This is the whole story of this game.



On day on Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach and Toad as been remarked that Mario, with his friends Luigi and Yoshi, are been bored the last times. It makes 8 months that they have do nothing else like helping the Toads, make pick-nicks, make a parade with a bunch of Yoshis, etc..

The next day, Mario tells to the princess to organise a awesome sport, a awesome old-school sport. As first, Toad gives an opinion to organise a basketball tournement. Mario says that we played that to much. The second one was Yoshi. He likes hockey. But the red plumber said that Bowser pushed few times with his giant spiked sheel by making upset and he (Mario) don't like it, because he must go rest 2 weeks seeing his condition (...). Luigi gives an opinion as next. He like playing cards. Luigi is a 'non-radical' guy. He don't like radical things. Mario said that playing cards makes him more bored. Everyone agrees. Luigi was upset by himself... poor Luigi... . Princess Peach was next. She likes play volleyball. But Mario wasn't listening Peach's opinion because he was really bored.

The other day, Mario and Luigi were in their house looking they childhood albums when these two were in Brooklyn, just for looking. When Mario turned the next page of his album, he saw a photo from Luigi aim a ball to someone else. Mario loved this sort of sport. He was shooked and tells to his green brother what kind of game that he played. It's named: Dodgeball. Luigi was shooked too. With full dash to Peach's Castle, the plumbers goes to Princess Peach and tells that she must organize a dodgeball tournement. The princess agrees exited and invites some people to join. She haves invited Yoshi, Birdo, Daisy, Toadette, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. All this invitation is ready!

When it was night, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad were planning an arrangement for the dodgeball tournement. During that arrangament, someone appears calling Mario. That was Princess Rosalina with her Lumas. She avertise that this night, they gonna fall a lot of Mini-Stars. It's a long tradition... but we're not interested of that... Mario invites Rosalina too. She was happy while the Lumas are cheering the princess up. So cute! She was welcome too to make the arrangement.

It was midnight... everyone was sleeping... feels good! According what Rosalina says of the Mini-Stars, they are falling now. They are so pretty and shiny... wonder if you can see... Next to Mario's closet, there was a dodgeball. The window of his room was open. Three shiny stars falling on the ball. The ball have absorbed the source of the Stars and then becomes the normal ball a superball! Mini-Stars haves a overpowered energy source that they can absorb random things and they gives energy to an object. What a good exeprience! 

The next day, the tournement haves began! Mario with his friends Luigi and Yoshi have check the registration. They have register the registration with a teamname like 'The Mario Bros'. Luigi rolled his eyes but he was proud too. The other bunch of people haves registrated too. Three hours ago, the tournement registration is already stopped. 'The Mario Bros.' have seeing the tournement list that was confirmed. At the final round, they gonna play against 'The Mighty Wario Bros.' with Wario, Waluigi and Bowser Jr.. Mario and hid team was suprised but they are sure that his team gonna win this cup.

On the day of the 1st round of the tournement, 'The Mario Bros.' plays against 'The Toad 'Shrooms' with Toad, Toadette and Birdo. As always, Mario's team has won! Yoshi jumps full with joy! The 2nd round they gonna play against 'The DK Apes' with Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Daisy. As always again, 'The Mario Bros.' won. The 3rd round play the team against 'The Koopa Crowd' with Bowser, Petey and Paratroopa. 'The Mario Bros.' won as always (in the adventures too). But now, the final round is began! 'The Mario Bros.' play against 'The Mighty Wario Bros.'. They are ready for play! At the moment, the ball lighten with full energy due to the Mini-Stars. Mario and Wario were suprised by the ball. Mario threw the ball to Wario fastly. The ball goes rushly to Wario and he is directly out! Mario and his team was suprised! Now is time to rush with dodgeball!


You have 3 teams to play at Story Mode. The other characters are playable but it must be unlocked. Each team haves a leading role:

  • Captain: This role is very actrative for his team. The captain must be responsable and taking no damage. He makes decisions when he speak with someone. He haves respect for his team.
  • Sub-Captain: It's the second captain of the team. The sub-captain is a little responsable and takes more damage than the captain. He must respect his captain and his co-assistent.
  • Co-Assistant: It's the manor of the group. He always respect his team and helps always when the two captain are in danger or in dificult decisions. Gives advice and cheers his team. He must be kind for his team.

The Mario Bros.

Name: Description: Leading Role: Unlock:
Mario Captain MDR
"Our lonely and likeble hero is back to an another adventure and he is ready to rush! Our red plumber 100% choicefull for starters. Nobody, selfs Bowser, can't stop him!" Captain Default
Luigi Subcaptain MDR
"Mario's younger brother! He is ready to join his captain and giving attention to the supporters! He is very agile I suppose."  Sub-Captain Default
Yoshi Co-Assistent MDR
"Our dino buddy is back to dash to the tournement! With his speed and power, he can dodge all the attacks from the others. He is kinda kind for his opponents to distract them." Co-Assistent Default
Birdo "Our old-enemy (not anymore) is always ready to help Yoshi and her crew." Her states not like Yoshi but she is good at catching balls with her mouth. Co-Assistent Default
Baby Mario "Our cute baby is back for more funny adventures! He is sure cute but is the fastest of the crew!" Co-Assistant Unlockable
Baby Luigi "Mario's younger brother. He is fast too and he always cries exept with Baby Mario." Co-Assistant Unlockable

The Mighty Wario Bros.

Name: Description: Leading Role: Unlock:
Wario "The fat muscular anti-hero is always ready to kick the others at the court. He is unrespectable for the others but he is powerful at throwing things. He can grab many coins with is "gold-shiny-brighty-instinct." Captain Default
Waluigi "Wario's sidekick (or brother). He is maybe not powerful but he is sometimes tricky and agille for some moves. He cheats sometimes at some stages." Sub-Captain Default
Petey Piranha "Our big green piranha is now more active than we tought! Petey is a powerful and a defensive character. He is sometimes funny because he takes a vomit! He is on Bowser's side too. Co-Assistent Default
Metal Mario "Mario's metal copy. He is sometimes a vilan for Mario but not this time. He is very heavy and powerful for some abilities but he is very slow." Sub-Captain Unlockable
Slime "Our "Dragon Quest" mascot is very viscous this time and now he is ready to take part in the crew! Co-Assistent Unlockable

Peach Hearts

Name: Description: Leading Role: Unlock:
Princess Peach "Our lovely and lonely princess haves planning to make a dodgeball-tournement for everyone! That's a good idea! She is very respectful for her crew and she haves a great technique but a snap for her power. Captain Default
Princess Daisy "The tomboish princess is ready to take part of the show! She is better than Peach but sometimes, her technique can fail." Sub-Captain Default
Princess Rosalina "She decides to rush to a big sportive adventure for the first time exept for karting. Rosalina is more better than the other two previous and she can catch all the Mini-Stars easly. Sub-Captain Default
Toad "He will help the princess for winning the tournement with his speed and dash! He is maybe small but is sure handy for some abilities." Co-Assistent Default
Toadette "A pink colored Toad with a strong kindness is ready to throwing balls and kick the others kindly. She is speedy like Toad but her defense is not good. Be sure that you can catch all the balls!  Co-Assistent Default
Moogle "Our cute Final Fantasy-character is back to make a crossover for Mario and Peach's team. He is very tricky at some abilities." Co-Assistent Unlockable

DK Super Barrels

Name: Description: Leading Role: Unlock:
Donkey Kong "Our old-vilain of Mario is back to become a hero for his team. Nobody can stop him with his muscles and his power. He can make a little earthquake with his powerful hands. He haves a bit of technique too but his speed is very low. Captain Default
Diddy Kong "DK's sidekick and friend. He is very agille and speedy too. When someone haves been touched, Diddy Kong can catch easly and safely the balls." Sub-Captain Default
Petey Piranha "He just takes the part of the team awhille." Co-Assistent Default

"This character is differently then the other characters so he takes the part of the team too! Cactuar is extremely fast than all the other characters but his other states are super low. Be careful, Cactuar!

Co-Assistent Unlockable
Fly Guy "I know it's a little weird... but he takes the part of the crew too because he is very shy but not for his crew. He haves a great technique but is power and defense not. Co-Assistent Unlockable

The Koopa Crushers

Name: Description: Leading Role: Unlock:
Bowser "The king of the Koopas is now with fury to kick extremely the others with is big rage! He haves really unrespect for the others but is power is sure really strong! Can once again Bowser this time beat Mario? I haven't really sure but it can be real."  Captain Default
Bowser Jr. "Bowser's son is now back to help daddy to kick the others. Bowser Jr. is speedy and agille but his technique is very low. Sub-Captain Default
Petey Piranha "Once again, he takes part of the crew at Bowser's side."  Co-Assisent Default
Hammer Bro. Co-Assistent Unlockable
Dry Bowser Sub-Captain Unlockable
Paratroopa Co-Assistent Unlockable
Boo Co-Assistent Unlockable
Blooper Co-Assistent Unlockable
Koopa Troopa Co-Assistent Unlockable

 Mii Parade

The Crossover Jam

This team is downloadable at the Wii Shop Channel. It costs 670 Wii Points.

Name: Description: Leading Role:
Pac-Man Captain
Unten Sub-Captain
Kirby Co-Assistent
Pikachu Co-Assistent


The cups are absorbed by the Mini-Stars. The golden source with the Mini-Star source is 10 times more powerful
Milenium Star MDR

The golden cups with the Mini-Star sources are much powerful then a regular Super Star. The mixed sources are owned with the Millenium Star.

then a regular Super Star. On Story Mode, they are 4 cup's:

Mushroom Cup

The Mushroom Cup is an easy tournement with a field with many mushrooms. This cup is very tricky too. Sometimes they appaears Question Blocks with items in. It's easy to play at the next round.

At the final round, they appears Wario and Waluigi to steal the cup. You must stop him by playing against Wario and Waluigi.

Flower Cup

The Flower Cup is now a bit harder then the previous tournement. It's
Mario Team vs Bowser Team at the Flower Cup

Mario and his team plays against Bowser and his team at Flower Cup.

like the Mushroom Cup but sometimes they appears Piranha Plants randomly. They bite you 1 time. This bit can damage your captain (character) by losing 10% of his health meter.

After 3 rounds, they appears Bowser with Bowser Jr and Petey Piranha. This team is quite harder then the previous match against Wario and Waluigi.

Star Cup

The Star Cup is harder then the 2 previous tournements. It's night with shiny stars with a water palace, including a moonlight. This tournement is really useful. When you lose 5 times on a match, the Mini-Stars fall faster from the sky. But when you lose 8 times on the same match, they fall Super Stars from the sky.

At the 4th round, an unknown airship comes to steal the Star Cup. It's quite dificult to defeat then the other previous challengers. These unknown characters are the Final Fantasy characters. There comes Ninja, Black Mage and White Mage. These are the strongest of this game.

Champion Cup

It's more challenging for who plays for the first time. Experts can be useful for the starters. This cup haves the hardest stages with the hardest gameplay. The Champion Cup is a Star Palace of Rosalina. She invites all the people to be here to finish this whole tournement. This tournement environment is very hard. Sometimes, the rainbow paths change from direction to an another opponent. After the Champion Cup, there will be not challangers but there will be a horrible supprise to await...



  • On Mushroom Cup, at the final round, when it's 3-on-3 gameplay, they appears random characters as a helper for your rivals Wario and Waluigi. 


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