Mario Diablo 64 is a modified version on Mario Kart 64. The game shares much of its elements with similarly-designed mod Mario Faggio 64, only the Faggio scooters are now replaced by Diablo Stallions, from Grand Theft Auto III. It should also be noted that there are little changes as well.

Changes to Mario Faggio 64

  • The driving physics returns to the original, as the Diablo Stallion is a car, and handles just like the original karts.
  • All characters now shares the same engine sound to fit the engine of the Diablo Stallion.
    • The engine sound is Donkey Kong's kart engine sound from the original MK64.
  • Mini-Turbo boosts are made more visible with flames coming from the exhaust after the red smoke, similar to the newer Mario Kart games such as Mario Kart Wii.
  • The tire screeching sound made by drifting are lower-pitched
  • Getting hit by a damaging item, such as shells or a Fake Item Box, only cause the car to spin out instead of tumbling upwards. The same also applies when the car hits a track hazard, such as other cars in Toad's Turnpike or the giant Chain Chomp on Rainbow Road
  • When you looked inside the car while racing, you can see the character is accompanied by a Mario impersonator sitting on the passenger seat.
    • This impersonator really resembling Mario himself, but he wears red overalls with blue shirt, just like Mario's artwork on most NES Super Mario games.

New Modes

Unlike Mario Faggio 64, this game introduces several new modes for single-player.

Quick Run

An adaptation of the same mode seen on Mario Kart: Super Circuit. In this mode, you can choose the laps from 3 to 6, setting the difficulty, the items, and an option to have Bomb Karts as an additional obstacle.

Bomb Kart Mayhem

A modified variant of Time Trials. But this time, there are multiple Bomb Karts (as seen in Battle Mode when a player loses, he/she will transform into one) traveling along the course, with some that will chase you from behind. When you hit one or the homing Bomb Kart hits you instead, the car will spin out and lose time. To counter this, the character will have an unlimited amount of Red Shells to destroy the Bomb Karts, especially those that home in at him/her.

The Red Shells in this mode are programmed differently than they did in Mario GP; when you throw it backwards, it will home in to the closest Bomb Kart behind, whereas in Mario GP, they will not target a nearby racer if thrown behind.

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