Mario Combat is a turn-based game, involving Mario characters fighting each other in teams;

Mario Combat
Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Summer 2012

Match Mode Mission Mode Options

Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included 3DS Cartridge


Battle System


Players will set up their very own team by choosing there Leader, Sub-Leader (optional) and a certain amount of Team Members, this will be chosen in options of how many each side has, but each side must have the same amount. In Conquest Mode, players will have to level up there team to be able to get more Team Members and in Conquer Mode you might be up against a Team with more members than your team.


Turns are the main bulk of the game, you will be able to choose what a certain amount of characters do for your turn, these are the turn options in the game;


You will be able to move a certain amount of players a certain amount of spaces in a direction.


If you are next to a character you may then punch them or kick them which will deal damage and take off some Health Points.


You will defend yourself meaning you will not be able to get hit. You will not be able move any spaces though, but they will not be able to defend themselves from the Rival Dual.

Mushroom Musoo

Every character has a Special Move which is uniqiue to them, it is called Mushroom Musoo. If you use a Mushroom Musoo then it will be the only move and no other characters on your team will be able to do anything.

Rival Dual

Every so often, a team member from one team and one from the other will fight it out in a 3D Fighter Platformer the loser will be Knocked Out of the arena and cannot join the arena again.


You may find items on the battlefield, these items can be used to help or hurt players.


Coins can be picked up in the battlefield on Conquest Mode, these will be used to buy, level ups (to have more players on your team) and even some unlockable characters!

Playable Characters

There are 96 characters in the game, 16 are playable as leaders and 80 are Team Members, Team Members can be Sub-Leaders as well. 12 characters are default well the rest are unlockable by completing various tasks.


Every character is sorted into one of 8 different types, each giving advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield;

  • All-Around:These characters have balanced stats and preform well in every catergory.
  • Technique:These characters have been known to perfect their attacks and their attacks are usually perfect.
  • Power:These characters have very powerful attacks, which deal allot of damage.
  • Speed:These characters can move allot of spaces and can move the most spaces out of all other types.
  • Offence:These characters are good at attacking teams and work better with invading tactics.
  • Defence:These characters are good at defending themselves from teams and are good with defending tactics.
  • Tactical:These characters are good at making plans, using stratergies and working as a team.
  • Tricky:These characters are very lucky and are good at tricking the other teams.


  • ^=Unlockable
  • ~=Multiple of this character is possible


Image Character Type Fighter Name Team Name Emblem Mushroom Musou
MarioMKW Mario All-Around Jumpman Mario Infernos ICONMARIO
LuigiMKW Luigi All-Around Super Plumber Luigi Ghouls ICONLUIGI
PeachMKW Peach Technique Princess of Punchin' Peach Royals PrincessPeachEmblem
Yoshi-MKWii-Icon Yoshi Speed Speedy Dino Yoshi Eggs ICONYOSHI
ToadMKW Toad Tactical Fun Gai Toad Shrooms Toademblem
WarioMKW Wario Offence Money Maker Wario Garlics ICONWARIO
DaisyMKW Daisy^ Technique Flower Gal Daisy Petals DaisyEmblem
WaluigiMKW Waluigi^ Defence Cheatin' Warrior Waluigi Bombs ICONWALUIGI
BirdoMKW Birdo^ Defence

Dangerous Shopper

Birdo Bows Birdobow
ToadetteMKWIIMug Toadette^ Tactical 'Shroom Girl Toadette Musicians Toadetteemblem
BowserMKW Bowser Power Bowser Monster Bowser Bullets
DonkeyKongMKW DK Power Carnage Kong DK Wilds
DiddyKongMKW Diddy Kong^ Speed Mischief Monkey Diddy Barrels
Bowser Jr MK Wii icon Bowser Jr.^ Tricky Graffiti Painter Jr. Rookies
RosalinaMKW Rosalina^ Offence Galaxy Protector Rosalina Stars
LubbaIcon Lubba^ Tricky Powerful Purple Star Lubba Comets

Team Members

~=Multiple of this character is allowed.

Character Name Type Fighter Name Emblem Mushroom Musou
100px-Babymariositting Baby Mario Speed Super Baby!
100px-BabyLuigibeinghimself Baby Luigi^ Speed Scaredy Rat!
Baby Peach (MKW) Baby Peach^ Tricky Baby Dynasty
BabyDaisySelectMKW Baby Daisy^ Tricky Moo Moo Cowgal
BabyDK Baby DK^ Offence Vine Swinger
300px-Green Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshi~^ Speed Rideable Baby
YellowToad Yellow Toad~^ Tactical Sunshine 'Shroom
GreenToadFront Green Toad~^ Tactical Wild 'Shroom
100px Blue Toad~ Tactical Swimmer 'Shroom
PurpleToadFront Purple Toad~^ Tactical Poisonous 'Shroom
MKXL Toadsworth Toadsworth^ Tactical Wise 'Shroom
100px Red Yoshi~^ Power

Red n' Rideable

560px-Yellow Yoshi YBA Yellow Yoshi~^ All-Around Lemon Licker
100px Cyan Yoshi~^ Speed Ice Dino
560px-Blue Yoshi YBA Blue Yoshi~^ All-Around Blueberry Battler
100px Pink Yoshi~^ Speed Pinky n' Perky
534px-MarioSuperSluggersPianta Blue Pianta~^ Defence Happy Holidays!
Yellow Pianta~^ Defence Grapefruit Goliath
Red Pianta~^ Defence Fruit Punch-er
MarioSuperSluggerNoki Blue Noki~^ Speed Bubble Trouble
GreenNoki Green Noki~^ Speed Delfino Local
RedNoki Red Noki~^ Speed Speedy Strawberry
II Piantissimo^ Tricky Rival Racer
Dixie Kong^ Technique Banana Girl
Funky Kong^ Power Surfin' Dude
Tiny Kong^ Tricky Totem Pole Titan
King K. Rool^ Power King Karnage
Green Kritter~^ Offence Chain's my Game
Brown Kritter~^ Offence Barrel Battler
Blue Kritter~^ Offence Vine Swinger Dualer
Red Kritter~^ Offence Jungle's Inferno
Pauline^ All-Around 25 Metre K.O
Proffessor E. Gadd^ Technique Gadget Inventor
Goomba~ Tactical Headbonker
Paragoomba~^ Tactical Parabonker
Green Koopa~ Speed Shell Turtle
Red Koopa~^ Speed Home-In Turtle
Green Paratroopa~^ Technique Para-Turtle
Red Paratroopa~^ Technique Para-Puncher
Green Lakitu~^ Defence High in the Sky
Red Lakitu~^ Defence Spiny Striker
Blue Magikoopa~^ All-Around Blue Bookworm
Red Magikoopa~^ All-Around Spellbinding Fighter
Yellow Magikoopa~^ Technique Magical Mage
Green Magikoopa~^ All-Around Mind Magic
Hammer Bro.~^ Power Hammer Thrower Hammerbroemblem
Fire Bro.~^ Offence Flarin' Spirit
Boomerang Bro.~^ Power Australlian Bro.
Ice Bro.~^ Offence Brother from Ice Age
Sledge Bro.~^ Power The Big Brother
Dry Bones~^ Defence Dry Guy Dryemblem
Green Dry Bones~^ Defence Spooky Bones
Blue Dry Bones~^ Defence Blue Moon Bones
Dark Bones~^ Offence Dry n' Dark
Boo~^ Tricky Ghostly Ghoul MPCBooEmblem
Pink Boo~^ Tricky Girly Ghoul
Bomb Boo~^ Tricky Exploding Haunter
King Boo^ Tricky King of Phantoms
Petey Piranha^ Power Powerful Piranha
Wiggler^ Defence Angry Insect
Monty Mole^ Defence Dig or Die?
Blooper~^ Tactical Inksplosion Attacker! MPCBlooperEmblem
Red Shy Guy~^ Technique Fearful Guy
Blue Shy Guy~^ All-Around Cry Guy
Green Shy Guy~^ Tactical Envy Guy
Gray Shy Guy~^ All-Around Grumpy Guy
Yellow Shy Guy~^ Tactical Happy Guy
Fly Guy~^ Tricky Fly up High
Boom Boom^ Power Spin and Smash
Pom Pom^ Power Shell Cheerleader
Mona^ All-Around Pizza Biker
Jimmy T.^ Offence Disco Diva
Luma~^ Technique Lucky Star
Green Luma~^ Technique Alien Star
Blue Luma~^ Technique Cosmic Carnage
Red Luma~^ Technique Red Comet
Star Bunny~^ All-Around Rabbit of the Galaxy
Whittle~^ Tricky Spring Time Wood
Penguin~^ Offence Iceberg Slider
Dino Piranha^ Power Pipe Dino