Mario Dancing 3DS is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS, being the sequel to Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. Instead of dancing on your own, you will dance it out in groups, each having team leaders. You will controls the team player you want, but will interact with other characters to perform moves. Much like it's previous installment, there are songs and stages to dance on or to. The roster of characters is quite big, having 140 characters altogether (some of which alternate colours).

Mario Dancing 3DS
Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
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Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sport


Media Included Nintendo 3DS Catridge




There are 140 characters altogether in the game, some of which (14) are captains, these captains are the leaders of the group and stand in front of all the others.


The game has catergories for characters, these 7 catergories give advantages and disadvantages when used;

  • All-Around: A player who has average stats in all catergories, no really good or really bad.
  • Technical: A player who can perform many moves and tries their hardest to make them perfect.
  • Power/Strength: A player who is quite strong and can perform lifts and throws good, they lack speed though.
  • Speedy: A player who can perform moves quick and can move around the stage fast.
  • Tricky: A player who can perform many hard moves, the only disadvantage is that the moves they can perform are hard to pull of with them.
  • Tactical: A character who can perform moves involved with many people very well.
  • Aerial: A player who dances best in the air and can perform good tricks in the air, they don't perform at their best on the ground.

Team Leaders

Character Dance Style/Type Special Dance Move Team Name
MarioMKW All-Around Fire Disco Inferno Mario Infernos
LuigiMKW All-Around Green Fire Catherine Wheel Spin Luigi Ghouls
PeachMKW Technical Heart Broken Peach Royalty
DaisyMKW Speedy Flower Power Throw Daisy Blossoms
Yoshi-MKWii-Icon Aerial Rainbow Flutter Yoshi Eggs
BirdoMKW Technical Rollin' Eggs Eggstraveganza! Birdo Bows
WarioMKW Tactical Garlic Bomb Boom! Wario Employees
WaluigiMKW Tricky Waluiwhirlpool Waluigi Bombermen
DonkeyKongMKW Power Barrel Roll Donkey Kongas
BowserMKW Power Bullet Bill Slide Bowser Monsters
Bowser Jr MK Wii icon Tricky Graffiti Beat Jr.'s Rookie Beats
DiddyKongMKW Tactical Jet Pack Jumping Diddy Kong Bananas
RosalinaMKW Aerial Star Bit Summon Rosalina Comets
KoopaTroopa-MKWii-Icon Speedy Shell Spin Koopa Troop Brigade

Team Players

  • =You can have multiple of these players.
Character Dance Style/Type Special Dance Move
BabyMarioMKW Speedy Baby Bubble Mayhem!
BabyLuigiMKW Speedy Scaredy Rat Jump
BabyPeachMKW Roly Poly
BabyDaisyMKW Moo Moo Rid' 'Em Cowboy!
Baby DK Vine Swinging
Baby Wario
Baby Bowser
ToadMKW* Speedy Bouncin' Shrooms
ToadetteMKWIIMug Speedy 'Shrooms in Bloom!
Zip Toad
NokiBlue-CSS2-MSS* Speedy
PiantaBlue-CSS2-MSS* Power
II Piantissimo
Blooper Inksplosion Illusion
E Gadd. Poltergust 3000 Suck
Pink Boo*
Bomb Boo*
MK Wii Dry Bones icon*
MK Wii Dry Bowser