Mario Country is a crossover game. This features Mario and Donkey Kong as the main protagonists with K. Rool and Bowser as antagonists. This game involves around Donkey Kong Island and the Mushroom Kingdom getting clashed, getting Donkey Kong into the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario into Donkey Kong Island, and K. Rool into Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser into Donkey Kong Island. Will Mario and Donkey Kong Work together to get their universes unclashed?

Protagonists and Antagonists

Legend: P - Protagonist

A - Antagonist

SA - Final Boss/Super Antagonist

  • Mario - P
  • Donkey Kong - P
  • Bowser - A
  • K. Rool - A
  • Lord Dark Matter - SA


  • First Boss : Fake K. Rool (known as K. R.O.O.L.)
  • Second Boss : Fake Bowser (known as B.O.W.S.E.R.)
  • Third Boss : Main Core (known as Honey Camera)
  • Fourth Boss : Evil Snowman (known as Evil Snowman Figure)
  • More Boss comming soon


give some ideas by leaving a comment

Level Themes

Level themes are level with themes, These themes will introduce enemys, here are a list of them right here

Ship Theme - Pirate Goombas and Pirate Koopas, Pirate Blooper (only appears in water), Pirate Cheep-Cheep (only appears in water).

Ground Theme - Goombas, Koopas, Blooper (only appears in water), Cheep-Cheep (only appears in water and rarely on ground)

Volcano Theme - Magma Goombas, Volcannon, Magma Koopas, Magma Blooper (only appears in lava), Magma Cheep-Cheep (only appears in lava), Magma Drill (only appears in boss fight of B.O.W.S.E.R.)

More themes comming soon, post a idea by leaving a comment.

Boss Gallery

These pictures are viewed during the Credits

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