This is the story mode for Mario Dodgeball Champions;


Mario and his friends are preparing for the Mushroom Kingdom Dodgeball Tournament, each of the 8 teams has been signed up ready and now Princess Peach and some Toads have gone to put decorations and posters up because everything else is done. Mario and his team start practicing a game of Dodgeball now and enjoy themselves playing the game. Meanwhile Bowser and Bowser Jr. are angry because they were not invited to the tournament, Bowser gets Kamek to send a note to Mario and co. So Kamek flies off on his broomstick. When getting to the Castle, Kamek gives the notes to Mario, saying that he has kidnapped all the players in the kingdom and wants Mario to find them and recruit a team to try and defeat me. Kamek then casts a spell to hide all the Toads and Princess somewhere so Mario can't get them. Then Toadbert comes running and says to Mario we must rescue the gang and stop Bowser! Mario nods and Toadbert joins him on the journey. Toadbert says that he thinks that they should look at Delfino Square for some of the gang and they then travel to Delfino Square

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