Mario Circuit is the first course in the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart: Wild Ride.


This course starts out on a road next to Mario and Luigi's house. After you pass by the house, you must take 2 sharp turns, avoiding chain chomps along the way. In a while, the road will turn to dirt. You will pass many hills filled with goombas. A while after the goomba area, you reach the finish line.

The chain chomps will attack you on the curves, and the goombas on the hills will roam onto the road and cause you to stop and spin.

Map Key:



Mario Circuit

The map and the logo for Mario Circuit

Chomp=Chain Chomp



Gray=Finish Line

Flag=Finish Line




In the hill area, there is one hill with a hole in it. Use a boost to zip into the hole. The hole is full of boost pads, and the boost pads will blast you to the finish line.

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