Mario Clue (Mario Cluedo in Europe) is a puzzel investigation game for the Nintendo DS, it was released on January 12, 2009.


Lady Schoquettes is having a large party inviting all of the Mushroom Kingdom, Lady Schoquettes goes of to her privet libary. At around 12:35am a large scream is heard coming from that room, Toadette has descovered the dead body of Lady Schoquettes lying face down with a hole in her back. The Player gathers every one and narrows down all of the suspects, the only suspects who did not have an alibi were Mrs. Peacock (Rosalina), Mrs. White (Daisy), Curnel Mustard (Wario), Lady Valentine (Peach), Sir Anic (Mario), Count Lime (Luigi), Prof. Plumb (Waluigi) and Madame DelaFue (Pauline).

What To Do

The Player must try to figure out who the murder is by finding various iteams such as Lady Valentine's Earing, Madame DelaFue's Cigeret and many more, The Player can also ask other people such as Toadette, Mr. Kong and others. After all the clues have been found you select the murder and send them to jail.


Lady Schoquettes

The town bully, Lady Schoquettes is a bitter woman who has enimies all over the world but it seems she has bullied for the last time...

Sir Anic

Sir Anic, Loyal friend of Schouquettes, but has he turned on her? Has he gotten mad and murdered her..?

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