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This is a list of all the stamps and medals from Mario Dodgeball Rush. Each stamp haves a different diff

When you win a stamp, you recive a Star Coin.


Stamps for Star Coins

Name: How to have it? Difficulty:
A Great Begin!

Win the first round in the Mushroom Cup.

In Your Face! Attack to the opponents 10 times to his faces during a match. Medium
Ball Catcher! Catch the attacks of your opponents without be touched/losing life during a match. Diving catches are useful too. Medium
No Sweat! Make 10 diving catches without the ball being touched on the ground during a match. Medium
Perfectly Clear! Win a match without losing a life of your life-meter life with your chosen character. Hard
Perfectly Win! Win a match without losing a life of your team. Hard
Dodging Expert! Dodge 5 times of an item shot from your opponent during a match. Hard
Dodging Pro! Dodge 15 times of an item shot from your opponent during a match. Hard
Dodging Master! Dodge 25 times of an item shot from your opponent during a match. Hard
Dodging Champion! Dodge 35 times of an item shot from your opponent during a match. Hard
The Jumpman! Catch the ball 20 times by jumping a ball in the air during a match. Hard
Golden Attack! Hit your opponents 20 times by making a super shot during a match. Hard
Wario Man! Collect 10 coins and hit 2 times at your opponent during a match. Hard
Waluigi N°1! Throw 5 Bob-ombs by hitting your opponent during a match. Medium
Mario Party 9! Collect 15 Mini-Stars during a match! Medium
Bonus Plumber! In Casino Boulevard, win a bonus 5 times.  Hard
Hot Potato! Hit an opponent without hold the ball 3 seconds. Just catch and attack directly! Easy
Buzzer Beater! Hit an opponenr at the last second of the time. Hitted an opponent before the buzzer signals the end of the game. Hard
Like a Boss! Win 5 times online. Medium (depending the internet power)
Last Standing! Win a match when your whole team is out. Hard
Couragous Beater! Win match when your whole team is out and when your life-meter is almost empty.  Hard
Faster then you Though! Avoid all the gimmicks on each stage. Hard
Take that, Goomba! Make an high score on Goomba Invasion. Medium

Medals for Star Medals

Star Medal SM3DL
Name: How to have it?
My First Cup! Win the Mushroom Cup.
My Second Cup! Win the Flower Cup.
My Star Cup! Win the Star Cup.
Backfire for Final Fantasy-team! Defeat the Final Fantasy characters.
We are the Champions!!! Win the Champion Cup.
Mission Accomplished! Beat the Final Boss.
Welcome Crossovers! Unlock all the DLC characters.
Everyone Can Play Dodgeball! Unlock all the characters.
The Real Spice of Life! Unlock all the outfits.
It's Carnival Soon!? Unlock all the Mii-Outfits.
Around the World! Win the first online match.

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