Mario Business Tycoon
Developer(s) Fanon Crazy Coders
Publisher(s) Fanon Wiki
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS


Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Simulation Tycoon
Mario Buisness Tycoon is a Mario themed business simulation for the Nintendo 3DS and Andriod Devices.



The currency of Matio Bis. Tycoon is measured in coins.


Power is one of the two values used to make products.


Chains are different industry steps that can be used to create materials and products step-by-step.


Materials are one of the two values uesd to make products.

Material Materials Receive Power Coins Mass Factor
Health Pore Seeds Farm .5
Life Pore Seeds Farm .5
Wood Lumber Mill
Iron Iron Mine
Leather Ranch
Gunpowder Factory
Seeds N/A Shop 1 .5


There are several producable items in the game.

Item Type Power Materials Coins Mass Factor
Mushroom Power Up 1 Health Pore 10 .7
1-Up Mushroom Power Up 5 Health Pore, Life Pore 20 .7
Wooden Hammer Weapon 5 50 .7
Hammer Weapon 5 75 .7
Boots Clothing 5 50 1
Bob-omb Enemy 10 50 .5
Bullet Bill Enemy 10 50 .3
Bullet Bill Cannon Weapon 15 100 1

Mass Orders

Mass orders are orders for multiple items all at once. Mass orders generally cost less per unit. The mass factor is how much of the original value a mass order unit is worth.

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