to be really a hero of the Mushroom Kingdom...while Bowser will do anything to stop him once it for all!

Bowser's Rival

Mario is meant to be a all-around character that has many uses for both Offense and Defense. For Offense Mario has mastered the Firebrand, and can throw fireballs without needing the Fire Flower, and he can also do a strong Spin Jump attack that, while hard to use, can reflect weak projectiles and can be used again as a slightly weaker version after successfully hitting for up to 3 times, with the last one being at it's weakest. His Bee Mushroom Equip gives him some aerial sting attacks. For Defense, Mario has his classic Cape Feather equip, which lets him reflect projectiles and can let him reach very high in the sky.
150px-Luigi MP10

Mario's cowardly and shy younger brother, who do anything he can do to solve problems. He can even overcome his fears (albeit not that easily), and even to the point of saving Mario twice from King Boo. Now being in the Evo-Nations, Luigi will finally have his truly shining moment in order to get some true recognition...while having to brace himself against King Boo again!

King Boo's Rival

Luigi is a strong aerial character who can jump higher than Mario, but also frailer then him at the same time. Like Mario, he mastered a technique, although his technique, the Thunderhand, is quicker and deals less damage. For the Poltergust 5000 Equip, Luigi can suck up opposing forces and launch them back with lots of force. The Poltergust also comes with a Flashlight which can cause bright bursts of light that can stun most Supports and Characters. With the Ice Flower Equip, Luigi can freeze water by walking on it and can also throw iceballs that slowly freeze opponents.
Princess Peach Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World-1-

The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Used to be kidnapped by Bowser, she did helped the Mario Bros. occassionally when Bowser is up to something else. However, ever since Super Mario Team-Mania, she started to raise doubt on her Toads' defense and need to reinforce them, even if it would be harsh for the others. She had to watch out for Petey Piranha, and the Toads need to gather courage to truly prove their loyalties.

Petey Piranha's Rival

Peach is meant to be a defensive healer who is great at protecting her group of Toads. While she has a few attacks she can use by swinging her Frying Pan, as well as the Peach Bomber attack that is hard to make contact with, but very powerful, her main utilities are with the magic circles she can create with her crown which heals any allies that are in the circle. With the Frog Suit Equip, she can hop much higher than normal into the air to avoid projectiles and can create small shields of water. With the Vanish Cap Equip, she can turn herself and Supports and Super Supports in a a range invisible in short bursts, making them unspottable and slightly faster, and the magic circles she can create are only visible to her side.
Yoshi Artwork - Super Mario 3D Universe Lost in Time

The friendly dinosaur of Yoshi's Island. He often help Mario out in many quests, and can swallow enemies, lay eggs and throw them. This speedster is Mario's most loyal friend since they met, and Yoshi will do anything to help Mario and friends. While Kamek entered the Evo-Nations tournament, Yoshi's bigger worry will be rather the King Bob-Omb, as the latter one seems to think that one of Bowser's plan will succeed if that dare Yoshi wasn't there to rescue Mario, Luigi and Wario.

King Bob-Omb's Rival

Yoshi is a speedy attacker who can use his opponents to his advantage. With his tounge he can swallow his opponents and turn them into Eggs, which follow Yoshi and can be thrown at opposing characters. Depending on the enemy, certain Eggs can be made as well, such as Acidic Eggs that deal damage over time from Toxic Supports. Yoshi also has a bit of a aerial advantage due to being able to Flutter Jump, which leaves him in the air a few seconds longer than most other jumps. With the Super Green Watermelon Equip, Yoshi doesn't need the ammo as he can rapidly spit seeds at opponents that deal less damage, but are faster at dealing it than Eggs. With the Super Blue Watermelon Equip, Yoshi turns blue and can freeze opposing forces by breathing ice at them.
Wario remake for Mario Party 10 (without shadow)

"I'm-a back again! The greedy, manly and garlic-eating rival of that darn Mario! I'm in this tournament specifically to prove my awesomeness and strength, as well as load and load of treasures...'cause I never had enough! While the Bandinero King entering the tournament did make me mad, I am even madder when that ego-maniacal and super-genius Slanito P. Toad is there too! I will not let that sick Toad win at all cost, not at all!"

Slanito's Rival

Wario is a quick bruiser who can deal damage quickly while on the move. His most iconic move, the Shoulder Bash, gives him the ability to bash through opponents at high speeds, dealing damage while also knocking Supports away as well. With the Metal Cap, Wario becomes a lot more resistant at the cost of speed, and he can ground pound to create strong shockwaves. With the Wario-Man Garlic Wario turns into Wario-Man, gaining the ability to fly and being able to pick up and throw Supports as well as small Super Supports like Red or Toadsworth.

One of the WarioWare employee. Shy, but quick-tempered, she didn't joined seems to helped Wario and allies in the greedy plumber's most recent adventures, but when she noticed that she is in the Evo-Nations tournament, she see it as a perfect opportunity to prove to be the strongest witch of Earth. The only one who will dare to get on her way is Bandinero King, and he is not afraid of her at all! At least until she get real mad...

Bandinero King's Rival

Ashley is meant to be used as a long-range attacker who can launch a variety of attacks from both below and above. She mainly does this by using her magic broom (A carpet instead if Red is summoned as a Super Support) and using it to get out of physical reach while still being able to attack with her magic. With the Wing Cap Equip, Ashley can fly much more smoothly and can even drill through opposing forces with a Magic Drill Driver attack. With the Spring Mushroom Equip, Ashley turns her broom/carpet into a spring and bounces on it, becoming more unpredictable as she bounces across the area while throwing bouncy spells.
Donkey Kong-1

The powerhouse of a Kong from Donkey Kong Island. He is sort of stubborn, mistaken for a villain when going mad, but he meant no real harm when not dissed off real good. His love of banana is unmatched, but he noticed that the Evo-Nations tournament will probably help Donkey Kong to be the truly strong Kong (which may still not impress the grumpy Cranky Kong). Of course, King K. Rool enter the tournament too, which give another reason to DK to enter the Evo-Nations tournament.

King K. Rool's Rival

Donkey Kong is a powerhouse who mainly uses close-ranged attacks but can go a longer range with certain skills. His main attacks involve punches and rolls, but his Banana Slammer skill he can use by charging his punches not only does massive damage, but he also launches the opponent he hits into other opponents as well. He can also Hand Slam on the ground and deal damage to nearby opponents on the ground as well. With the Crystal Coconut Equip DK moves much faster and can also do multiple jumps in the air, but he is much more frail in this form. With the Banana Hammer Equip DK can swing a giant hammer and stomp down opponents while also being able to throw the hammer like a boomerang.
365px-Rosalina - Mario Party 10

The creator of the galaxies, owner of the Comet Observatory, and "mother" of all Lumas. She is a mysterious woman, who, while having a past known by a few, how she inherit her power remains unknown. She enter the Evo-Nations tournament in order to stop malicious forces from winning, but also to make sure to see if she can really protect the galaxies. Kamek will not let her go like that.

Kamek's Rival

Rosalina is meant to be a slow and magical tank character who uses magic to shrug off most damage while inflicting some of it herself. She has a variety of powerful spells, including Star Bit Cannon and Launch Star Launch attacks, and she can also charge the second attack to increase the distance of her launch and the attack's power. With the Boo Mushroom Equip she can turn invisible in short bursts and can float a bit above the ground. With the Pull Star Wand Equip she can create Pull Stars and use them to pull her opponents torwards her, as well as being able to pull herself into the air in a semi-flying state using Pull Stars.
Bowser MP10

The King of Koopa, would-be conquerer of the Mushroom Kingdom...and currently hold a record of "princess kidnapping" in a long streak. He knows that the Evo-Nations will be the best way to show who is the biggest and stronges bad guy of the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as of the world. He still priortizes on taking on Mario and defeat him once it for all...after all these countless years of defeats!

Mario's Rival

Bowser is a grand offensive character who, although being slow, can jump pretty high and is hard to take down. He has many claw and shell attacks, as well as an impressive fire breath attack known as the Bowser Breath, and his shell makes for a good shield as well. With the Super Bell Equip, Bowser becomes Meowser and has more formidable claw attacks while having a less impressive fire breath. With the Army Grape Equip, Bowser can create up to five really frail clones and can launch them like ammo to mow down opponents.

One of Bowser's elite henchmen, Kamek was once his caretaker when the former one is a spoiled, bratty child. His magic is powerful, and he have enormous grudge against Yoshi since Mario's childhood! The Evo-Nations will be the best way for him to test his full potentials, as well as, for some personal reasons, stop Rosalina at all costs! He will do anything to prove it, even if he have to face the Koopa King himself!

Rosalina's Rival

Kamek is a magical debuffer, being able to put a variety of bad status effects with his magic. He can use his magic wand to launch a magic spell that turns the target into a harmless Pig for a few second, a magic spell that can slow down the target, and a spell that deals damage over time like poison. With the Dry Skull Equip, Kamek can revive quicker like a Dry Bones and his melee attacks are stronger as his wand becomes a bone with this equip. With the Ink Flower Equip Kamek can launch ink puddles that can blind targets and camouflage himself with invisible ink in short bursts.
MP9 King Bob-Omb

One of Bowser's strong henchmen. King Bob-Omb is known for his mustache, and he take a lot of pride on his royal position and his mustache. However, no one was able to explode in a bigger and more powerful radius than him, and he will not like you for messing with his mustache! He somehow aim Yoshi since he think that if anyone will not stop Bowser and that Mario and Luigi are defeated, it would be Yoshi. And that he hate getting egg smacked on his mustache, too!

Yoshi's Rival

King Bob-Omb is a offensive trickster character which can use his army for his own advantage. He mainly uses his Bob-Omb Supports as ammo, being able to pick them up and throw them easily, and can also shake them to make a bigger explosion. With his Chomp-and-Chain Equip, he can swing around a Chain Chomp like a wrecking ball, and with the Spike Mushroom Equip he can protect himself with spiky walls and leave a trail of spikes that damage invaders or protectors that step on it.
MP9 King Boo Bust

The king of Boos and king of the Mushroom Kingdom terror. While almost as shy as Boos on most occassion, he have a lot of ghostly tricks when it is comes to battles and will not afraid to scare you away! He especially held grudge against Luigi, and will not hesitate to get his revenge when the two meet again!

Luigi's Rival

King Boo is the ghastly tank who can use his ghostly powers to outlast others. King Boo can mainly do many body slam attacks and can also set up walls made of ectoplasm, and can also turn invisible in short bursts due to being a ghosts. With the Black Jewel Shard Equip, he gains a lot of dark magic and can use it to lower the power of opponents while creating stronger shields. With the Snowball Cape Equip, King Boo can turn into a snowball to roll over opponents and can also breathe ice that slowly freezes opposing forces.
Petey Piranha, Smash Bros

This colossal plant is mostly a simpleton, sure, but his strength matched or even surpasses of Bowser's! He is obviously more advanced than the Pirahna Plants and can spit goops, fly in the air and can headbonk you so hard, you will fly in the air! He especially see Peach as an adequate target to eat her and the Toads, but they will not surrender too easily. Notice that Petey can feel humiliated when commiting a big mistake. 

Peach's Rival

Petey Piranha is meant to be a blitzing powerhouse who focuses on speedy attacks. He mainly is able to glide using his leafy arms to quickly cross through areas, and he can also do biting attacks while gliding and spit goop while gliding. His Goop attack allows him to launch balls of weird goop that has small chances of poisoning a opponent, and he can charge it to launch a barrage of goop like a gatling gun for a few seconds before tiring himself out. With the Burning Mushroom Equip Petey Piranha is surrounded by flames and can both launch fireballs and leave a trail of fire. With the Lakitu's Cloud Equip, he straps a Lakitu's Cloud to his back and can fly, but he becomes slower as a result.  
250px-King K. Rool - DK Jungle Climber

Like Bowser being the arch-enemy to Mario, King K. Rool is the arch-enemy of Donkey Kong. The two villains had their similarties, but King K. Rool can know and fix most of his mistakes, unlike Bowser who repeats his incompetant errors. He can also be more cruel and evil than Bowser when he feels like it, too. No wonder Donkey Kong will not hesitate to punch his scales out of anger.

Donkey Kong's Rival

King K. Rool is a offensive trickster character that focuses on using various tools to lock down opponents. While he does have some strong punches and ground pound attacks, he mainly attacks with his crown by throwing it like a boomerang. He can enchant his crown as well to be able to temporarily seal a opponent's arms or legs, sealing skills related to their arms or legs as well as slowning them down if their legs are the limbs being sealed. With the Quake Mushroom Equip K. Rool can create quakes by stomping down as well as being able to encase entire opponents in stone to seal both arms and legs. With the Pineapple Launcher Equip, K. Rool can launch heat-seeking explosive pineapples, and launch them below himself while jumping for a second jump, although he can't seal limbs with this Equip.
Bandinero King

Ever since Wario Land: Stellar Greed, the successor of the Shake King become one of Wario's arch-nemesis, and even the common foe of the latter one and Captain Syrup. He is not strong like the almighty Shake King but the Bandinero King make up for it by being quicker and able to do what Wario can like the Transformations. Even Ashley will have to watch out for this persistant foe!

Ashley's Rival

The Bandinero King is a trickster character who uses various forms to attack. He mainly can switch between his regular form, his Burning form, and his Puffy form. His regular form mainly focuses on using quick staff attacks and allows him to do quick jumps over the opponent, while his Burning form has very low jumps, but he can damage opponents by just running into them. His Puffy form, while frail, can fly across areas and he can cancel out of this form for some good aerial combos. With the Mega Mushroom Equip he is much bigger can more powerful, but he only has his regular form. With the Phoenix Suit Equip, his Puffy and Burning forms are fused and he can have some firey aerial combos, but he is much more frail in the fused form.
Slanito Lines

Do you think all Toads are friendly but cowardly? Not him; he is no afraid of anybody, and he is possibly the most threatening Toad you will ever see. You better know that Slanito is a genius who strongly and firmly believed that the Mushroom Kingdom will never change as long as Bowser is around, and he got some valid points about it too. Even if he is much less evil than he was in Super Mario Team-Mania, he is still a threatening vanity Toad, and apparently he proved to be Wario's biggest berserk button! Possibly because he called Wario "the disgusting fat man of greed who will sell his friends for treasures"...

Wario's Rival

Slanito is the master of poisonous attacks, and has a variety of ways to deal damage to opponents slowly. His Poison Puddle attack launches a puddle of poison that can poison opposing forces, dealing damage to them over time. Slanito can also boost his Super Support with dark magic, boosting their stats a bit with every use. With the Poison Mushroom Equip, Slanito's body turns into poison and every one of his attacks can deal poison to his opponents. With the Penguin Suit Equip he can slide on the ground and leave a poison trail, as well as giving Slanito the ability to throw Iceballs that slowly freeze opponents.

The Princess of Sarasaland who is pretty much of a tomboy and obviously tougher than Peach. She prefer to do sports, racing and party games than doing her duty in Sarasaland which is quite untderstandable. But when Tatanga returns, she will not let herself captured again as she is more ready than ever to take on any baddies she sees!

Tatanga's Rival

Daisy is meant to be a medic character who uses her army to attack while she heals them from behind, especially with her Power-Ups. With the Cherry Blossom Branch, she can create small flower gardens where her Supports are to heal them as they take damage, and she can also create vines with the branch to entangle and trap opposing beings. And even though she's mainly a medic, she can also do a few attacks herself with the Bunny Carrot, which allows her to jump really high and do Bunny Kicks at opponents while buffing her own Supports and Super Support with buffing carrots. 
Tatanga artwork

He once invaded Sarasaland to kidnap Daisy (it was Wario's idea all along of course) but eventually defeated by Mario twice. He may look foolish but like Slanito, he is a genius but he relies more on his machinery. He is not the smartest for sure, but he will not be bossed by Wario and if he will certainly get ridiculised even further if he got defeated by Daisy!

Daisy's Rival

Tatanga is a speedy tactician who can set up various devices to support his own Supports as well as himself. Tatanga mainly fights in a small mech, but unlike Bowser Jr, if the mech is destroyed, Tatanga is destroyed as well. Tatanga mainly fights by launching small bombs and dashing into opponents, but he can also set up small land mines to protect himself, as well as a Warp Pad that he and his Supports can use to travel to the main base or vice versa. With the Ray Gun Equip, Tatanga replaces the bombs with actual ray blasts that can go through opponents. With the Superball Flower Equip, Tatanga can set small Superballs instead of land mines that follow and explode on opponents who come into a small radius of them.
Nabbit, New Super Mario Bros. U

The thief of the Mushroom Kingdom, who often get caught by Mario and friends when he stole something. He seems to not be on Mario's side because of that, but he is neither on any bad guys' side either for some reasons. In fact, Nabbit will even occassionally help out the heroes when the bad guys will do something worse. He now face a fierce competition with Popple, a much meaner thief, to see who is the best thief of the world!

Unlocked after ???, Popple's Rival

Nabbit is a character that is meant to be used a tricky speedster, being able to sneak on his opponents easily. This mainly shows with the Disguise Mushroom, a special Mushroom that allows him to take the forms of the Supports and Super Supports he defeats. With this he can infiltrate the invaders or protectors and take them out from the inside. He also has the Propeller Mushroom, which allows him to have great access to the air and gives him a Downward Spiral attack that has him spin down from above onto a opposing Support or Character, and the damage varies from the height between you and the opposing being.

The thief derived from the Beanbean Kingdom. A sneaky thief who is meaner and leaner than Nabbit, and will not hesitate to recruit a rookie when he needs one. He can lose his temper quickly, and he have some unusual speech, too. With Nabbit on his way, his reputation might be jeopardized, and there is no time for him to smooth talking and get on action when he really needs it!

Unlockabled after ???, Nabbit's Rival

Popple is a tricky character that can even steal Supports from the enemy. Like Nabbit, he can easily sneak into the enemy but does to his frail, it is prefered to use his tricky attacks that can caught unsuspected foes off guard and to trick them out. The Clown Ball Equip gives Popple more agility and uses attacks derived from circuses, but unable Popple to steal the enemies. With the Cloud Flower Equip Popple can make up to three clouds at a time that allows him to reach most places that the other cannot, but most enemies can get on the clouds, too.
Captain Toad miner

The adventorous but not-too bold Toad who relies on finding treasures ever since...well, when he want to get his hands on the Power Stars for his exploring interest. He is fast and strong, but he cannot jump too well because of his backpack. Looks like the Evo-Nations will be the best way to make his history be written...shall he take on the brutal Boom-Boom first!

Unlocked after ???, Boom-Boom's Rival

Captain Toad focuses mainly on both offense and speed, and while not being well at jumping, is pretty great at travel. His primary attacks involve picking up and throwing Turnips from his backpack, and he can also do some impressive dash punch attacks. When Captain Toad equips the Super Pickaxe he can swing it viciously like a sword and even throw it like a boomerang for a surprise attack. When he equips the Spin Drill, he can tunnel underground to drill at invaders or protectors from below, and can dash while holding it for some impressive combos.

576px-SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art

A powerhouse who have a quick temper, if not a quicker temper than even Bowser. He may talk like a no-brain but he knows a lot of tricks, and even know to cooperate very well, especially with Pom-Pom. He find Captain Toad an easy target at first, but as the latter one prove smart and a bit brave, this caused Boom-Boom to loose his temper again!

Unlocked after ???, Captain Toad's Rival

Boom-Boom is very strong, agile and bulky, but had only a Shell Throw as his only ranged attack and his playstyle is risky but rewarding; his spinning attack can let him confused and defenseless if overdone, but he can also take down enemies in a snap. With the Hammer Suit Equip, Boom-Boom can throw hammers as his extra ranged attack and become immune to most projectiles by ducking but become a bit slower, and the Aqua Suit Equip allow Boom-Boom to slip the enemies with the F.L.U.D.D. and also swim through the water exceptionally well, but he need to absorb water to make it work and he is in a disadvantage when there is a few sources of water.

The cheatsy, self-proclaimed rival of Luigi. He is Wario's usual partner on most occassions, such as party games and sports, albeit he is an underdog even when compared to Luigi. While he had some real following, Waluigi is not really symphatetic (for most) and is even a sore winner and loser alike, just like Wario. Bowser Jr. ain't going to tolerate his unsportmanships worse than him.

Unlocked after ???, Bowser Jr.'s Rival

Waluigi is a quick character who mainly uses tricky means to be ahead of the other Characters most of the time. Waluigi's most notable technique is his Air Swim technique, which allows him to swim quickly through the air for a few seconds, giving him small bursts of flight and speed. With the Waluigi-Man Garlic Equip, he gains a form similar to Wario-Man, giving him much longer Air Swim time and some strong kick attacks. With his Tennis Glove Equip, he can throw tennis balls that ricochet off of enemy Supports, and can place special tennis balls on characters that stick onto that character and explode after a few seconds.
Bowser Jr-0

Bowser's son, and you better know this. He uses his Magic Paintbrush and his Koopa Clown Car to take on Mario and company, and is second-in-command of, you know it, Bowser himself. He seems to be a spoiled, sore brat, but he do want to have some friends unlike Bowser who...only cares for his goals, son, his troopers and maybe Peach. Waluigi will not play nice with Bowser Jr., but the chip of the old block can hold on his own very well.

Unlocked after ???, Waluigi's Rival

Bowser Jr. is a fighter who, while frail and weak, fights inside the strong Koopa Clown Car, which supplies him with the power and speed he needs. From this Clown Car he has many items to attack with, including boxing gloves, a drill, and Bob-Ombs, and the Koopa Clown Car can even fly! However, if the Clown Car is destroyed, Bowser Jr. will be all alone and easy to take out. With the Kart Modification, although the Clown Car will be flightless, it will be much quicker and can run over opponents with ease. With the Aqua Modification, while losing the Bob-Ombs and drill, the Clown Car gains the ability to launch scalding water from it's mouth, as well as put up small water barriers.  
NSML Baby Mario

Mario's childhood form. By a time machine, he and Baby Luigi had somehow entered the present to see what is going on as if there will be a racing tournament, but instead something unusual happened. He enter the Evo-Nations to prove that he can go on his own now (much of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi's worries) and he can prove it right. But with the Princess Shroob's return, he better be ready.

Unlocked after ???, Princess Shroob's Rival

Baby Mario is meant to be used as a supportive attacker character who can benefit from his Supports. He has many attacks with a squeaky hammer that is weaker, but faster than Mario's jump attacks. He can also use a Baby Tear attack that gives nearby Supports more morale, as well as more power. With the Boomerang Flower Equip he can throw a boomerang as well as ride on one to do some combos. With the Double Cherry Equip there are two of them and he can do twice as many attacks, but he is more frail in this state.
Princess shroob

The tyrannic younger princess of the Shroobs. They invaded the Mushroom Kingdom in the past to conquer it, but now she failed, and her elder sister sealed away, she must have a way to take on Mario and friends again. With the Shroobs recovered, she enter the conquer them, of course. Baby Mario will better have to stop her again!

Unlocked after ???, Baby Mario's Rival

Princess Shroob is meant to be a draining medic who can use health from others to heal her Supports and Super Supports. She can set up Draining Gates that drain opponents in the radius of the gate, which she uses to heal nearby Supports. She also has access to moves from other Princess characters, such as Daisy's kicks and her own version of the Peach Bomber called the Shroob Bomber. With the Mini Mushroom Equip she is harder to hit due to being tinier and quicker, but she is much frailer as well. With the Blue Shell Equip she can equip her Supports with Shells that increase their defense as well as rush at her opponents in her shell with a Shell Slide attack.
551px-Pom pom

Boom-Boom's partner, and ironically doesn't use pom-poms to fight most of the times. She is of course very supportive to Boom-Boom, and try to fight with grace...but she is almost as short-tempered as Boom-Boom. She will use boomerangs, ninja-like techniques and shurikens to take on her foes as well as new techniques, and she sees Toadette as a big threat, like how Boom-Boom sees Captain Toad as a nuisance.

Unlocked after ???, Toadette's Rival

Pom-Pom is a character built around being both defensive and speedy. While her boomerang and shuriken attacks don't deal good damage as projectiles, her Shell Jumpslam attack, while easy to avoid, doubles as a shield as she'll stay in her shell for 3 seconds. Her Cheer Suit Equip allows her to do cheer dances to boost her Supports' stats, and her Ninja Star Equip makes her even faster and her shuriken can home in on invaders or protectors.

Part-time the heroic Toad girl of the Mushroom Kingdom, part-time Captain Toad's partner. She is noticeably more courageous than Captain Toad, and pretty much smarter too (not to the point of matching Slanito's intelligence of course). Like Captain Toad, she cannot jump too well, but she is significally the fastest, rivalizing with Yoshi. Pom-Pom will not let her to get a chance, and Toadette is not happy to see her either.

Unlocked after ???, Pom-Pom's Rival

Toadette is meant to be a turrent-style healer who sets up devices to both support allies and damage enemies. She can set small Mushroom Cannons onto the field that both has a small healing radius and a small damage radius. These turrents can be upgraded by Toadette to either specialize on Offense or Support. With the Statue Leaf Equip, her turrents become Statue Mushrooms that, while they don't heal, they do have much higher defense. With the Bloom Mushroom Equip, she can upgrade her Mushroom Cannons further and have them be bigger as well as having miniature turrents that provide even more firepower, although upgrading to this level takes time.
200px-Diddy Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong's best friend and the monkey who is very agile and a bit mischievous. Since Donkey Kong is entering the Evo-Nation (as well as King K. Rool), so is Diddy since he wanted to be a hero like Donkey Kong. He is fast, agile, and able to perform jumpy tricks, but not as strong nor solid as Donkey Kong. Cranky Kong is skeptical and want to prove to Diddy that it will take more than his agility to win the Evo-Nation.

Unlocked after ???, Cranky Kong's Rival

Diddy Kong is meant to be a quick offensive threat who can quickly send opponents away. His main form of attack is the Peanut Popgun, which launches powerful peanuts that can ricochet a few times before breaking, and he also has access to various grappling and throwing attacks. With the Jetpack Barrel Equip, Diddy can quickly fly through the skies and use a Afterburn attack, though he is frailer with the equip. With the Popgun Scope Equip, Diddy can aim the Peanut Popgun and use it to launch attacks much more efficiently, and can also aim at the opponent's weak spots.

Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong, also grandfather of the current Donkey Kong. He is a mumbling, grumpy and harshly nostalgic retired ape who, despite being slightly cynical on gaming industry, nevertheless help Donkey Kong and allies by giving advices...for a price. He is not a defenseless grandpa, as he is not only very agile and speedy for his age, but his cane can also help him to deliver awesome combos! He will show Diddy Kong that being a hero is no easy task in the Evo-Nations.

Unlocked after ???, Diddy Kong's Rival

Cranky Kong is meant to be a defensive support who uses various tricks to protect his allies. He mainly can place hidden Banana Peels that can damage opponents who step on them, and he can also use his cane to block and counter attacks aimed at him. With the Grape Shooter Equip, Cranky can hit opposing forces from afar and send them to sleep with Tranquilizer Grapes, though he can't use his cane. With the Banana Balloon Equip, instead of Banana Peels he can lay Banana Balloons that float into the sky and pop when a aerial force flies near it, launching a few Banana Peels with the explosion.

Pauline was Mario's former girlfriend, kidnapped by the original Donkey Kong (Cranky Kong) before the plumber sticks with Princess Peach. Pauline is still a good friend of him, and is the owner of a theme park filled with Mini-Toys such as the iconic Mini-Mario toy. She use them for aid and use for support and strategy. She must use them wisely in order to overcome her opponents. Captain Syrup saw the toys as very useful and would steal them for selfish needs!

Unlocked after ???, Captain Syrup's Rival

Pauline is meant to be a quick support character who builds her own supports to protect her. She can mainly use her Super Wrench to place down Mini Factories that produce Mini-Marios, and she can upgrade the factories to speed up the factories and make different Minis, including Mini Bowsers and Mini Peaches. Other than her supports, she can also swing her Super Wrench around for some basic attacks. With the Spark Wrench Equip, her Super Wrench is electrified and she can electrocute machines to easily break them. With the Mini-Mario Guard Equip, a Mini Mario with infinite health walks alongsides Pauline, and while it cannot attack, it will try to take attacks for Pauline.   
Captain Syrup Smash Bros

Captain Syrup is Wario's first and definite rival of the latter one's series. While there are other villains such as Rudy the Clown, Shake King and the Bandinero King we know today, no one else is as iconic as a Wario's nemesis than Captain Syrup herself. She use clever and deadly traps and tricks in order to get the best of her opponents. Pauline will not let her touch her Mini-Toys for hectic uses like theft!

Unlocked after ???, Pauline's Rival

Nokinja Twins

Slanito's most loyal henchmen. They, like Slanito, firmly believe that the Mushroom Kingdom is inefficient to even try to change. The twin are rarely seen seperated, and ever since Super Mario Team-Mania, no one know when they will strike when Slanito is up to something malicious. Both are quick and nimble, as well as techniques you would expect from ninjas, and their defense are also surprisingly good. Rawk Hawk will not let "pipsquak ninjas" like those two to get better than him!

Unlocked by purchasing the character as DLC, Rawk Hawk's Rival

The Nokinja Twins are a duo of characters much like the Ice Climbers of the Super Smash Bros Series. The twins are connected by a tether which can be used in various ways, such as them using the tether to trip opponents to stun them, as well as allowing the Nokinja Twins to swing each other around. They can also throw Kunai and can use Kunai to climb steep walls and cliffs. With the Shadow Magic Equip, the Nokinja Twins can blend into the shadows and throw Kunai which leave a shadowy poison effect on contact with opponents. With the Warp Whistle Equip, the Twins can teleport short distances in quick bursts and can temporarily turn into a tornado when spinning, although they are more frail and they are vulnerable after the tornado attack.
Rawk Hawk

Hailed from the Glitz Pit, Rawk Hawk, also known as the Feral Nuclear Reactor, is an agile, powerful and speedy wrestler. He was once the reining champion of this league until Paper Mario took his title fair and square. When he get out of the Paper World to see what the outside looks like, he got taken by the aliens to the Evo-Nations. Realizing his new potentials to become a Champ of the Evo-Nations, he will do anything to be a champion again at all cost! He will not let the Nokinja Twins to get on his glorious way!

Unlocked by purchasing the character as DLC, Nokinja Twin's Rival

455px-Dreambert Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team Unlocked by purchasing the character as DLC, Chakron's Rival
ChakronML3 Unlocked by purchasing the character as DLC, Dreambert's Rival

Super Supports

Super Support Name Description Advantages & Disadvantages
Cosmic Mario
Mario's Super Support
A cosmic clone of Mario made by unknown people who challenged Mario during his two adventures throughout the universe, and now can be called upon by Mario for the Evo-Nations. Cosmic Mario is very strong for a variation to Mario, and has a variety of strong punches and kicks, although he is limited to those kinds of attacks, as this variation cannot use the Firebrand. Additionally, Cosmic Mario's is weak to both Fire and Ice attacks for unknown reasons, most likely having to do with how Cosmic Mario was created.
  • Advantages: Very Strong and Fast Moving.
  • Disadvantages: Limited to a Close Range and Weak to Fire and Ice Attacks.
Luigi's Super Support
Luigi's personal pet, who helped Luigi somewhat during his adventures in the Evershade Valley, who Luigi can call for a Super Support using a dog whistle. While he is frail and weak, he can move very fast and can usually outpace most Supports and some Characters and Super Supports. Due to also being a ghost, Polterpup can also turn invisible in short bursts, although he can't turn invisible when his health is low enough.
  • Advantages: Fast Moving and can turn Invisible in short bursts.
  • Disadvantages: Frail to Attacks and Weak Projectiles.
Peach's Super Support
The personal mentor and father figure to Princess Peach, who helped take care of the princess when she was a baby. While he is slow, Toadsworth can use his cane to launch magic missles and create small magical walls, and he can surround himself with small spore clouds to protect himself, though he is weak to fire due to these spore clouds.
  • Advantages: Durable to Attacks and Good Magic and Nature Projectiles
  • Disadvantages: Slow Moving and Weak to Fire
Burst the Bashful
Yoshi's Super Support
A Burt enlarged by Kamek who was Yoshi's very first major foe on his way to Bowser's Castle in the original Yoshi's Island. Because of his giant size, while he is easy to spot and hit, he is also very durable to hits and is very strong, being able to unleash kicks that can cause small quakes. Due to his giant size however, he is slow in combat, so be sure not to unleash Burt the Bashful against faster opponents.
  • Advantages: Very Durable to Attacks and Strong Physical Attacks.
  • Disadvantages: Very Easy to spot due to being Giant and Slow Moving.
Ludwig von Koopa
Bowser's Super Support
The leader of the Koopalings and one of Bowser's most loyal minions, who plans on taking over when Bowser disappears. Like some of the other Koopalings, Ludwig is not strong physically and is weak against natural things, but Ludwig makes up for it by having access to his Fire Breath as well as his Magic Wand, and his Shell Spin technique provides him very quick maneuverability.
  • Advantages: Quick Moving and Great Magic and Fire Projectiles.
  • Disadvantages: Weak Physical Attacks and Weak to Ice and Nature.
Naval Piranha
Petey Piranha's Super Support
One of the strong minions, from a mundane Piranha Plant to ferocious Naval Piranha, transformed by Kamek himself. While slow on ground but quick on water, she have surprising resistance of nature and water, and she cannot be harmed too much unless her weakness is hit enough times. She can also rush ahead with a headbutt.
  • Advantages: Quick moving on water, durable, strong physical attacks, resistant to Water and Nature attacks. Her vines hurt on contact.
  • Disadvantages: Slow moving on the ground, weak to fire and ice, tend to get more damaged if her weakness is hit.
Rosalina's Super Support
  • Advantages: Great Aerial Support and Durable to Attacks.
  • Disadvantages: Slow-Moving and Weak Physical Attacks.
King Boo's Super Support
Bogmire is one of King Boo's strong ghost who faced Luigi before in Luigi's Mansion. While slow moving, it can sneak into opponents by turing invisible in short bursts in order to do sneaky surprise attacks and is able to stretch itself for long range and summon weaker version of himself. He is weak against Magic, and his slow movement will not help his situation against it.
  • Advantages: Can sneak onto Opponents and can turn Invisible in short bursts.
  • Disadvantages: Slow-Moving and Weak to Magical Attacks.
Bob-Omb Tank
King Bob-Omb's Super Support
A tank designed for shooting more Bob-Ombs. While thick, solid and powerful, it is quite slow. It is very useful to clean out an army of enemy Supports, as well as very durable as long as another Super Support of the enemy isn't around. It will start to malfunction if its health is low, making it neutral and start to attack both sides.
  • Advantages: Very Durable to Attacks and can launch Bob-Omb Projectiles that deal lots of Damage.
  • Disadvantages: Slow-Moving and starts Malfunctioning at low Health, making it Neutral.
Captain Toad's Super Support
  • Advantages: Very good Fire Projectiles and Strong Physical Attacks.
  • Disadvantages: Weak to Ice and Magic Projectiles and has a Weakspot on top of it's head.
Donkey Kong's Super Support
Donkey Kong's trusted rhinoceros ally, Rambi is both fast and powerful able to break things in his path. He can charge his dash and then dash really quick which heavily damages anyone unlucky enough to get hit by this rhino. However, he cannot hit fire or electronical foes and his lack of ranged attacks will leave him vulnerable against ranged attacks.
  • Advantages: Run both fast and very damaging.
  • Disadvantages: Cannot hit anything on electricity or on fire.

Dixie Kong

Diddy Kong's Super Support

Wario's Super Support
  • Advantages: Very Durable to Projectiles and Great Projectiles.
  • Disadvantages: Easy to hit due to Large Size and can Overheat from too many Fire Attacks hitting it.
King K. Rool's Super Support
  • Advantages: Can create Fire Walls and Great Aerial Support.
  • Disadvantages: Can be made Flightless by a very strong Attack or explosion, and easy to hit due to Large Size.
Ashley's Super Support
  • Advantages: Fast-Moving and Great Debuffer.
  • Disadvantages: Frail to Attacks and Weak Physical Attacks.
Bandineemoth Robot
Bandinero King's Super Support
Nabbit's Super Support
A ordinary Bandit enhanced by magic who loyally follows Nabbit. This Bandit is extremely fast for his size and can unleash weak, but fast punches that can steal Coins from Characters and Super Supports it hits. However, this Bandit has some major allergies to pollen, and as such this Bandit is weak to Nature Projectiles, but most of the time he has a good chance to outrun them.
  • Advantages: Capable of Stealing Coins and Very Quick.
  • Disadvantages: Weak Physical Attacks and Weak to Nature Projectiles.
Poison Gobblegut
Slanito's Super Support
Slanito's personal pet, a giant poisonous dragon who is of a rare subspecies of Gobblegut that is a master of absorbing and launching mass amounts of poison. It acts as Slanito's personal mount when summoned as a Super Support, and can breathe out globs of poison while Slanito rides him and uses his attacks from above. However, if Slanito is knocked off of him while riding it the Poison Gobblegut will go berserk and become neutral.
  • Advantages: Mountable and Great Poison Projectile.
  • Disadvantages: Very Easy to spot due to Giant Size, and will go Berserk if Slanito is knocked off of him, becoming neutral.
Kamek's Super Support
Hammer Bro.
Boom-Boom's Super Support
Boomerang Bro.
Pom-Pom's Super Support
Popple's Super Support
Waluigi's Super Support
Lemmy Koopa
Bowser Jr.'s Super Support
Baby Luigi
Baby Mario's Super Support
Shroob UFO
Princess Shroob's Super Support
Toadette's Super Support
  • Advantages: Can create Mummy-Tiples and Fast-Moving.
  • Disadvantages: Weak Projectiles and Burnt when hit by a Fire Attack, weakening it by quite a bit.
Daisy's Super Support
King Totomesu
Tatanga's Super Support

Squawks the Parrot

Cranky Kong's Super Support

  • Advantages: Great Aerial Support and Good Nature Projectiles.
  • Disadvantages: Frail to Attacks and Weak to Ice and Fire Projectiles.

Giant Spear-Man

Captain Syrup's Super Support

Gold Mini-Mario

Pauline's Super Support

Prince Pikante

Nokinja Twin's Super Support

The son of the retired King Kaliente, and the prideful head of the naval forces in Slanito's army, who rules in a wooden chariot designed by himself. While he is a big target, he can use his size against the opponent by ramming itself at them, and he can throw inkballs that can obscure vision as well. His chariot is flammable though, and he is very weak to Fire attacks.
  • Advantages: Strong Projectiles and Quick Moving.
  • Disadvantages: Easy to spot due to Big Size, and Weak to Fire Projectiles.

Lord Crump

Rawk Hawk's Super Support

Larry Koopa
Anyone's Super Support
Morton Koopa
Anyone's Super Support
Iggy Koopa
Anyone's Super Support
  • Advantages: Strong Nature and Magic Projectiles and Jack-of-all-Trades.
  • Disadvantages: Weak to Fire Attacks.
Wendy Koopa
Anyone's Super Support
Roy Koopa
Anyone's Super Support
King Hisstocrat
Anyone's Super Support
Anyone's Super Support
Anyone's Super Support
  • Advantages: Can change the gravity of Invaders and trap them with Antigravity, and Strong Magic Projectiles.
  • Disadvantages: Slow-Moving and Weak to Nature and Magic Projectiles.


Some areas contain an Area Boss, such as Reznor and Wingo. All are neutral and would attack anyone, even the Evo-Nation owner, but in Story Mode, certain Area Bosses will be on the player's side for support, while others serves as a main boss.

Area Description
World 1-1

Mario's Area

The classic area where Mario started in the adventure where he first met and defeated Bowser, complete with Bottomless Pits and a Goal Pole (although it's just cosmetic here). Being the main base for Mario's Evo-Nation, there are many Toad and Pinata Supports for Mario to use, although there are also small amounts of other Supports here too. The Warp Pipes in this area have also been modified into Cannon Pipes which can allow Mario to launch cannonballs at invading Evo-Nations in his Story Mode, and allowing the player to launch themself into the air to go long distances.

Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Area

Despite disappearing after the events of Luigi's Mansion, the place has reappeared recently and is now the main base of Luigi's Evo-Nation. This ghostly nation contains a wide range of ghostly supports from Portrait Ghosts to the various ghosts found in Luigi's Mansion. The area also has various wormholes that allow the player in control of the mansion to go between floors quickly, although the invaders can gain control of the wormholes if they take enough control of the mansion. In Luigi's Story Mode, Luigi can also accept quests from the Portrait Ghosts to increase their powers, and he can do up to two quests for each Portrait Ghost.

Peach's Castle

Peach's Area

Princess Peach's personal castle, which was obviously made her main base of operations. The area is naturally filled to the brim with various Toads, as well as a Toad Tank Area Boss that guards the throne area that invaders have to attack to win. The throne room, however has other entrances than the one guarded by the Toad Tank, such as a entrance from the maze-like basement floor, or the window entrance from the garden section of the castle. In Peach's Story Mode, while not under attack she can assign the Toad Tank to different entrances as well.

Lunge Fish Lake

Yoshi's Area

A small and beautiful lake on Yoshi's Island that Yoshi chose as his Evo-Nation due to it's beauty. There are a great variety of aquatic supports, such as Bloopers, Cheep-Cheeps, Baby Yoshis, and Nokis. The platforms above the lake are made of wood and float, but if there are too many people on them the platforms will sink. There is also a Lunge Fish Area Boss that floats around the area, and will lunge at sinking platforms to take down any swimming characters, no matter if they are friends or foes. In Yoshi's Story Mode, outside of battle Yoshi can place and move up to three Metal Eggdozers onto any of the platforms, which count as 10 Supports to the 30 Character and Support limit on the platforms, but only one Metal Eggdozer can be on a single platform at a time.

Diamond City

Wario's Area

"This is the city where I live, as well where I make all of my cool microgames from WarioWare Inc. by myself, Wario! With a little help of my employees that is. There are many buildings that result my Evo-Nation having a lot of tighter paths, and this allow any surprising attacks. Supports found there are those pesky Bandineros, but also city-living enemies like Mechakoopas, Nosedozers, Shy Guys and Gearmos. There are also multiple roadblocks that if you have little supports and that you reached there, you might get caught by a bigger army! In my Story Mode, I can set the roadblock panels with my manly strength as well as open and close the building long as I am not under attack, no matter who is attacking me!"

Grim Graveyard

Ashley's Area

The graveyard-like front yard of Ashley's haunted house, and her main base of operations for the Evo-Nations, despite only being her front yard. The yard has various gravestones where zombified Supports can spawn from, including Dry Bones, Mud Troopers, and Zombie Toads. There are various pedestals throughout the area that can be used by magic-using characters such as Ashley, Rosalina, and Kamek to turn the zombified Supports in a radius to their side. In Ashley's Story Mode, she can also move the pedestals when not in battle and choose where to place them.

Donkey Kong Island

Donkey Kong's Area

A jungle island that serves as a home to both the Kongs as well as the Tiki Tak Tribe, and the obvious choice for Donkey Kong's base. The area includes many jungle-like Supports, such as Tiki Goons, Tiki Buzzes, Kremlings, and Ukikis. There are various Barrel Cannons of both aiming and automatic variety found throughout the area that can launch you as well as Supports, but there is a few second delay before the cannons are ready to launch again. In DK's Story Mode, he can have Funky Kong to set and place the cannons when not in the middle of a battle.

Good Egg Galaxy

Rosalina's Area

A calm and serene galactic area close to the Comet Observatory, which Rosalina chose as her Evo-Nation. This area has a variety of galactic supports including Octoombas, Alien Piranhas, and Lumas, as well as a sleeping Lumalee Area Boss. There are various Launch Stars that connect the planets of the galaxy together, and as such this area can be pretty expansive. In Rosalina's Story Mode, outside of battle she can choose the planet Lumalee is on, but she cannot place Lumalee on the planet that invading Evo-Nations would arrive on.

Bowser's Castle

Bowser's Area

Bowser's lava-filled castle filled with dangerous beings and tons of lava. There are various firey supports, including Koopatrols, Draglets, Magma Bubbles, and of course, Goombas. This dangerous area has various traps as well that can be triggered, such as collapsing floors and spotlights that alerts where the player who activated it is, and these traps can be triggered by both characters and Super Supports alike. There is also a bridge that connects to a isolated room in the center of the castle that, while very durable, can be destroyed if it is fought on too often. In Bowser's Story Mode, he can move the locations of  the traps when not in battle.

Which-Way Labyrinth

Kamek's Area

A ghastly labyrinth found in Soda Jungle that houses the most bizarre architecture ever, held by Kamek as his base for the Evo-Nations. This mystical nation has many bizarre Supports, including Peepas, Broozers, and Dry Bones. The labyrinth is built like a maze, with various dead ends, pitfalls, and boulder traps as well, and at one dead end is a tombstone that, if you destroy it, unleashes a Dry Draglet Area Boss that specifically chases whoever broke the tombstone. In Kamek's Story Mode, outside of battle he can choose where the tombstone and boulder traps are.

Tick-Tock Clock

King Bob-Omb's Area

A giant clock tower factory which King Bob-Omb uses as a mechanical base and generates Bob-Ombs from. This clockwork nation has many mechanical supports including Mechanical Toads, Bob-Ombs, and Nosedozers. The area moves like clockwork and the platforms rotate like gears as well, and some gears even have clock hands that can harm ally and enemy alike. There are two elevators on the left and right side of the area that can take you to different floors quickly, and in King Bob-Omb's Story Mode you can choose which two floors each elevator can go to besides the first floor.

Treacherous Mansion

King Boo's Area

The grand mansion of King Boo in the Evershade Valley, home base to King Boo and most of the ghosts in the Mushroom Kingdom. The bulk of the mansion's Supports are Greenies, Slammers, Creepers, and Boos, although small amounts of Bone Piranha Plants and Broozers are found here as well. The mansion has various possessed furniture that can be used as floating platforms, and the thing that is possessing all the furniture is the Poltergeist Area Boss that, if you defeat it, all the furniture goes back to normal and stops floating. In King Boo's Story Mode, outside of battle, he can choose which furniture will be possessed and float in the air.

Pipeworks Bazaar

Petey Piranha's Area

A sprawling bazaar from Pineapple Pipe Land that Petey Piranha made his home in and now uses as a base. This pipe-filled nation has various Piranha Plant, Venus Fire Trap, Flopter, and Toad supports throughout the area. There are various shops throughout the bazaar that, while you can't buy stuff from them, you can still use the Warp Pipes behind the shops for quick travel. There is also a small Piranha Factory that generates Piranha Plant Supports that, if damaged enough, would transform into a Rocky Mecha Area Boss as a last resort, and in Petey's Story Mode, outside of battle he can choose where the Piranha Factory is located.

Kremling Falls

King K. Rool's Area

A waterfall on Donkey Kong Island where most of the Kremlings that live on it gather, and King K. Rool's aquatic base of operations. The supports here are reptilian and harsh, including Kremlings, Klaptraps, Krushas, and Tiki Buzzes. The waterfall acts as a wet wall that damages non-aquatic invaders attacking it, although there is a button that can turn the waterfall on and off. Also of note are the water geysers nearby the waterfall wall, which can be used to reach high areas. In K. Rool's Story Mode, outside of battle he can choose where the button that turns the waterfall on or off is, although he can't put it behind the waterfall.

Shake Dimension

Bandinero King's Area

The home world of the Bandineroes, and the Bandinero King's main base for the Evo-Nations, and split into a Glittertown and a Airytale Castle section. There are a wide variety of Supports here, including Merfles, Bandineros, Nosedozers, Turkeyjerks, and Shortfuses. The main gimmick here are the Rocket Buckets, which can be used to cross the gap in the middle of the area separating the two sections, but they are pretty easy to break due to the Balloon Mines floating in the sky. In Bandinero King's Story Mode, outside of battle he can place where the Balloon Mines are.

Toxic Danger Island

Slanito's Area

Slanito's toxic stronghold where his strongest troops are held, and where his Evo-Nation mainly is. Toxic Supports such as Toxi Draglets, Poison Bubbles, and Sludge Salamanders can be found here, as well as Nokis and a small amount of Toads. There are various levers that if the player interacts with, can rise or lower the toxic water levels in the base. In Slanito's Story Mode, he can choose the location of the levers outside of battle.

Daisy Crusier

Daisy's Area

Daisy's personal cruise boat that floats the oceans of the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland, which makes a really cool aquatic base for Daisy. The area includes many relaxed Supports, including Pinatas, Bees, Toads, and Nokis. Due to the Evo-Nation being a cruise boat, the nation can float across the water to get across the oceans that can limit Evo-Nations early on, but the Supports of this nation are frail and weak to balance it out. In Daisy's Story Mode, outside of battle she can build attractions at the cost of Coins that boost the Morale of the nation's Supports, as well as attracting more Supports to help you.

Space Zone

Tatanga's Area

The moon of the Mushroom World, home to the Ravens and home base to Tatanga both during Super Mario Land 2 and currently. There are many interplanetary Supports here, including Lakitufos, Ravens, Lumas, and Fuzzies. At first the entire nation is pretty isolated due to being among the stars, but eventually in Tatanga's Story Mode Rocket Barrels can be bought to travel down to where most other nations are easily. Also of note is the gravity of the area, which is usually floaty and can give anyone in the area the ability to float. In Tatanga's Story Mode, outside of battle he can change how much the gravity affects the planet, making the planet's gravity heavy, normal, or light.

Sparkling Waters

Nabbit's Area

A watery tropical land that Nabbit hangs around, that he uses as his main base of operations. There are various tropical supports in the area, including Huckit Crabs, Pinatas, Nokis, and new Lillyparas supports, which are lilypad-like people who love nature on the side of good, much like Toads. There are various water geysers around the area the player can jump on to see much of the area with, and in the center of the area is a sleeping Unagi the Eel Area Boss that not even Nabbit has control over. In Nabbit's Story Mode, outside of battle he can change the the heights of the water geysers which, while seeming like a weak adjustment, can allow Nabbit to hop from geyser to geyser if all the geysers are high enough.

Beanbean Castle

Popple's Area

The grand castle of the Beanbean Kingdom, unknowingly being used by Popple as his stealthy base. There are various green Supports, including Beanish, Beanies, and Oho Jees. This green castle has quite a bit of overgrowth, including small beanstalks that can be climbed, and vines that can be swinged on. There is also a secret shack that has the Fawful Area Boss inside that, for a price, attacks the other side, which is the base if your a invader or the invaders if you are protecting the base. In Popple's Story Mode, outside of battle he can nurture the beanstalks by watering them, and cause them to slowly grow taller and taller.

Wingo's Watchtower

Captain Toad's Area

The mountainous watchtower which was owned by Wingo before Captain Toad conquered the tower and took his Power Stars, and is now used as Captain Toad's base. It has many winged and fast Supports, including Flaptors, Shy Guys, and Para-Biddybuds. Being a Evo-Nation that was originally based around flight, it will be hard for characters like (ironically) Captain Toad or Toadette to explore, but luckily the base has built-in Clear Pipes for easy transport. At the top of the tower is the Wingo Area Boss, as well as the place where Captain Toad stores his money in his Story Mode. Also in his Story Mode, outside of battle Captain Toad can change the wind currents and cause the wind to blow in a direction, moving certain blocks and pushing players in the direction of the wind current slightly during battle.

Boom-Boom Airship

Boom-Boom's Area

A floating airship fortress in the sky filled with high-tech machinery, that's used as the mobile Evo-Nation base for Boom-Boom. The base is loaded with army-based Supports, including Bob-Ombs, Mechakoopas, Slammers, and Krushas. The entire airship floats in the sky and can move around since it isn't anchored to the ground, and the airship is powered by a single Renzor Area Boss running on a hamster wheel, and if it's defeated in Boom-Boom's Story Mode, the airship Crash Lands on top of whatever area the airship is above of. Crash Landing, however is not entirely a bad thing if your above the nation that's attacking you, as you can use the Crash Land to jump start a attack against the invaders at the cost of major damage to your own area.

Fullbloom Ninja Palace

Pom-Pom's Area

A ninja palace formerly owned by the by Slanito's army, but was taken over by Pom-Pom and chosen as her base of operations. This ninja nation has various stealthy Supports, including the 100 Sammer Guys, Ninjis, and Noki Trainees. Outside of the secret tunnels throughout the area that allows Supports to spy on invading forces, the area also has four watchtowers that can allow the player to view the battle from afar. In Pom-Pom's Story Mode, outside of battle she can send out up to 25 of her 100 Sammer Guys to go spy on enemy Evo-Nations to see how much Supports are in the area, although if they get caught you will have to battle them to reclaim the Sammer Guys.

Dino Dino Jungle

Toadette's Area

A prehistoric jungle filled with dinosaurs and other mythical extinct creatures, and Toadettes main base of operations. There are various prehistoric Supports here, including Cave Toads, Stego Koopas, and Rexes. The main part of the area is the jungle with the giant Apatosaurus, which is so big that it's body is considered part of the area. The Apatosaurus can be climbed upon and used to reach higher areas, and even be used to reach the treetops. In Toadette's Story Mode, outside of battle she can change the heights of the trees and make it harder or easier to reach the treetops.

Golden Pyramid

Waluigi's Area

A pyramid that Wario once entered to collect amazing treasures, now being used by Waluigi as both a tennis court and base for the Evo-Nations. Many brave Supports such as Bandineroes, Nokis, Oho Jees, and Pharoh Guys. In the center of this giant pyramid is a inner pyramid that creates a force field around itself from time to time. This can protect the player, but sometimes the shield fizzles out and makes the player vulnerable. In Waluigi's Story Mode, outside of battle he can place up to 6 Tennis Ball Launchers to protect the inner pyramid, but they can't be placed inside the force field.

Bowser Jr.'s Toybox

Bowser Jr.'s Area

The spoiled miniature castle of Bowser Jr., which holds his favorite gadgets and is used as a fun base of operations. There are many toylike Supports, including Shy Guys, Mini Bowsers, Fly Guys, and Spy Guys. Despite being filled with lots of toys, this area is still a fortress, and this area has multiple Lava Pits and Paddle Wheels to cross over them. In the baseball diamond area, there is a Underchomp Area Boss stuck to a wooden peg, and if the peg is destroyed the Underchomp is unleashed. In Bowser Jrs Story Mode, outside of battle he can choose the path for the Paddle Wheels, although the tracks are limited to the lava.

Baby Park

Baby Mario's Area

A amusement park built by Princess Peach for the kids of the Mushroom Kingdom, chosen by Baby Mario to be his Evo-Nation for obvious reasons. There are various fun Supports such as Spy Guys, Mini Marios, Gearmos, and Toads. The main attraction here are the Time Wells, which can take you to when the park was being built, which has different landscapes and unstable girders to use as platforms. In the present, there is also a rollercoaster that can take whoever rides it to different areas in the park, although the rollercoaster has to make stops from time to time. In Baby Mario's Story Mode, outside of battle he can choose where the Time Wells are, but he can't put them on the rollercoaster tracks.

Shroobified Castle

Shroob Princess' Area

Created from the Princess Shroob's memories, this shroobified Peach's Castle was recreated for the Evo-Nations for her own purposes. The Shroobs make up the bulk of the Supports here, but there are also small amounts of Tashroombas, Shroob Rexes, and Dr. Shroobs. There are various statues of the Elder Princess Shroob throughout the area that have lasers, and if someone invading triggers the lasers their location is revealed to the player for a few seconds. Also of note is the Yoob Area Boss which sleeps in the kitchen area, and if someone is foolish to awaken him he would try to eat anything in his path. In Princess Shroob's Story Mode, she still has no control of Yoob as its still neutral even in the Story Modes, but she can set up defenses to keep her own Shroobs away from the kitchen outside of battle.

Shadowcall Hall

Nokinja Twin's Area

A shadowy hall in Slanito's Castle, which the Nokinja Twins train in and use as a nation. Various shadowy Supports such as Ninjis, Noki Trainees, Sludge Salamanders, and Shadow Octoombas appear here. The main gimmick here are various Snake Blocks made of Light Blocks, and these Light Snake Blocks provide both a visibility advantage and a height advantage. Also of interest are various Torches that can lit up that can provide small sources of light that can be used to alert Supports of enemy forces. In Story Mode, outside of battle the Nokinja Twins can alter the tracks the Light Snake Blocks move on.  

Glitz Pit

Rawk Hawk's Area

A giant arena in the skies of the Paper Mario World that Rawk Hawk chose as his base of operations. Lots of powerful Supports are here, including Paper Goombas, Paper Broozers, Paper Koopas, Paper Swoopers, and Paper Spikes. The arena itself is very expansive and has various tools added over the years, including fog machines that obscure sight, rubber ropes that the player can bounce on for momentum, and a variety of folding chairs that can be used as projectiles for Supports. Outside of battle, Rawk Hawk can turn the fog machines on or off in Story Mode.


Dropping Items

Power-Ups (Equipments)

Character Power-Up 1 Power-Up 2
Anyone Super Leaf Rock Mushroom
Mario Bee Mushroom Cape Feather
Luigi Poltergust 5000 Ice Flower
Peach Frog Suit Vanish Cap

Super Green Watermelon

Super Blue Watermelon
Wario Metal Cap Wario-Man Garlic
Ashley Wing Cap Spring Mushroom
Donkey Kong Crystal Coconut Banana Hammer
Rosalina Pull Star Wand Boo Mushroom
Bowser Super Bell Army Grape
Kamek Dry Skull Ink Flower
King Bob-Omb Chomp-and-Chain Spike Mushroom
King Boo Black Jewel Shard Snowball Cape
Petey Piranha Burning Mushroom Lakitu Cloud
King K. Rool Quake Mushroom Pineapple Launcher
Bandinero King Mega Mushroom Phoenix Suit
Slanito Poison Mushroom Penguin Suit
Daisy Cherry Blossom Branch Bunny Carrot
Tatanga Superball Flower Ray Gun
Nabbit Disguise Mushroom Propeller Mushroom
Popple Clown Ball Cloud Mushroom
Captain Toad Super Pickaxe Spin Drill
Boom-Boom Hammer Suit Aqua Suit
Waluigi Waluigi-Man Garlic Tennis Glove
Bowser Jr. Kart Modification Aqua Modification
Toadette Statue Leaf Bloom Mushroom
Pom-Pom Cheer Suit Ninja Star
Baby Mario Boomerang Flower Double Cherry
Princess Shroob Blue Shell Mini Mushroom
Nokinja Twins Shadow Magic Warp Whistle
Rawk Hawk Bill Blaster Block Fireworks Flower
Diddy Kong Jetback Barrel Popgun Scope
Cranky Kong Grape Shooter Banana Balloon
Pauline Mini-Mario Guard Spark Wrench
Captain Syrup Bottomless Coin Sack Mushroom Genie's Lamp


  • EximiusMax for the logo.


  • This game take place during the Year of Wario, although Slanito, Bandinero King, King K. Rool, Cranky Kong and Captain Syrup give a remark about it. Cranky Kong even mentionned Gear Games during his remark.
    • Slanito: "Well, isn't it surprising? You seems to be popular in your own right, and it shows. Hold yourself from getting excited, as it will take more than an honor to impress me this much!"
    • Bandinero King: "What!? You have your own celebration!? I know that Luigi and some others have their own, but I cannot believe that you become such a celebrated show-off! The Shake King will not be happy upon hearing this..."
    • King K. Rool: "I heard about the Year of Wario is on this silly adventure, right fatty? Because I will steal that spotlight and make it into "Year of King K. Rool" once I beat you down and win this tournament!"
    • Cranky Kong: "Why would a gross, selfish and greedy simpleton like you deserve such an honor? Gear Games seems to be a little too much of a fan of you!"
    • Captain Syrup: "He heh, I'm not surprised about your little event. It is also a pleasure to be in this special event...unless, of course, you do not wanted, then I'm afraid that just being honored will not protect you from loss!"